60+ Cool Christmas Gifts for Friends UK 2023/ 2024 (Him/Her)

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Are you planning to buy the best Christmas gifts UK in 2023/ 2024 for friends in London, UK?

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A best friend deserves to receive a special gift on every occasion including Birthdays 2023/ 2024 and other events.

Why? Because the best friend is one who can listen to your problem and help you in your hard times.

The best friend is special and indeed no less than a blessing if you really get a friend who turned into the best with the passage of time. see also the best gifts Ideas for teens.

Here we bring the collection of “best Christmas gifts for friends UK 2023/ 2024.

Instead of focusing on single-gender, we are sharing gift ideas for both; male and female and most of our gift ideas are unisex and they can go well whether you have a male friend of a female best friend etc.

No, this list of best gifts for friends is not limited to mugs or traditional gift ideas. 60+ Cool Gifts for Friends UK 2022 (Him/Her) London


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We have included every best item in our list to make it the best list of best gift ideas for friends. We keep in mind the tradition of London, UK and ensure that we have shared with you only those gift ideas which are in trend here.

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Male & Female Friend Cool Christmas Gift Gifts for Friends UK 2023/ 2024 London

Disney Traditions Snowman - Best Birthday Gifts Gift UK 2022

1. Disney Traditions Snowman – Best Christmas Gifts Gift UK 2023/ 2024

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Disney made this traditional snowman very cool by adding  mickey mouse and other color pattern. It is a perfect item to gift to best friend on Birthday/Christmas. 

Slippers - Best Gift for Her UK 2022

2. Slippers – Best Christmas Gift for Her UK 2023/ 2024

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A cozy set of slippers can make any person happy. These slippers are specially for the ladies but can goes with the men too due to its color scheme.  

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3. Travel Continantal Wallet – New Gift for Her UK 2023/ 2024

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The trend of travel continental wallets is increasing. How about surprise your best friend on this Birthday/Christmas by giving one to her?.

4. Clever Yoga Set – Top Christmas Gift for Friends UK 2023/ 2024

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A complete set of yoga can make any person happy even if the person is not into yoga as it will motivate her/him to start getting healthy. Gift this very stylish yoga set on this Birthday/ Christmas to your best friends.  

5. Bean Bags – Christmas Presents for Friends UK 2023/ 2024

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Bean bag as a  birthday gift UK 2023/ 2024? Yes why not? It is must to have in the bedroom or living room. If your best friend does not have one, then it is best time to gift.

6. AirPods – Best Friend Gifts UK 2023/ 2024 London

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You don’t need to buy an expensive iPhone to impress your best friend on this Valentine’s Gifts UK 2023/ 2024. Even a set of latest AirPods are enough to gift and make your friend happy.  

7. Tennis Shoes – Christmas Present Ideas Gifts for Female friends

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Does your best friend love to play tennis or any other related sports? If yes, then here we have a very stylish performance women tennis shoes for you. You can gift to her.  

8. Water Bottle – Unique Christmas BFF Gift Ideas UK

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This is not just an ordinary wallet bottle. This water bottle comes with many features and the main thing we love about this bottle is called the Bluetooth speaker. It is made in USA. 

9. Best Candle – Best Christmas Friend Gifts for UK 2023/ 2024

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Turn the environment into a very nice smell with the help of this soy wax candle. This is an ideal item to gift very special best friend.  

10. Shoulder Bag – Christmas Gift Ideas For Best Friends UK 2023/ 2024

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Having an outdoor shoulder bag is the need of every women. How about surprising your best with this fashionable shoulder handbag. This design is quite popular in London.  

11. Instant Camera – Gift for Friends’ Christmas UK 2023/ 2024

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Yes, this is exactly what you are thinking. An Instant camera that comes in a blush gold color (available in other colors too). In the time of technology, these cameras can make anyone happy. 

12. Bath Rob  – Christmas Gifts for Friend UK 2023/ 2024

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This comfy rob is available in many different colors and specially made for the ladies. It is a bathrobe designed in 70% Bamboo Viscose, 30% Cotton Terry.  

13. Amazon Echo Spot – Unique Christmas BFF Gift Ideas UK 2023/ 2024

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Here we have a special product for you UK friend. This stylish Echo Spot works very smartly and recognize the voice to follow the order like play the music etc. 

14. Kate Spade New York Out To Lunch Tote

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The outside of this lunch tote is coated lined and features a gold bow zipper. It is embellished with “out to lunch” from front.  

15. Luxury Makeup Brush Set – Best Christmas Gift for Friends UK

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A luxury set of makeup brush will make your best friend happy. Birthday/ Christmas is an ideal time to tell her how special she is for you by giving this antibacterial makeup studio line brush set.  

16. Air Fryer – Best Christmas Gifts for Friendship UK 2023/ 2024

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Give your friend a healthy lifestyle by giving this air circulation system air fryer. It does not required any oil to fry the food. 

17. Leather Bag – Uneiqe Gifts for Friends Ideas UK

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This bucket bag has been made from the real leather. It is a drawstring bag which can easily carry on the shoulder with the help of strap.  

18. Richardson Sheffield – Top Gift for Friends for Christmas

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Giving kitchen appliance is great idea if your friend love to cook. Here we have a set of knifes for you to give on this Birthday/ Christmas. 

19. Electric Gilet Jacket – Christmas Gifts for Female Friends UK 2023/ 2024

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Here we have an idea for the best male friend. This is an electric gilet jacket to keep the person warm during the cold weather of winter in London. It comes in standard size so any male can wear it easily.  

20. Knee-High Boots – Christmas Female Friend Gifts for UK

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Does your girl like to wear high boots? How about pink color high boots by the Oslo? Coming right from the Norway to London to make your best friend look stylish.  

21. Jim Shore for Enesco Disney

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If you are looking for a decoration idea for your best friend to gift on this Valentine’s Gifts UK 2023/ 2024, then look at this product. It is not just ideal for Birthday/ Christmas to gift but other festivals and events too.  

22. Hoverboard – Christmas Gift for Friends UK 2023/ 2024

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If you have a little high budget for the gift, then consider purchasing this hoverboard. It is one size hoverboard which will totally fun to ride.  

23.Indoor Swing Chair – Christmas Gifts for Friends at Valentine’s Day UK

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Who does not like to have this beautiful swing chair in the room or living room? This is an ideal item to gift to your best friend to surprise. 

24. 3 Seater Bench – Christmas Gift for Friends Birthday Ideas UK

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This item is specially for those friend who love gardening and have a garden in the house. Usually the aged friend. But it will be totally unique gift idea for the Birthday/ Christmas.

25. Electric Kettle – Christmas Gifts for Female Friends UK 2023/ 2024

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Surprise your best friend with this electric kettle which can be controlled through a mobile device. It is very stylish and also be used as an alarm.  

26. Wine Glass – Christmas BFF Gift Ideas for Friends UK

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This glass is not just to drink the wine or any other liquid but it is very beautiful to place it anywhere as a decoration piece. 

27. Leather Handbags – Christmas Gift Ideas For Best Friends UK 2023/ 2024

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Does your best friend love to have luxury leather crossbody shoulder bags? Here we have a great pick for you to gift her on Valentine’s Gifts.  

28. Bear Stuffed Doll – Christmas Cool Idea for Gifts for Friend

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There is no age limit when its come to stuffed toys like bear. here we have a giant titanic cudly plush bear stuffed doll. It is very cuddly, cozy and warm.  

29. Watch – Cute Christmas Gifts for Your Best Female Friend

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White is the new black. Here we have a very stylish watch for women. In the white season of winter, this is an ideal color watch to give as gift to someone.  

30. Diptyque Scented Candle – Christmas Gifts For Friend

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Instead of a perfume, give a scented candle which will smell the whole room and even house. It is a giant size candle which can be burn for years. 

31. Samsung Galaxy Pro – Christmas Holiday Gift for Best Friend

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For the technology lover best friend, nothing could be more amazing then receiving a gadget and when we says tech gadget, there is nothing more suitable option than this Samsung Galaxy Pro.  

32. Hugo Boss Jet Watch – Best Christmas Male Friend Gift Idea

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Huge Boss knows how to impress the world with their beautiful watch collection. Here we have Men’s Quartz Chronograph Watch for you. Have good budget? Pick this one and ignore other items. 

33. Tamagotchi Friends

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A basic gift for the friend? Why not? Here we have the Tamagotchi Friends game for you. It contain five different fun game and comes in different range of characters. 

34. Pilot Pen – Best Christmas Friend Gift Ideas UK

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Gifting pen was once the trend in UK London. Here we have a finest quality ink pen for you to gift your best friend. It has classic design with medium nib.  

35. Demdaco Willow Tree Memory Box

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I always like these type of gift ideas and these are truly made for the best friend. This memory box can be use to save those things and photos which you and your friend has together. 

36. TomYang BBQ – Christmas The electric Thai BBQ grill

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BBQ in London city is very common. Then why not gift an electric BBQ grill to your friend? It is Thai BBQ grill and comes with essential to make BBQ more fun.  

37. Makeup and Jewellery Organiser

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Forget everything and look at this jewellery organizer. Any girl will not resist to have this in her jewellery collection as it will help her to easily organize even the small jewellery too.  

38. Beast Rose – Christmas Romantic Gifts for Friend UK

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Give something really refreshing to your best friend on this Birthday/ Christmas. This red rose beast flower will stay alive forever. It is covered with glass. 

39. Leather Journal – Christmas Gift Idea for Friend UK 2023/ 2024

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Looking for a gift idea for a friend who love to write and read? Take a look at this leather journal which has been made by the hands. 

40. Beanie Hat – Christmas Last Minute Gift UK 2023/ 2024

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This lined beanie hat could become the favorite of any person who got this as Valentine’s Gifts present UK 2023/ 2024. It does not just keep your friend warm but look very stylish.  

41. Stoneware Mug – Christmas Cute Cheap Gift UK

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Want to give something traditional and stylish to your best friend on this Birthday/ Christmas? Have a look at this red color mug which have handmade painting. 

42. Sports Earphones – Christmas New Present Idea UK 2023/ 2024

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The Bluetooth headphone have battery timing of 12 hours. They can goes well with any device. Due to their shape, they are really easy to wear. 

43. Alarm Clock – Christmas Gift Ideas Every Holiday for Everyone

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Wow, what a beautiful clock to have in the bed room. You can give this very luxury looking alarm clock to your best friend on this Birthday/ Christmas. This clock also have LED light.  

44. Night Light Lamp – Best Christmas Holiday Gift Ideas UK 2023/ 2024

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This night light lamp has so many features like adjusting brightness, touch to control the light, rechargeable and can be hang anywhere easily.  

45. Yoga Mat – Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Women UK

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Yoga is the perfect meditation to get relax but you can boost the effect simply by picking a yoga mat with beautiful artwork. Here we have one option for you. 

46. Tree Wall Photo Display

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Give this tree wall photo display to your best friend on this Gifts UK 2023/ 2024. Do not just give it blank but fill it with the best pictures of your and your best friend in it. 

47. Hoop Earrings – Christmas Present for Her UK 2023/ 2024

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Looking for a best gift idea for the female friend? Nothing could more impress them than a stylish jewelry like this one. We love the color scheme most. 

48. Silk Piping Pillowcase – Cheap Christmas Gift Idea UK 2023/ 2024

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When we first look at this pillow, we did not believe that it is real. Just look at the color. It is silk make piping pillowcase for the housewife. 

49. Mug Gift Set – Cheap Christmas Gift Idea UK 2023/ 2024

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What a cute white cup or mug to gift to your best friend on this Birthday/ Christmas.  This set of mug have a motivational message over it.  

50. Fred & Friends THE END Dramatic Bookends

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This may look a small gift to give on a Birthday/ Christmas but totally unique design of this bookend will make anyone happy who will have it.  

51. Ceramic Knuckleduster Mug

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It is a brand new officially licensed designed mug by the Fred and friends. Give it to your best friend on this Birthday/ Christmas whether male or female. 

52. Christmas Plush Sherpa Lined Bath Robe

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This is not just a regular bathrobe but also a robe which can be wear anytime of the day in the house for no reason due to its material. 

53. Outdoor Pullover Hoodies White

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We love the art of this hoodie. It will make very easy for you to pick this hoodie right now for your friend if he or she loves to read books.  

54. Leather Passport Holder

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If your friend love to travel then she or he may already have a passport holder but not as stylish as this Italian leather made passport holder. 

55. House Slippers

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Here we have another set of cozy slipper and this time it is ideal for both; men and women. It is available in other colors too but we love this color scheme most.  

56. Chevalier Stemless Aerating Wine Glasses

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WOW, what a beautiful glass for the wine. It is a luxury wine gift item for the friend. It is made of high quality and durable pyrex glass. 

57. Long Distance Relationship

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This set of the mug is a perfect item for the long distance friends and relationships. We love how the designer has draw the map on both mugs to make it more special.

58. Makeup vanity Mirror – Christmas Presents for Best Friends

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Mirrors and women are best friend since ages. How about giving this 22 LED light mirror to your best friend so she can easily make up and these LED lights can easily tell her which part of the face need a bit improvement in term of make up? 

59. PRINCESS NINA Magic Stone – Christmas Present Ideas For Friend

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These colorful and magical earrings could goes easily with any outfit due to the colors inside these earrings.  Its come with elegant jewelry box.

60. Best Christmas Boyfriend Pillow

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Being funny on this Birthday/ Christmas by giving this Boyfriend hold pillow to your best friend who is still single. It is shaped as a muscle arm man pillow.  

61. Christmas Kangol Wool Ushanka Accessories

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Look at this luxury looking stylish hat. It is inspired from the original Russian trapper style hat. It does not only keep one warm but also look very stylish. 

62. Christmas Nano Fish Tank Aquarium

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Does your friend have fish? Why not gift something not only to your best friend but her pet too. This is all pound nano fish tank with LED lights.

63.  Best Christmas Women’s Cabin Slipper in London

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A cozy cabin slipper could made any women happy. These keep the feet warm in the cold winter of London. Birthday/ Christmas is perfect time to gift this to your best friend. 

64.  Christmas Willow Tree Sisters by Heart Figurine UK 2023/ 2024

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Here we have one of the best pick for you. The heart figurine of two sisters can be given without any reason to tell you best friend how important she is in your life.

I hope you like our gift selection or ideas. Share on your social media and shop best gifts for other family members. check here Best Gift Collection.

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