Best Cargo Service from London to Pakistan UK 2022 [Updated]

Fast Delivery, No Hidden Charges, 100% Satisfaction, Door to Door Service, Best Shipping Prices

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There are dozens of “cargo services UK 2022” available in London who can send your parcel to Pakistan within days. Picking the right cargo company could be a mess, especially when you have not used any of them below.

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    Don’t worry; I bring the complete detail about the best cargo service from London to Pakistan. This will help you to send your required items which could be gifts and other parcels in time to your loved one in Pakistan.

    Best Cargo Service from London to Pakistan UK 2021
    Best Cargo Service from London to Pakistan UK 2022 – Fast Delivery, No Hidden Charges, 100% Satisfaction, Door to Door Service, Best Shipping Prices

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    When its come to pick the “best cargo services from London to Pakistan UK 2022”, defiantly, you will look for the price per Kilo and how fast your parcel will be reached to Pakistan. There are other things you may consider but the price and delivery time is always the most important things to consider when picking the right cargo services.

    London is a city which welcomes people from all around the world. This is why; we have a big Pakistani community living there. Every year, this Pakistani community sends thousands of gift items and parcels to Pakistan. There is no number of item limits when it’s come to Pakistan. They even send from small items to large one including shoes, bags, TV, gift, papers, clothes and even items like generator and refrigerator. Not all-cargo services in London offer the opportunity to send such type of big items from London to Pakistan but London Cargo Services.

    2022 Send Cargo to Pakistan from London at £1/Kilo

    It has been now many years since London Cargo Services is operating from London. They have thousands of happy customers because of their cheap rates. They provide very effective and affordable services to the Pakistani community living in the UK and Europe. Whether you want to send a gift item or something like a refrigerator, the London Cargo Service can make it possible for you, as low as at £1/Kilo.

    How do London Cargo Services Work? Fast & Cheap:

    Unlike other cargo services from London to Pakistan, The Cargo Services works differently. Usually, the other cargo services send your parcel to linked cargo companies who later send your parcel to Pakistan. This does not only increase the time of shipment but also the price of the cargo but London Cargo is different. They offer two different types of cargo services:

    • Air Cargo to Pakistan (fast, effective and affordable)
    • Sea Cargo to Pakistan (cheap, good for big items)

    Fast & Best Cargo to Pakistan from London UK 2022

    Air Cargo to Pakistan 2022: 

    This type of service is specially designed for those who are in a rush and want to send their parcel to Pakistan on an urgent basis. The average delivery time to send an item from London to Pakistan through air cargo service is 7 working days. As your item is being delivered on time, that’s why you have to pay a bit extra as compared to sea cargo services. Per kilo, the rate is only £3.00 while they do charge extra handling fees.

    Air Cargo London to Pakistan

    Sea Cargo to Pakistan 2022:

    If you are not in rush, want to save money and want to send something big to Pakistan then Sea cargo service is a great option for you. They are charging only £1.00 per Kilo after packaging fee. The estimated time to read your item to Pakistan depends on many factors but it is usually between 6 to 8 weeks. The minimum weight which has been required to send an item through cargo service is 20 KG. So, if you want to send a TV or fridge to Pakistan then Sea cargo service is best to choose.

    Sea Cargo London to Pakistan

    Same day Courier Service 2022 from London to Pakistan:

    “London Cargo Services” is not just about sending a parcel to Pakistan through Sea or by Air. They are also offering same-day courier services too. The terms and conditions for these services are different. You can get more information about this service through their website.

    Same day Courier Service from London to Pakistan

    Door to Door Services 2022 to Pakistan from London, UK:

    To ensure the customer satisfaction level, the company is offering door to door service. This means that the parcel will be delivered on the doorstep in Pakistan and your friends and relatives do not require visiting their office to collect the item. Same like that, you can call them to pick an item from your location in London if you don’t have time to visit their office for cargo services.

    Door to Door Services to Pakistan from London

    What type of items you can Send to Pakistan 2022:

    With London Cargo Services, there are no limits set when it’s come to send items to Pakistan. They are literary handling with all type of items. You can send clothes, shoes, papers, gifts, dry food, chocolates, perfume, and toys, etc. Not only has this, but they also dealing with the large size of items like TV, refrigerator, oven, and generator, etc. In short, there are no limits when it’s come to send cargo through London Cargo Services.

    How to Send an item from London to Pakistan?

    This is very easy. You don’t even need to bring your parcel to their office as they are offering door to door services.

    • Step 1: You need to visit their website and book a pickup. You can also book a pickup by a call.
    • Step 2: They will pick the item from your doorstep. They charge extra for handling the parcel.
    • Step 3: Your item will be delivered to anywhere in Pakistan on mentioned working days.

    Benefits of using London Cargo Services 2022 UK:

    • Very cheap – Only £1/Kilo
    • 100% satisfaction rating by customers
    • Door to door services from London to Pakistan
    • There is no hidden or extra cost for a cargo
    • You can track your parcel until it’s delivered
    • The item will be delivered on the specified time
    • Only trusted cargo services available in the UK.
    We Care About Your Cargo
    • Door to Door Service
    • Best Shipping Prices
    • 100% Satisfaction
    •  Delivered within Specified Time
    • No Hidden Cost
    • Tracked and Recorded Delivery Service

    Best Cargo Shipping Rates/Price 2022 from London to Pakistan

    Weight25 kg50kgAzad Kasmir
    Ship Cargo£1.50£1.25 £1
    Air Cargo £6£5

    Best Cargo Delivery Time from London to Pakistan, UK 2022

    Ship Cargo6 to 8
    Air Cargo 2

    Popular Ports & Cites in Pakistan 2022 UK

    AbbottabadDera IsmailJacobabad

    Send Parcel from London to Pakistan 2022

    Every year millions of parcels have been sent from the UK to Pakistan. These parcels are not limited to papers and important documents only but other items too. At London Beep, we understand the importance and high demand of these parcels and why these parcels should be reached to Pakistan on time. That’s why we are offering the fastest parcel cargo services to our valuable customers in Pakistan and also in the UK. This service is not just fast but also very cheap when it has been compared to the other cargo companies in the UK.

    Due to the high volume and demand for parcel service from London to Pakistan, we are offering very affordable rates to our customers. We make the process fast by not only sending these parcels by air but also through the water. Our service to send the parcel to Pakistan by ship is very cheap if it has been compared with the air cargo.

    We are offering a free quote for all type of parcels, whether it can be just a piece of paper or an item as big as refrigerator etc. Other than this, we are also offering a pick and drop service. This means that you do not need to visit us to book the shipment. Our staff will visit your mentioned address to pick the parcel and ship it to the required address in Pakistan. This is the fastest, safest and reliable cargo service feature in London which no other company is offering.

    Cheap Cargo Service to Ship LCD, LED, Plasma TV to Pakistan

    Items like TV, Plasma TV, LED and LCD have chances to get broken during the shipment. That’s why most of the cargo companies do not deliver such time of items from one country to other. We know how important for you to ship these items to Pakistan and how much care required during the shipment of these items. We at London Beep offer you the service to move these items easily but with care from London to Pakistan.

    Our shipping rates for LCD, LED and Plasma TV is not much different from the other items. We are one of the selected cargo companies in the whole UK who is offering service to ship TV along with other electronic items to Pakistan at very low rates.

    LCD Shipping to Pakistan from London UK 2022:

    You can send any size of LCD to Pakistan through our cargo services. We take care of such type of items with extra safety to ensure that they reached to safely and use-able condition. We offer the LCD shipping service to the whole of Pakistan.

    LCD Shipping to Pakistan from London UK 2022

    LED Shipping from the UK to Pakistan UK 2022:

    LED shipment required extra care. Our staff packs LED and other electronic items with extra safety items to ensure their safety. The delivery of LED is fast, safe and won’t beat on delivery timings. We can pick LED from your address in the UK and ship to Pakistan.

    LED Shipping from the UK to Pakistan UK 2022

    Plasma TV shipping from London to Pakistan UK 2022:

    Safety is the most important thing which required when we deliver plasma TV from the UK to Pakistan. We take care of it. We are also offering the cheapest rates to send all other electronic items including plasma TV. You do not need to be worried about the size. There is no limit. We can send plasma TV of every size to your required address in Pakistan.

    Plasma TV shipping from London to Pakistan

    Londonbeep cargo service is offering the TV shipping to service to all over Pakistan including popular cities like Lahore, Karachi, Rawalpindi, Multan, Faisalabad, Islamabad, Sargodha, Bahawalpur, Khanewal, Sargodha, Gujranwala, Azad Kashmir, Mirpur Khan, Sialkot and many more.

    Send Electronics & Kitchen Appliances from London to Pakistan UK 2022

    Many Pakistani families living in London want to send electronics and kitchen appliances to Pakistan but can’t due to weight and size. A few years ago it was impossible as cargo companies have to face many issues during the shipment but we have introduced true door to door delivery services of all types of electronics and kitchen appliances from the UK to Pakistan.

    We should be your first to courier your big size items because of our cheapest delivery rates and our valuable service which allows you to send electrical items from your door to anywhere in Pakistan.

    The cheapest shipping rates are being offered all type of electronics and kitchen applies. These items included items like laptops, TV, camcorders, oven, refrigerator, generator, theatres, iPad, iPod, mobile phones and sound systems, etc. To find out how much it does you send these items; you can get a customized quote from us for free by filling the form.

    TV Shipping from London to Pakistan UK 2022:

    We do not just ship your TV from London to Pakistan and Azad Kashmir but also ensure its safety and securely deliver TV of any size. There would be no damage to sensitive items like TV when you choose our shipping services to send TV to Pakistan.

    TV Shipping from London to Pakistan UK 2022

    Laptop Shipping from London to Pakistan UK 2022:

    If you are looking for a way to ship laptop quickly to Pakistan then our shipping services is the best choice available at the moment. We will collect the laptop of any brand from your home in the UK and deliver anywhere in Pakistan.


    Laptop Shipping from London to Pakistan UK 2022

    Washing Machine Shipping from London to Pakistan UK 2022:

    Sand washing machine to Pakistan from London within days at very cheap rates. This is also a door to door service. The other companies do not offer door to door service for big size items like a washing machine but we do.


    Washing Machine Shipping from London to Pakistan UK 2022

    Mobile Phones Shipping from London to Pakistan UK 2022:

    Mobile phones are one of our popular items and most deliver products from the UK to anywhere in Pakistan. Due to its small size, the delivery time of mobile phones is very short as compared to large size items. We ship all types of mobile phones and offer to pick and drop service too.

    Mobile Phones Shipping from London to Pakistan UK 2022

    Refrigerator Shipping:

    The refrigerator is not just big in size but also heavy in weight. Cargo services avoid taking such type of items but we welcome you with this. We will ship refrigerator from London to Pakistan and offers you timely and secure delivery in same lowest rates.

    Refrigerator Shipping London to Pakistan 2022

    Cookers and Oven Shipping:

    You do not need to have someone in the UK to send you cookers or ovens. We can even purchase one for you and send you anywhere in Pakistan. The rates for cooking appliances are different and much lower as compare to other cargo services. We are also taking bulk shipping orders for this.


    Cookers and Oven Shipping London to Pakistan 2022

    Microwaves Shipping:

    To ensure that our customer receives the best and high-quality services when sending a microwave oven, we make the whole process of delivering very secure. The Microwave has been handled with care from the UK to Pakistan and Azad Kashmir. The cheapest shipping rates available for microwave oven.

    Microwaves Shipping London to Pakistan 2022

    Dishwashers Shipping:

    Dishwashers are one of our popular items which we ship to Pakistan almost daily. There is no restriction regarding the size of the dishwasher. We ship all size and shapes of dishwashers from London to anywhere in Pakistan. The shipping process if not just effective in term of delivery but also cost-effective due to low rates.

    Dishwashers Shipping London to Pakistan 2022

    Get Free Quotes for Moving House from the UK to Pakistan 2022

    We offer 10% free price quotes to our valuable customers to help them to make their budget and decide what to move from the UK to Pakistan easily and by staying within the budget. To get free price quotes for moving to Pakistan from the UK, you need to fill our free quote form below and submit the form.

    While filling the form, make sure to provide the maximum information to get the exact quote. You can also ask for help through email and telephone. Our team wills response to you as quickly as possible with all the shipping quotes. If you want to make a direct order and do not want to get a quote, you can call us for an instant response.

    2022 House Removals to Pakistan from London, UK

    Moving complete house from the UK to Pakistan is not an easy task especially when you have very limited cargo services available in the UK. The whole process required a lot of packing and shipping when you are sending the household items from one country other. Relax because we are not just another cargo service who sends small items but we can also help you to move all type of household items from the UK to Pakistan timely and effectively. The shipping services for house removals are 100% hassle-free.

    Moving house from the UK to Pakistan sounds like a lot of money but this is not true in our case. We are offering very affordable shipping rates on such type of bulk cargo orders. This service is completely door to door service and we will ship your household items to anywhere in Pakistan including Azad Kashmir. To get to know the rates, delivery time and other relates services like packing please get a customized quote through phone call or write an email to us. We may ask you for a visit to see the number of items.

    We can Move all Household Items:

    We do not have any restrict item list when it’s come to sending household items to Pakistan from the UK. You can send any items including king-size bed, any type, and size of the furniture, kitchen appliances, and other electronics, etc. To make the whole process easy and effective, we are also offering packing, loading, moving, loading and unloading services. You can pack your items or ask us for effective and cheap packing. This is a door to door service which means that you do not need to be worried about picking or dropping your household items to our offices in Pakistan and the UK.

    The size and shape of the item do not matter when you choose us for this process. Whether it’s the furniture in your house or electronic appliances like TV, oven and mobile phone, we do not compromise with the quality of our services. We offer extra handling services for breakable items like the TV. Your items have been delivered in the same shape which we pick from your doorstep in the UK.

    This is our great cargo service for those who are relocating their house to Pakistan or sending the used household items to Pakistan.

    Cost-effective House Removals service to Pakistan  2022

    We aim to provide the best shipping rates to the Pakistani community living in Pakistan. When it’s House Removals service London to Pakistan 2022come to house removal and relocating from the UK to Pakistan, our rates stay the same. We offer a bulk discount on such type of delivery orders. Currently, our house shipping rates are the lowest with high standard services.

    We provide house relocating service from London to Pakistan with care. The rate of damage is almost zero because household items have been handled with care from loading in the UK to unloading in Pakistan. Our excellent customer services will help you to finalize the rates in advance so you can decide the shipping according to your budget and receive our excellent cargo service.

    Send Gifts to Pakistan 2022 through Cargo:

    Our cargo service is not just limited to move your house from the UK to Pakistan or send related items. We also offer you the service of sending gifts to Pakistan to your loved one. We know that it is important to deliver the gift on time especially on occasions like Birthday, Anniversary, Eid, Ramadan and Valentine’s Day. Our timely and cheap cargo service is a perfect choice to send gifts to Pakistan including Azad Kashmir. As compared to other prices, our gift service is much cheaper and reliable.

    Send Gifts to Pakistan from London 2022

    You don’t need to visit our office to send gifts to Pakistan if you have a busy schedule, we will pick it from your mentioned location and send to Pakistan on right time within days.

    Customer Care Service
    Our aim is to provide full relief to our customer. It is our first priority to provide them with the good result and if our customers are satisfied then we feel proud of our best ever services

    That’s it. I hope that I have provided you with enough information which will help you to send a parcel from London to Pakistan effectively and affordably. Please do share with us your experience with Best London Cargo Services.

    Have any questions?


    The minimum weight for Air cargo is 11KG where 20KG for the sea Cargo.
    There is no limit for the maximum weight. This means that you can send unlimited items to Pakistan from London and Europe.
    They are charging very low rates. If you are sending an item through Air cargo then the price is £3/Kilo and £1/Kilo if you choose sea cargo.
    The delivery time through Air cargo is up to 7 working days and a maximum of 8 weeks through sea cargo.
    The London Cargo Service is offering door to door cargo service. The parcel will be delivered on the mentioned address in Pakistan.
    Yes, they are offering delivery services to all over Pakistan including Azad Kashmir.
    Yes, they are also offering packaging services to all of their customers.
    Yes, you can send all electronic items to Pakistan from London through London Cargo Service.
    If you are sending something big, probably an item whose weight is over 25KG.
    Air Cargo delivers your item very fast anywhere in Pakistan.
    It is cheaper and ideal for big items.
    Yes, they are truly offering door to doorstep services from London to Pakistan.
    No, currently they are only offering service to send items from the UK to Pakistan.
    It will cost the same as they do 20 KG.
    Yes, in case of the air cargo services as the air freight is based on actual weight and chargeable weight.
    Yes, all-electric and electronic items will be dutiable. You can ask for the duty or customs tax from our representative before sending an electronic item to Pakistan.
    Yes, it is up to you how you are packing the items.
    Currently, they are not offering a storage facility for any customer luggage.
    The company is paying £50.00 for the lost item where there is no compensation is being offered in case of damaged items.
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