45+ Cheap Christmas Gifts Under £10 UK 2023/ 2024 – Great Gift Ideas

Cool Gifts for Birthday – Great £10 Gift Ideas in UK, London

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Best and Perfect “cheap Christmas Gifts under 10 pounds UK 2023/ 2024” are possible only if you spend a lot of time finding them online.

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We know that it required a lot of time to find some high-quality gift ideas which are not very expensive. That’s why we bring the list of cheap yet best gift ideas under 10 pounds for her, him, kids, friends, and all family members, etc.

We know that £10 is not much but yet we are able to find some really great Christmas gift ideas for you.

45+ Cheap Christmas Gifts Under £10 UK 2022/ 2023


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If you are limited with the budget then even being under £10 is enough to gift for colleagues, friends, and family on their special occasions like Birthdays, graduation days, wedding days, anniversaries, and Valentine’s Day. These gifts which we are sharing with you are also the idea to give on Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Easter. In short, for under £10, you can easily come up with a great gift to give.

Usually, people believe that they can buy only inexpensive or cheap gifts under 10 pounds which are limited to greeting cards and photo frames. But our list of 10 pounds gift has almost all types of gift ideas including, jewelry, masks, beauty gifts, clothes, perfumes, kitchen gadgets, tech gadgets, and toys, etc.

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Gifts Under £10

We also included a special range of Christmas gifts under 10 pounds UK in 2023/ 2024. These gifts include items like socks, greeting cards, hats, pillows, clothes, gloves, and much more. The limited number of items for households, kitchenware, and bathroom accessories are also included. So, let’s begin the gift ideas under 10 pounds UK in 2023/ 2024.

45+ Cheap Christmas Gifts Under 10 Pounds UK 2023/ 2024 – Shop Now

Bath Bombs - 2023/ 2024 Best Christmas Gift Under £10

1. Bath Bombs – 2023/ 2024 Best Christmas Gift Under £10

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Let’s start our list of gifts under 10 pounds with these colorful bath bombs. At the price of one, you will get 12 of them. They are natural handcrafted gift items to give a bubble bath. Because of their colors, these bombs are not just ideal to gift to adults but also to kids for a fun bath.

Burt'S Bees Gift Set - Great Christmas £10 Gift Idea UK 2023/ 2024

2. Burt’S Bees Gift Set – Great Christmas £10 Gift Idea UK 2023/ 2024

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This set of moisturizing products is made with more than one dozen natural ingredients. They come in a glass honey jar to make it an ideal item to give it as a gift. Its include lip balm and tinted lip balm with are made from different essential oils and vitamins. It’s hard to find a natural gift item under 10 pounds.

Sleep Mask Set - Best Christmas Gifts Under £10

3. Sleep Mask Set – Best Christmas Gifts Under £10

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This is one of the most selling sleeping masks with more than 14,000 positive reviews. The reason behind its popularity is its breathable material which is mulberry silk fabric and pure cotton. It is a classic gift choice for the person who likes to wear this to get a happy good night’s sleep or a quick nap.

4. Hedgehogs Hand Cream Trio Gift Box

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In the age of chemical beauty products, it’s hard to find natural and homemade products like this one. This set of cream will make hands soft and smooth in no time. They have been made with carrot seed oil, butter and vitamin E, etc. Because of its size, this trio set is travel friendly.

Funny Socks - Cheap Christmas Gift Under 10 Pounds

5. Funny Socks – Cheap Christmas Gift Under 10 Pounds

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Looking for some fun gift ideas under 10 pounds? Take a look at these funny socks. They are warm, made from cotton, and not just a funny but also a romantic birthday or Christmas present for wine lovers. Oh, by the way, it’s come with funny cupcake gift packaging.

Ladies Purse - Cheap Christmas Gift Under £10

6. Ladies Purse – Cheap Christmas Gift Under £10

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You don’t need a reason to give a wallet or purse to the ladies. This one is made from PU leather and available in so many different designs. Its size is enough to put all daily essential easily. It has a zipper to keep some secure inside as well. There are card slots and a pocket for coins.

Bangle Bracelets - Cheap Christmas Gifts for Her under 10 Pounds

7. Bangle Bracelets – Cheap Christmas Gifts for Her under 10 Pounds

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Here we got a special birthday gift jewelry for your loved one. Yes, it is a bracelet that comes with a birthday wish and a number of years. It is available in different and limited numbers. To keep it forever alive, the company made it from stainless steel which also made it none rust bangle.

Leather Notebook - Little Christmas Gifts Under £10 Anyone

8. Leather Notebook – Little Christmas Gifts Under £10 Anyone

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Thank God, we still have these traditional gift items which are now becoming vintage. This is a handmade journal with a leather 3D cover. It is easy to carry and ideal to gift any age of group, or to the person who loves to write. This notebook is available in different cover designs and most of them are 3D.

Womens Cat Socks - Christmas Last-Minute Gift Under £10

9. Womens Cat Socks – Christmas Last-Minute Gift Under £10

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The winter is here, so do the season to wear funky socks. This colorful set of socks has been designed for all ages of women which makes is it a good gift item to give to females. It is made from 80% cotton, 15% Acrylic, and 5% Elastane. Gift it on birthday, Christmas, and New Year.

Harry Potter Hairbrush - Best Christmas Gifts Under £10 for Her

10. Harry Potter Hairbrush – Best Christmas Gifts Under £10 for Her

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There are very limited gift options available for girls when it comes to Harry Potter items. This is an innovative hairbrush for all types of hair. It has a beautiful Harry Potter design on the behind of the brush. This brush can be used for short, curly, and straight hair.

Magnetic Wristband - Christmas Gifts Under £10 for Him

11. Magnetic Wristband – Christmas Gifts Under £10 for Him

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Men love to have gadgets that make their work easy. This magnetic wristband is surely the one which they love to get a gift from you. This is a strong wristband that can hold nails, bolts, screws and drill bits, etc. It is available in two different designs; one for men and a second for women.

Set of Lip Glosses - Small Christmas Gift Under £10

12. Set of Lip Glosses – Small Christmas Gift Under £10

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While we labeled this for kids, but they can be a gift to anyone. It comes with different soda flavors. Each flavor is good for tastes. These lip glosses do not only moisturize the lips but also refreshment them for a long time. These glosses come in a gift box.

Children's Watch - Christmas Gifts Under Ten Pounds

13. Children’s Watch – Christmas Gifts Under Ten Pounds

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What a colorful kid’s 3D watch for kids to teach them how to watch time. It is a perfect birthday item for growing kids. Usually, at such a low price the quality of the product does not come good but I must say that the face is much better quality than what they showed in the photos.

Casio Watch - Cool Christmas Gifts under £10

14. Casio Watch – Cool Christmas Gifts under £10

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Here is the official Casio unisex watch. Yes, you read it right. The branded and popular Casio watch is available at such a low price with more than 13,000 positive reviews. It is water-resistant with a nice and comfortable band. This can be given as Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Valentine’s Day gifts.

15. Hair On Sleek Gift Set

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She would love to receive this as a gift. It’s included the products which can repair the damaged hair and give shine with the gloss serum. It is the official Toni and Guy gift set with a limited edition. At price like this, it’s hard to find a branded hair care kit.

16. Colors Hair Chalk for Girls Kids

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Teenage girls love to try new things including paint their hair. This set comes with a set of 12 hair chalk which can easily remove with water when required. It is perfect for kids, girls, women, boys, and men. It is also perfect for children parties, Easter and Halloween.

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17. Magic Pillows Cover

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This reversible pillow is made from a high-quality material which is skin-friendly and soft. It has the print of a flamingo. To make it easy to wrap over the pillow, there is an invisible zipper included. The size of this pillow is 40×40 cm. It is a good gift for family and friends.

18. Facial Brush for Massage

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Massager cost a lot but we bring one for you which cost you less than 10 pounds. It is great to give a gift to her (or even him). It can be used for deep cleaning, have 9-speed adjustments, and skin-friendly silicone gel for comfort. It is waterproof which makes this brush easy to clean.

19. Disney Fluffy Slipper Socks

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We love the design of these knitted warm fleece-lined socks for women. Birthday is incomplete until one has such type of socks to wear. It is a non-slip bed sock for ladies with grip. These socks come in one size which fit easily to any foot but is sadly available in one color.

20. Nivea Gift Set – Christmas Gift Pack for Her

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Surprise her with this Nivea gift set which comes with 4 lip care items (all of them are lip balms of different flavors) his birthday. The quality of lip balms is very good and can be used throughout the winter season. This is also the limited lip balm edition by Nivea.

21. Scrapbook with Gift Box

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This is not just a notebook that has been designed to write memories but it is also a photo album where 60 photos can place along with the message on the header and footer of the photo as there is enough space is available. It is an ideal gift to give on Anniversary, birthday, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day.

22. Box Of Favours – Stocking Filler Gift

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Seasonal greeting cards cannot get old. They are a great way to wish your loved one a different occasion. This is a beautiful box that comes with special greeting messages on each card which is suitable for both men and women. This box can be given as a gift on Christmas, Birthday, and Thanksgiving.

23. Pedicure and Manicure Set for Men

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Your man’s hand and feet need some care. Gift him this professional set of manicure and pedicure kit which has been specially designed for men. It is made from stainless steel which makes it easy to sterilize and clean. Due to its weight and size, it is a travel-friendly nail care kit.

24. Cute Unicorn Earrings

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Looking for some adorable gift idea to surprise her? Take a look at this set of cute unicorn earrings. They are made of silver and safe for sensitive ears as well. By size, they are not big but come in a small size which makes them ideal to gift any age of female.

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25. Personalized Engraved Gin Balloon Glass

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A wine glass with a personalized message is an ideal gift for birthdays, Christmas, weddings, and retirements, etc. It can hold up to 23oz. It is made from Rinkit. It comes in a stunning gift box with a plastic window. You can ask the seller to write any of your messages on the glass.

26. Laser Engraved Vintage Wooden Music Boxes

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This music box required no battery to play the music. It is available in different colors and designs. Because of its design, it can be given as a gift on Valentine’s Day, Birthday and Christmas, etc. This music box serves as an excellent conversation piece because of its beautiful melody.

27. Luxury Cotton Bring Me, Coffee Socks

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A set of comfortable and luxury socks with a message. It is ideal for both; men and women to gift at birthdays. The material of the socks makes it nonslip. By design, these socks may look funny but they can be worn all day and even when going out. It is made of cotton and spandex.

28. Travel Jewellery Box

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With more than 2700 positive reviews, this is one of the most popular jewelry boxes to gift. It is popular because of its small size which allows it to carry when traveling. It comes with removable partitions, ring rollers, and elastic wall pockets, etc. It is available in different colors with the same design.

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29. Cosmetics Chocolate Handmade Bath Bomb

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Do you dream about bathing in chocolate? Check our next gift under 10 pounds. It comes in six different chocolate-related flavors including cocoa and shea butter. You can give it to someone who likes the idea of bathing in chocolate or even gift to yourself to fulfill your childhood dream of bathing in chocolate.

30. Manicure Pedicure Set Nail Clippers Kit

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Manicures and pedicures could be very costly for many, that’s why we bring this nail clipper kit which is made for this purpose. In under 10 pounds, you will get this set of 18 pieces which are made from stainless steel. It is portable, light in weight, and the best item to gift to your loved one his or her birthday.

31. Sentimental Pebble Gift

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A special gift for a special aunt. It is made from colored stone and features an aunt and a little girl as a white angel. The quality may not be very high but in the end, there are very limited items like this beautiful sentimental gift that is available online. So, don’t miss picking this item to show your love for your aunt.

32. Velvet, Chiffon and Satin Elastic Hair Bands

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At the just price of fewer than 10 pounds, you can gift this set of 65 pieces of hair scrunches or you can say, elastic hair bands. There are Almost every color and partner included in it. It is a great gift item to give on Halloween, Christmas and thanksgiving, etc.

33. Kissing Elephants Keychain for Couple

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The gifts for couples are usually cost a lot more than regular gifts but not this cute little keychain which has been made for couple lovers. It is durable and shiny which makes it to last for years without losing its quality. It can be given to family and friends as a birthday gift.

34. Shaving Apron for Him

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This shaving apron was one of the most trending gift items for men. If you have not given him this yet or he does not own one, then it is time to surprise him with this item. Any person with a beard would love to have this, especially if he is sharing the bathroom with others and don’t want to create a mess in it.

35. Instant Air Hockey

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Turn any smooth table or surface into your hockey stadium with this set of instant air hockey. While this item is more suitable as a party games idea but you can also consider giving it to any age of people to make their weekend more fun with this game. It can also float easily over the bed.

36. Portable Wine Glass

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Forget about all those traditional mugs, buckets, and wine glasses when you have the option to give this one. It is classier than them and no need to be worried about getting broken because of its material. It is made for mulled and chilled wine. A friend who loves to drink wine would like to receive this glass as a gift.

37. Custom and Personalized Hemp Bracelet

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Gifts like personalized and custom bracelets cannot get old. This can be given as a gift to any person including friends, best friends, family members, and life partners, etc. The best thing about this one is that you can ask to add the message or person’s name over the bracelet.

38. Geometric Style Red Earrings

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You must see so many earnings but not as classic and this one because the design is inspired by modern, minimalist, and geometric jewelry. It is a great item to gift your wife, mother, female friend, and girlfriend. They would love to receive it as a gift because one can wear it on any occasion easily due to its versatile design.

39. 6-Pack Beer Belt

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This is a belt that carries a beer can. This is a belt that is designed to play a beer game. This is just a fun gift item to give a guy. We don’t know how to describe the idea behind coming up with such items which is an ideal item to gift to the guy. It is available up to 50 inches waist. Give it to a guy who can’t wait to be in the queue for a drink.

40. Astrophe – The Cat Game

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No, this is not just a toy but a box that comes full of different colored cats. The game is simple but fun to play as an individual player or you can turn it into a family or party game. It’s all about, how high can you stack these cats. The highest mean, you win the game. It is one of the most demanding gifts under 10 pounds right now.

41. Personalised Leather Air Pods Labe

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Almost every person in the UK now owns air pods. This makes air pods label an easy gift item to give when you are out of gift ideas. The dimensions of this personalized leather air pods label are 2 x 10 cm and it is a homemade product with high-quality vegetable-dyed bridle leather.

42. Magnetic Spheres

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The magnetic spheres are trending on Instagram. You have probably seen many videos of these magnetic spheres. It is an executive yet a cheap toy to give. It can be given to kids as a toy or for adults to use it as an office diversion. It comes in different sizes of balls with a magnetic base.

43. Comfy Cotton Scarf

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A soft and comfy cotton scarf is essential for the woman to have in summer and warm days of winter in the UK. Give this reminiscent print scarf to your loved one which is available in a very classic design. It is tumble-dry and made from imported material.

44. Mr. Food Face Plate

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This is more likely a kid’s gift idea but can be given to a grown person who likes creativity. This food plate is inspired by the Wooly Willy children’s toy. The drawing over the plate makes it very easy for the person to add his/her own creativity to make food looks more fun for the kids.

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