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Regent Street London : Best Shops, Places and Photos

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If you ever get the chance to visit London then don’t forget to catch up Regent Street London. This is known out to be one of the most famous and well known shopping streets. This place is located in the place of West End of London. This is quite a lot in demand amongst the tourists and local people. This street is all named after the Prince Regent (later George IV). It is famously associated in the company of the architect John Nash. It was established in the year 1825. It passes all the way through the Regent’s residence at Carlton House in St James’s at the southern end and through Piccadilly Circus and Oxford Circus, to All Souls Church.

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Regent Street London Detailed

This is perhaps as known out to be one of the best ad famous shopping destinations. This street is spread at the place of about 2km. In the middle of this street you will going to find countless international brands in the world adding with Apple, Burberry, Anthropologie, J.Crew and Aquascutum. Each single year almost 7.5 million tourists visit this place. It gives employment to almost 20,000 people each year. “Regent Street London” was all set up at the investment of about $1 billion.

History of Regent Street London

Regent Street London was started establishing up in the year 1811 and it finally completed in the year 1825. It was the very first development projects of London. In 1666 Christopher Wren comes up with the design of this classical model and in the year 1811 John Nash started building it up. In its surroundings you will going to find the places of Carlton House Terrace on The Mall, Piccadilly Circus, Regent Street and Regent’s Park. It was known out to be the fashionable area around Charing Cross. It was all build up in favor of commercial purposes. This place became one of the main centers for the Government of London in providing jobs to the people. In the year 1813 the design of Regent Street London was passed out. The whole building was designed by Charles Robert Cockerell, Sir John Soane and Nash himself.

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Crown Estate Redevelopment Of Regent Street London

Regent Street London has been all divided into two blocks. On block is placed at the northern end near Langham Place. This block is owned by the Crown Estate. In the year 2013 it was estimated that Crown Estate sold out almost 25% of the 270,000 sq ft Regent Street Quadrant 3. Crown Estate is coming out to be the major redevelopment program in Regent Street and some of its side streets. Apart from the shops and offices this place is even added with the five star hotel and a small number of flats.

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Regent Street London Shops And Places

1. All Souls Church, Langham Place

This is one of the most famous stores in the Regent Street London that is located It was build up in the year 1823 and was all finished with construction in the year 1824. It was designed by John Nash.

2. Apple Retail Store

Apple Store was opened in the year 2004. This was the first Apple Store in Europe. Other stores are set up in Japan and United States. This is known out to be the largest Apple stores all over the world.

3. BBC Broadcasting House

This is known out to be the BBC headquarters! In the year 1930’s several radio stations used to broadcast from this broadcasting house. It was designed by MacCormac Jamieson Prichard.

4. Café Royal

This café Royal was opened in the year 1865. It was all designed by Sir Reginald Blomfield. It was closed in the year 2008 and then it was re-opened as the part of Crown Estate.

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5. Dickins & Jones

This shop is located in “Regent Street London” since the year 1835. This place was close in January 2006. It is all added with the minor and small shop units on top of the lower floors and flats and offices as well.

6. Hamley

It is one of the most popular toy shop that is located 100 metres south of Oxford Circus on the east side of the road. It was opened in the year 1881. it is known as one of the largest toy shop in the world.

7. Liberty

Liberty is one of the well known shops on Regal Street London. This shop is named after Arthur Lasenby Liberty as it was established in the year 1874. It was designed and built by architects Edwin T. Hall and his son Edwin S. Hall, constructed from the timbers of two ships, the HMS Impregnable, and the HMS Hindustan.

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8. Paris Theater

On the last we have we have Paris Theater! It is one of the well known and biggest theaters in Paris.

Events At Regal Street London

Each single year Regal Street London arrange festivals but now it has been closed because of the traffic. Since the year 1948 this place is all decorated on the day of Chistmas Eve. First full lightening was displayed in the year 1953. On 6th July millions of people gather up on this place for enjoying a parade of Formula One cars.

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No doubt that Regal street London is named up to be the main recognitions of London City that is love to watch out once in a lifetime. On the whole after sharing the important details of ‘Regent Street London’ it is easy to conclude that if you want to visit London for the first time then don’t forget to visit mind blowing and amazing Regent Street.

20 Best Regent Street London Photos

Regent Street London


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