Top & Best London’s Christmas Lights 2021/ 2022UK

Where can I see Christmas Lights in London? Dates & Streets Names

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London is the world’s best city to celebrate your “Christmas 2021/ 2022” and winter holidays. Every year on Christmas, the whole city has been turned into a magical place due to beautiful Christmas lights. The people of London and government light the whole city with Christmas lights to celebrate the festival, winter and holidays.

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Every year, people, not only from England, Europe but other parts of world travel to London to celebrate Christmas. Why? Because it is different in London compared to other parts of the world. The main attraction which makes people travel to London to celebrate holidays is London’s Christmas lights.

So, if you are planning to celebrate winter in London, then you must check out our following list of suggestions. Following we are sharing the best places in London to enjoy the view of Christmas lights in 2021.

Oxford Street Christmas Lights 2021/ 2022 UK

Last year the Oxford Street Christmas lights were the most famous not only in the UK but worldwide. The lights get famous because of their special cause. The NSPCC and their supporter light up more than 750,000 bright colours for the children campaign. This was the second time when we have seen such a big show of lights. The Oxford Street Christmas lights are consist of the flurry of falling snowflakes, glittering baubles, and bright bulbs etc.


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image source / Credit : londontown

Regent Street Christmas Lights 2021 UK

If you want to see and thousands of Christmas lights at one place Regent Street is the place where you need to be on 25th December 2021. There have been more than 300,000 bulbs has been lighted up. Instead of lighting the general light bulbs, the whole street has been turned into a land of fairies. You will see the giant fairies all over the street which has been made with the help of small lights.

image source / Credit : timeout

Covent Garden Christmas Lights 2021 UK

The theme of Covent Garden Christmas lights has been inspired by the wonderland. The lights stayed there over the festive period. Last year the main attraction of Covent Garden Christmas lights was 55ft Christmas tree and big red bow and balls which make it look very beautiful. This place is not just famous for the lights but also food wine and music etc.

image source / Credit : standard

Piccadilly Christmas Lights 2021 UK

The best thing about Piccadilly Christmas lights is their theme of lights. Every year they have something new to offer to the public. Last year their lights were inspired by the statue of Anteros, who is Greek God and known as the God of love. You can also enjoy the festive tipple there if you are coming here to enjoy the view.

image source / Credit : libertylondongirl

Bond Street Christmas Lights 2021 UK

Bond Street is known as the most luxurious shopping districts of London. So, expect something new and exclusive there on Christmas night. The whole street has been decorated with the dazzling peacock theme. The light more than 250,000 lights ad plumes of beautiful feathers. This street has to offer you the finest Christmas lights in London.

image source / Credit : londontown

Shard Lights: Christmas Lights Show

A special show of lights took place at Shard on New Year’s Eve and opening night. In this annual Christmas lights show, they put the skyline light, decorated the skies above the capital. The lights show took place at midnight. Thousands of people stay there to witness the beautiful show of lights every year.

image source / Credit : londonist

South Bank Christmas Lights 2021 UK

If you are looking for the traditional Christmas lights, then there is no better place to walk along the South Bank. The whole Southbank centre has been transformed into a Nordic-themed wonderland. From Coca-Cola London eye, you can witness the capital twinkle. Beyond just lights, you can also enjoy the seasonal treats and wooden chalets for trinkets at wintertime.

image source / Credit :

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