48 Best Toddler Gifts & Toys UK 2024/ 2025

Best New Top Toys UK for Boys and Girls

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Babies are like angels and these angels deserve the Christmas best gifts UK 2024/ 2025. There are tons of things available in the market that can be bought for the kids but in our opinion gifts that are beneficial should be bought only.

As kids are at an age where they learn and adapt to new things quickly, any gift that will enhance their learning and behavioral skills will make the best gift ever. see also Toddler Toys.

When choosing a toy for kids, parents make sure that it does not contain any toxic material and that it meets safety standards. So, after careful research, we have gathered kids-friendly non-toxic gifts for kids, which are fun to play with and easy to assemble.

48 Best Toddler Gifts & Toys UK 2024/ 2025 London


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Hot & Best Christmas Gifts for Toddlers UK 2024/ 2025 London

1. Ball Play Mat

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Your baby needs other stuff as well apart from the love and care of parents. Yes, babies need cute little plushy toys. This play mat is washable and available in 35 colors. This mat is kids friendly and your baby will be absolutely fine.

2. Vilac Metal Car

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Toddlers always want fancy things. This car is made up of pure metal that doesn’t stain as well. It is available in red color and is recommended for 8 months and above age of the children. Your toddler is going to love the new ride.

Kid active trampoline - Top Toy for Christmas UK 2024/ 2025

3. Kid active trampoline – Top Toy for Christmas UK 2024/ 2025

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Unique construction for easy assembly and safer for bouncing, this trampoline is constructed low to the ground with a padded safety mat. Also with soft-grip handle and non-slip rubber feet. Ideal for bouncing inside and outside of the home for Lil champs.

Elephant Plush Toy - Top Christmas Toy UK 2024/ 2025

4. Elephant Plush Toy – Top Christmas Toy UK 2024/ 2025

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If you want to comfort your baby, do buy this, fluffy and comfortable toy. This plushy soft toy is made up of the finest plush material. This is so cute that your kid may want to hug it every night he sleeps.

Wooden Rocking Horse - Hottest Christmas Toys of UK 2024/ 2025

5. Wooden Rocking Horse – Hottest Christmas Toys of UK 2024/ 2025

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One of the favorite rocking horses of every toddler. If your child’s third birthday is coming and he is big enough to ride this rocking horse, then it is a must-buy. Easy to control with a foot pedal. Most rocking horse has only a handrail, where children can learn and push forward, but this rocking horse has two detectable foot pedals, when your children are too small to reach the floor you are absolutely going to need them.

Robot - Christmas New Toys For Kids in the UK 2024/ 2025

6. Robot – Christmas New Toys For Kids in the UK 2024/ 2025

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This learning toy inspires lots of kids to get moving, dance, and learn. The robot features over 60 different facial expression which changes in the day, and two light-up buttons on the robot’s head to enhance gameplay. Your kids are going to love it. It has 6 different games in total to help your child learn a lot before he or she goes to school.

My own laptop - Best Christmas Toys UK 2024/ 2025

7. My own laptop – Best Christmas Toys UK 2024/ 2025

Shop NowPersonalize pretend computer game play, that your toddler will enjoy and learn as well. This will teach your kid a complete set of alphabets that will appear on the screen and he will also understand what word starts with what alphabet. A perfect learning toy for a kid.

Club Petz Dolphin - Hottest Toys for Birthday UK 2024/ 2025

8. Club Petz Dolphin – Hottest Toys for Birthday UK 2024/ 2025

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This baby dolphin will become your toddler’s favorite toy. It is an interactive and soft dolphin that also has sound effects and movements. This toy comes up with two more toys which is a fish to feed and a dummy for sleep time. The batteries are included in the package.

9. Wooden doll’s Pram

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Beautiful sturdy pram in pink and white with a heart design, and it comfortably accommodates dolls up to 18 inches tall. All Vigas dolls are made, up of non-toxic paints and inks and comply with EN71 and ASTM toy standards. So, it is perfectly safe for your baby girl if dolls make her happy.

10. Farm set toy

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A child’s first school starts at home and you can start teaching him or her about farm animals from a young age. This interactive farm animal toy set is best suited for parents who go to work and have little time to teach their kids. This set will teach your kid everything about the farm animals, from hatching chicks to what sounds farm animals make.

11. Deluxe rocking horse

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This rocking horse has one of the unique and sturdy wooden frames. One interesting thing about this horse is that it makes sounds if you squeeze the ear. You will hear the sounds of galloping and neighing sounds if you press one ear. And if you squeeze the other ear you will hear the quicker clip of neighing sound.

12. Robot learning toy

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12. Robot learning toy
Large, with multiple colors, an easy-to-use baby toy with an LED grid on the tummy, the beatbox is an educational baby activity toy. This toy is perfect for fun early learning and it features 3 modes. This particular toy is designed to help strengthen the baby’s gross and fine motor skills.

13. Baby Playpen

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Baby playpens are made with strong, durable, nontoxic material. Kids love bright colors like yellow, blue and red which makes it an interesting and fun thing for the child to play and learn. Your playpen structure is safe, because of the panels as it will not fall.

14. Cuddly toy

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We all know that children love Elmo, so this tickle Elmo just came out from sesame street. It wiggles and giggles on 20 different sounds. If you want to purchase it then it is available in red color and you can tickle Elmo’s tummy to hear him laugh. It is 18 inches when standing on the feet and suitable for kids of age 3 and above.

15. Ariel doll

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The best gift for a baby girl is this Arieldoll, which is 35cm in height. It has glitters and lights, a sparkling tiara, and a cool-looking tail. When you rotate the doll, you will see her long maroon mixed hair and the glitters float in her translucent tail. Your baby girl will love this gift for sure and will hug her to bed every night.

16. Toddler folding swing

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We all know how much toddlers love to swing, so why not bring this folding swing into the home. This swing folds easily and it is easy to clean. It has back support preventing your toddlers from falling, easy to store because of the size. The swing itself is made from a coated steel frame.

17. Little takies rocking horse

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This rocking horse is ideal for toddlers because of its easy-grip handle. It has wide runners for toddlers to rest their feet while swinging. This rocking horse has a low saddle for stability. Perfect for both baby girls and boys who are turning three.

18. Bammax baby bike

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When your baby boy gets to an age where he starts liking bikes and cars, you should get this baby bammax bike. The bike can be ridden on a gravel road, carpet, glass surface, etc. This bike is fitted with long-lasting Eva widened tires to prevent slipperily and wear resistance.

19. Activity chair toy

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Want to keep your baby busy? The best way to do this is by bringing this fun learning activity chair, it plays phrases and baby songs when the baby sits on the chair. A perfect tool for smart learning especially when the mother has a 9 to 5 job. Enter baby’s age for automatic smart stages level learning.

20. Take turn skyway

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This fisher price race track is 3ft tall, with three different distant vertical tracks. This racing set is the tallest wheelie track set ever. A perfect toy for keeping your boys busy with something useful. It is a fun game to watch and play as well.

21. Hot Wheels Garage.

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If you have noticed that your baby boy is taking interest in cars and bikes, then it is the right time to get him a Hot Wheels garage. It can park around 90 cars. Kids can use creative storytelling at the bottom of the parking garage to tune up their cars and refuel them.

Baby Bead and Cube maze - New Toddler Toy UK 2023/ 2024

22. Baby Bead and Cube maze – Christmas New Toddler Toy UK 2024/ 2025

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Best choice for a kid’s birthday gift as this one is a good child game. Encourage your child to recognize shapes, colors, alphanumerics, characters, and clocks, and let the child use his learning instincts in this playing game. The maze is made up of high-quality wood with non-toxic paint, making your child have fun by learning something useful.

Labebe rocking horse - Christmas Toys for your Toddler UK 2023/ 2024

23. Labebe rocking horse – Christmas Toys for your Toddler UK 2024/ 2025

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It gets difficult for working parents to take their children to the park every day. But you can make it up for it by bringing this rocking horse home. Trust us, your child will love it and you will find him rocking on the horse all the time. This is going to make you happy too because your kid will be happy.

Tikes Cozy Coupe - Top Toy for Birthday UK 2023/ 2024

24. Tikes Cozy Coupe – Top Toy for Birthday UK 2024/ 2025

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High seat support with storage facility, ignitions with quick gateways, open and close petrol cap, ships in certified frustration-free packaging, aren’t these some of the coolest specs you will find in a kids toy? The color combination of blue and pink is amazing that can inspire your toddler to sit in it every day and have fun.

Smoby fun car - Toddler Hottest UK Toy UK 2023/ 2024

25. Smoby fun car – Toddler Hottest UK Toy UK 2024/ 2025

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Your child will be the coolest kid on the wheels, with this colorful and fun red car. The push-along design of the booby car means that your baby’s feet are kept in contact with the ground all time and this will let them push along, and be comfortable with it.

Kids shopping walker - New Toys for Boys and Girls UK 2023/ 2024

26. Kids shopping walker – New Toys for Boys and Girls UK 2024/ 2025

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The push walker is a better choice for your babies to walk around. It is certainly better than a sitting baby walker. The wheels are easy to maneuver, even on carpeted surfaces. The walker is made up of hardwood and therefore it is very easy to assemble with a screwdriver.

27. Smoby garden slide.

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Garden slides for children are always loved by any kid. If you cannot take your kids to the park every evening, then it is better to get a garden slide at home. Your kids will have hours of fun with this story garden slide. Do not worry about the safety because it has a sturdy frame, and ergonomic handrails and steps, so that your child does not lose their grip or slip.

28. Deluxe cargo railway set.

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The best gift for kids on their birthday is this complete set with 54 pieces which include a track, train, and accessories. Suitable for ages 3 and up. Manufructed to brio’s high standard and from FSC-certified wood. Your kid or kids are going to love and they will spend an hour setting it up.

29. Junior activity gym.

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If you want to bring something at home that is going to keep your kids busy for good three to four hours, then this junior activity set is the best choice. The gym is durable and strong and is suitable for ages 18 months till 4 years. Babies can easily crawl up the holes for climbing and scrambling.

30. Remote car toy.

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One of the favorite toys of children is a remote car because they are easy to operate. All it takes is pressing that one button which will make the vehicle drive and turn at the same time. If your getting this for your baby, then be prepared because your home is going to become a racing ground soon.

31. Musical wooden toy.

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If you want to empower your toddler to make their own tune, then this wooden toy is perfect for this purpose. It includes three music sheets with six different songs. It can play classic music on its own. Makes real piano sounds, when you tap the keys.

32. Dino cozy coupe.

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A cozy dino coupe is one of the finest gifts that you can ever give to your kids. If you want to go out for a stroll with your kid in this coupe and have fun. It comes with a storage box too which is perfect for going to shopping malls o or for groceries.

33. Multi-purpose table.

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If your kids are going and need a place where they can study and play interactive games, this table is best for them. Pace it in their room where they can study and play whenever they want. It has an extra storage bag attached to the side, which is good for keeping miscellaneous items.

34. Classic cozy coupe.

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Cozy coupes are always fun for toddlers because they are strong and durable. It has a high seat with a storage facility available. The fuel cap can open and close giving a real car feeling too young. Your baby will enjoy it while taking a tour on this ride.

35. Scramble bug Hornet.

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If the come has come when you can allow your kid t sit on a hornet, then this is a cool gift for him. The wheels are sturdy and help the hornet flow in directions smoothly. If your kid is big enough to keep his balance then it is good for him but if your kid is small, then you might have to give him support while he is riding on this green hornet.

36. The Pooh soft toy.

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We all know that children love pooh, so this toy is suitable for newborn babies because it is soft and fluffy and will make your baby comfortable. It is made up of pure plush material that does not irritate the soft skin of your babies.

37. Piggle soft toy.

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If you have a hard time putting your kid to bed, then this piggle can help you. If you press it will play some famous TV lullabies to your baby and he will fall asleep instantly. Also, the start glows in dark. It is super soft and huggable and will put your kid to sleep in minutes. Mommies, this can be your best friend.

38. Rock and pop turtle.

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An engaging turtle character that spins around the floor, while playing phrases and music. It is the best learning tool for kids of smaller ages. It includes five multicolored balls for popping play. The colorful colors of this turtle will fetch the attention of a crying baby. So whenever your kid cries, pace this toy in front of him and let the magic begin.

39. Happy hoppers bull.

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Fun exercise for children and it can be used inside or outside the house. It deflates and inflates in a matter of seconds and it comes in a variety of playful bright colors. Make sure you are watching your kid closely when he or she is bouncing on this cow.

40. Learn to code a Pillar

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Help your child learn sequencing, critical thinking, reasoning, discovery, memory, problem-solving, and experimentation by this code pillar. It is helpful in teaching your kid the ABC alphabet and counting. This set has one sound segment, three straights, 2 right turns and 2 left turns, also to send the learning fun in endless directions.

41. Kids Castle Tent

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If your kid is growing up and you want him to sleep in his own room then you have to develop a habit in him in a fun way. Buy this castle tent for him and try to make him sleep in it every night. Once he is good to go, move him to his own room. This is a little trick that can solve your issue. Your kid will find it adventurous to sleep in a castle tent.

42. Piano gameplay Mat

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Do you want to develop a taste of music in your kids? Or maybe you want them to get familiar with the piano notes. this playful piano mat is something exciting to buy for your kid on his or her birthday. Kids can dance up and down the, keys to make pretty music on the mate

43. Pop-up tunnel

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This pop-up tunnel is so fun and your kids are going to love it. This tunnel is quick and easy to assemble, and it opens up in seconds. It can fold up and can be easily stored if you are running low on space. It is made from fire-retardant polyester and is really fun.

44. Toddler ball pit.

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Ideal for stimulating your little toddlers explore senses. It contains 3 jingle bean bangs. Completely save for children of 1 year to 5 years. They can get familiar with different colors. It is fun interactive and full of a learning game for your little ones.

45. Play tent with tunnel.

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Now you do not have to take your kids to the park when you have this playful tent at home. It has a tunnel with a tent which can be used together or separately. Now you can have some peace while kids are out in the garden playing with this tent with a tunnel. It is water-resistant and made from high-quality polyester.

46. Mr. Tumble Toy

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Enjoy watching and listening to Mr. Tumble’s singing and moving on to his iconic hello theme song. It is brightly colored so that it catches the sight of kids and encourages them to learn hand and eye coordination and recognition.

47. Green toy seaplane

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A very interactive toy for kids to show them how planes can float over water and fly high in the sky. This seaplane is earth and environmentally friendly and is suitable for ages 1+ years. It is made up of cycled plastic, which is safe to use, non-toxic, and contains no BPA.

48. Bus educational playset.

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The playtime bus has toys of great activities, that keep your little one entertained. Simply press the character button to learn safety rules and fun phrases. This great interactive toy will help to kick start your toddler’s language and he will learn phonic sounds, letter names, and vocabulary.


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