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London Streets 2020 – List of Most Famous Streets in London, UK

Best Places to Visit in London, UK


There are a lot of fun things that you can do in London and if you are visiting this beautiful city for the first time, you should know about the “famous streets in London 2020 UK“.


It is always a better idea to do your homework before arriving in this city but even if you are already in London and want to know about “famous streets in London”, this post will be very helpful for you. We are going to tell you about the “most famous streets in London”.

You might have visited many of these streets before but you may now know about the historical value of these streets. After reading this, you will know many new things about different streets in London like why that particular name was given to that street, how long that famous street has existed in London and much more.

London Streets 2020 - List of Most Famous Streets in London, UK


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Stay tuned for more updates and interesting information about London city but for now, let us tell you about the most famous streets in London.

List of Famous Streets in London 2020 UK

Famous Street # 1 – Shaftesbury Avenue

If there is one street in London that is considered as the heart of London’s street theatre than it is Shaftesbury Avenue. This is one of those “famous streets in London” where you can always watch the hottest theatres and plays all the time. Every time you visit this street, some fun stuff is happening.

Shaftesbury Avenue - famous streets in london

Photo Credit : stay

Famous Street # 2 – King’s Road in London

The common perception about King’s Road is that it is not only one of the most famous streets in London but it is also one of the most expensive places too. Normally, you will find people from the upper class in this area who are always busy in buying different brand products. The restaurants and bars on this street are quite expensive too. However, if you want to spend some good and quality time in London and you have also got a heavy wallet in the pocket, you are more than welcome to spend time at King’s Road.

King’s Road - famous streets in london

Photo Credit : tripadvisor

Famous Street # 3 – Abbey Road

You must have seen the album cover of Beatles and you must be wondering, I have seen this place before. Well, this is your favourite “Abbey Road in London”. The street was already famous but after the Beatles took a group photo on this street and used it as their album cover, Abbey Road has become one of the busiest and famous streets in London. You will find people stopping in the middle of the road and taking pictures. There is a huge load of traffic too on this road but still, people manage to spend a lot of time here and hang out with their friends.

Abbey Road - famous streets in london

Photo Credit : visitlondon

Famous Street # 4 – Carnaby Street

If you are an old London resident then you definitely know about the history of Carnaby Street. This is one of the most famous streets in London and in 1960, it was considered as the busiest streets in London as well. The most amazing thing about Carnaby Street is its shopping area where you will find a lot of different shops and thousands of people who are busy in shopping. You can find florist shops, concept shops and studios on this road very easily.

Carnaby Street - London Streets

Photo Credit : professionaljeweller

Famous Street # 5 – Baker Street

Who in the world doesn’t know about one of the famous streets in London called Bakers Street? If you have read Sherlock Holmes and his adventures or you have watched different movies on the same subject and TV series than a house number 221B will appear in your mind. This is the same fictional house where the fictional character Sherlock Holmes used to live. People from all over the world visit London and those who are a big fan of Sherlock Holmes make sure to visit Baker Street.

Baker Street - London

Photo Credit : fotolibra

Famous Street # 6 – Portobello Road

Another really famous streets in London is Portobello Road. This road passes through the centre of Notting Hill and it is also home to the famous market called Portobello Street Market. Not only local people love to come here for shopping but this street has become one of the major tourist attraction in London as well. On every Saturday, you can buy second-hand antiques and clothes in this market and of course, while doing so you can save a lot of money as well.

Portobello Road London

Photo Credit : inzumi

Famous Street # 7 – Oxford Street

Those people who are in London and they want to go for shopping then they should visit Oxford street. This is one of the busiest streets not only in London but in entire Europe as well. Once you will start walking on this street, the journey will be never-ending and you will find a lot of things to buy as well. The street is approximately a mile long and there are thousands of shops that remain open throughout the day and night. If you are looking to buy some brand products then Oxford Street is definitely the best destination for you.

Oxford Street London

Photo Credit : demotix

Famous Street # 8 – Piccadilly

Piccadilly is one of those “famous streets in London” where something is happening all the time. Whenever you will visit this street, you will find different activities like street theatre, exhibitions and different shows. This is also one of the best places to eat out in London as well. You can easily find many famous restaurants and bars on the same street. The name of the street is after Piccadilly Circus that is still present on the same street.

Piccadilly Street London

Photo Credit : 

Famous Street # 9 – Downing Street

Downing Street is famous in London for its political importance. The “UK’s Prime Minister House” is situated on the same street and if Downing Street is making a tickle in your mind then it is because you keep hearing the name of this street in news often. There is nothing special about this street but since Prime Minister and Governor’s residence is on the same road, people like to visit this place. The street has also become a tourist attraction over the past few years.

Downing Street London

Photo Credit : historvius

Famous Street # 10 – The Strand

It is said that for seven centuries, The Strand was one of the famous streets in London. The street is located along the Thames River and it also connects Westminster with London city. If you are visiting London for the first time, you must visit this street too.

The Strand Street London

Photo Credit : arthurlloyd

Famous Streets in London 2020 That You Should Visit

Oxford Street, London

image source / Credit – ldnguide

Abbey Road, London

image source / Credit – tilytravels

Carnaby Street, London

image source / Credit – ldnfashion

Downing Street, London

image source / Credit – hautevitrine

Denmark Street, London

image source / Credit – wikipedia

Bond Street, London

image source / Credit – drapersonline

Baker Street, London

image source / Credit – wikimedia

Harley Street, London

image source / credit –

Jermyn Street, London

image source / Credit – wikipedia

Portobello Road, London

image source / credit – lovespace

Kings Road, London

image source / credit – bellbuild

The Mall, London

image source / Credit – videoblocks

Old Compton Street, London

image source / Credit – wikipedia

Regent Street, London

image source / Credit – londontheinside

Strand, London

image source / Credit – fineartamerica

Savile Ro, London

image source / Credit – kastoffkinks

Shaftesbury Avenue, London

image source / Credit – streetsensation

Threadneedle Street, London

image source / Credit – velocityvirtual

Victoria Embankment, London

image source / Credit – beenthere-donethat

Whitehall, London

image source / Credit – booking

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