London Christmas Lights Switch on 2018 – Time and Date

When do the Christmas Lights go on in London 2018 UK


The whole London has been lighten up every year to celebrate Christmas, winter and holidays. The lights can be seen by reaching any Christmas lights place throughout the month of December and November. But there are very few people who failed to attend the “Christmas lights switch on” ceremony.


The Christmas lights switch on ceremony is not just an even when lights of Christmas has been switched on. There are more much to offer. For example, the shops, restaurants, cafe, bars and club offer special discount on this night. There has been many live music, dance and other performance took place as well.

If you are not sure that when did the “Christmas lights in London” will be switched on, then you should check out this post till end. Following I am sharing with you the time, day and date of the specific places where lights of Christmas will be switch on in year 2018.

1 – Oxford Street Christmas lights on 6th November 2018

The Oxford Street Christmas lights are more popular than any other place as the most number of bulb has been lighten at this venue. They lights at Oxford Street will be switched on 6th November – London’s first. On the opening ceremony of the lights there will be many pop-up performance will take place.


Image Source / Credit : londonist

2 – Carnaby Christmas lights 2018 on 8th November 2018

If you want to enjoy the Christmas light beyond just Christmas colors then you need to be at Carnaby. The lights on this venue will be switched on 8th November 2018. On the opening ceremony the business in the street like bars, shops, restaurants and cafe offers special discount.

Image Source / Credit : LondonTown

3 – Covent Garden Christmas lights 2018

The date of Covent Garden Christmas lights 2018 still to be announced but it will be surely in the mid of November like it’s happened every year. If you are waiting to know the exact date then you can check the dates on the official website of Covent Garden.

Image Source / Credit : LondonTown

4 – Marylebone Village Christmas lights 2018 on Wednesday 14 November

Marylebone Village Christmas lights are my favourite because of the sense of color selection. The light’s switch on ceremony will be start as early at 3 PM with so many performances and activities to enjoy. The official time to lighten up the bulb is 6 PM this year.

Image Source / Credit : Time Out

5 – Northbank Christmas lights 2018 on 14th November

The beautiful streets of Northbank turned to be in the land of magic on the 14th November of 2018. They focused more on the winter theme and limit their lights to bright light colors.

Image Source / Credit : londonist

6 – Regent Street Christmas lights 2018 on 15th November

The giant angels light of Regent Street always make people to be there on the opening ceremony of the Christmas lights. On 15th November, when the lights of Christmas will be switched on, the road has been made traffic free for the evening. So, you can come there in your car and enjoy the beautiful Christmas lights.

Image Source / Credit : Londonist

7 – Seven Dials Christmas lights 2018 on 15th November

This place is not just famous for the beautiful show of the lights but also the discounts offered by the shops there on this special day. The Seven Dials will be lighten up with Christmas lights on 15th November this year.

Image Source / Credit : Londonist

8 – Royal Exchange Christmas lights 2018 on 21st November

The even of Royal Exchange lights are totally free. Any person can join it. The event of switching the lights on Royal Exchange will be started at 6 PM in the evening. This time the lights will be switched on by a secret celebrity guest.

Image Source / Credit : Secret London

9 – The Shard Christmas lights 2018 starting from 3rd December

The theme of this year for Christmas lights is reflection. Officially there is no opening cerpory for this place but it is expecting anytime between 4 PM to 1 AM every night for 30 minutes from 3rd December 2018.

Image Source / Credit : Go London

10 – Sloane Square, Chelsea Christmas lights 2018 on 17th November

The ceremony to switch the Christmas lights on this place will be begin at 2 PM on 17th November 2018. This ceremony has performance for every age of people from kids to old age people etc.

Image Source / Credit : alamy

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