25 Best Christmas Gifts for YouTubers UK 2022/ 2023

Perfect Gifts UK for YouTubers, Vloggers, Video Shooters, Video Creators, Instagram

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YouTubers are the celebrities of the modern era. As much as people aspire Hollywood and Bollywood celebrities, they are equally fond of YouTubers as well.

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Content creation on YouTube is becoming an extremely healthy activity and many people are adopting it. They come with content that is helpful for the public. You can find tutorials, tips and tricks, travel guides, hacks, DIYs, and what now.

25 Best Christmas Gifts for YouTubers UK 2022/ 2023 Perfect Gifts UK for YouTubers, Vloggers, Video Shooters, Video Creators, Instagram


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No, when it comes to gifting YouTubers UK 2022/ 2023, you have to be particular. Not any gift will make them happy, so always pick something that is useful for their blogging. Tech-related things like a tripod stand, Camera, Mic, light, or drone would definitely make a perfect gift for such people. These gifts might be on the expensive side, but YouTubers will appreciate any upgrade they can get inform a gift.

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Therefore, after a lot of thinking, we have prepared a list of some useful gifts for YouTubers UK 2022/ 2023.

25 Best Christmas Gifts for YouTubers, Vloggers, Video Shooters, Video Creators UK 2022/ 2023

1. Garmin VIRB Ultra 30 HD 4K Action Camera UK 2022/ 2023

If you know some aspiring travel vlogger who loves to take pictures of MotherNature, then this waterproof camera is definitely a good surprise for him.

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2. Samsung Portable SSD UK 2022/ 2023

All the content that a blogger or vlogger makes is like an asset to him or her and that should be stored at a place where he or knows that the data will be kept safe forever. Gift a YouTuber this external SSD.

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3. Sony Camera UK 2022

Nothing makes a YouTuber happy than an unexpected gift of a camera. A good camera is a key to great vlogging on YouTube. This has a 20.1-megapixel camera and 180 degrees tiltable LCD and is one of the thoughtful gifts for YouTubers UK 2022.

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4. ManfrottoAluminium Tripod

If you know a person running a beauty blog on YouTube, then a tripod is a must for them. They can place their camera on a tripod stand and make as many beauty-related videos as they want. This will be a thoughtful gift for any vlogger.

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5. DJI Mavic Air Drone

Some people use drones because of their work and some due to their passion. They might a bit on the expensive side but this could make someone so happy.

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6. Samsung EVO Select 128 GB

Youtuber needs to store their work in a place, which they know is secure. This memory card can store up to 512 GB. No matter how many memory cards a YouTuber owns, he or she still needs more and more of them.

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7. GoPro HERO8 Black Waterproof Camera

If you love to cover the undersea life but does not have the right accessories, then this waterproof camera is all you need. If you cannot afford it, then ask your loved ones to gift you thin on your birthday.

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8. RØDE VideoMic Pro UK 2022

If you are an aspiring content creator on YouTube, this mic will definitely your best friend on this journey. It will reduce noise pollution and will improve the sound quality of your videos.

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9. Gimbal Stabilizer for Smartphone UK 2022

If you are a daily life content creator and loves to film every single minute of your day, then you surely need a stabilizer. It will help you in filming unshaken videos from 360 degrees even.

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10. Lavalier Microphone for Smartphone UK 2022

If your child wants to be a YouTuber but initially will use his smartphone, then instead of giving him a mic buy him a microphone. Microphones are easy to handle and is one of the best gifts for YouTubers UK 2022.

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11. Extreme Portable SSD UK 2022

A YouTuber likes any tech-savvy gifts but anything that can make them more than happy is a device that can transfer their data from camera to laptop in like minutes. It is waterproof, pocket-sized and compatible for PC and Mac.

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12. Rode NT-USB Microphone UK 2022

With the video quality, the sound quality of your content also matters. A good microphone is key to good sound. Buy this microphone for your friend who likes to make videos and then put them on social media.

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13. Philips Hue Play White and ColourLight

Good makeup YouTuber vlogger knows that a good lightening can bring wonders in the quality of the video. So, if your girl is a makeup maniac then gift her this white light to elevate the quality of her makeup related videos.

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14. Streaming Webcam UK 2022

Good lightening makes the picture and video perfect. This streaming webcam eliminates the harsh shadows from the background and maintains even light.

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15. Premium Rainbow LED UK 2022

A good and catchy background maintains the interest of the users until long and they subscribe to your videos in future. This rainbow LCD is a must-have for those ladies who have their channel on YouTube. This will definitely be of interest for the watchers.

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16. One Wheel Electric Skateboard UK 2022

It is always alluring when vloggers sue unique things in their vlogs as people love to see new and unique things. This electric skateboard is cool and can be used in one of the vlogs to get more subscribers.

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17. AKASO Brave 7 LE Action Camera UK 2022

When it comes to vlogging, it all comes down to the best camera. If you know someone who is willing to have their own page on YouTube, gift them a camera to show their love towards their new step.

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18. BWW GorillaPod 3K Kit UK 2022

A tripod stand is like a backbone for making pro-level videos. Gift this to a young YouTuber and take his videos stability to another level.

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19. Mini Spy Glasses UK 2022

Wear these spy glasses in one your vlogs and let people be your fan. You will get loads of subscribers and people will like your video.

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20. Elikliv Video Capture Card UK 2022

This is everything that a true YouTuber needs in their life. It can be easily connected to you DSLR, camcorders, PC or your MAC book. It can also be used as a webcam when need. Is not it one of the best gifts for YouTubers.

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21. DSLR and Laptop Backpack UK 2022

Laptops and DSLR are like a diamond to people who earn by making videos on YouTube. They take care of their cameras and laptops more than they care about their lives. A backpack will be a lifesaver for such sensitive people.

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22. Tripod for Mirrorless cameras UK 2022

Tripod stands to make life so easy for daily vloggers. It is difficult to hold the camera in hand and then make an unshaken perfect vlog but with the help of the tripod, you can achieve both.

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23. K2 Laptop Stand UK 2022/ 2023

People who sit for hours on their laptops need a tool that can make their life easy. This laptop stand will make your friend’s life super easy and he will edit his videos with so much comfort onwards.

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24. Photograph Lens ball UK 2022

Coming up with new ideas every day is like a proper job. The artists always want to make different videos on different topics and by introducing new elements to their videos. This Lens ball can be a cool prop to be used in YouTube videos.

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25. Splend Camera Lens Coffee Mug UK 2022

Tech-savvy people love to be gathered around tech-related kinds of stuff. Why not give this lens coffee mug to a YouTuber friend and make him happy? It is absolutely an amazing gift for YouTubers UK 2022.

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