29+ Cool Birthday Gifts for 10 Year old Boys UK 2021

Cool Toys to Get for Boys , London, UK

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10 years is an ideal age to gift your kids, especially the boys some interesting toys. The toys, which are not just enough to get entertained but also help them to learn something new daily. When it’s come to pick the “best gifts for the 10-year-old boys UK 2021” in London, UK, we have so many options available, just like StarWalkKids but we stick ourselves with the toys and we should. Why? Because a 10-year-old would expect a toy not a book for the playing. see also; 42+ Best Hottest Toddler Toys

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Here I am not saying that do not gift a book to the growing kids but giving an educational toy would help more. It will not just build interest in the 10-year-old boys in London, to learn something but at an early age, the boys will learn to solve the different complex problem from toys like LEGO. see also: 100+ Best Toys Gifts for Kids

29 Cool Birthday Gifts for 10 Year old Boys UK 2021 London


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The Christmas season (you love it funny secret Santa gifts) is around the corner and there is no better festival than Christmas to give something unique and interesting to the kids. 

Birthday Gifts for 10-Year-Old Boys Best Seller UK 2021

That’s why; we bring this collection of best toys for the 10-year-old boys for you. This is not just limited to the Christmas but can be given on other occasions too like birthday, getting good marks in exams, winning a sport or just for fun etc.

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Best Birthday Gifts for 10 Year Old Boys UK 2021 London

1. Hikole Scooter with Seat for Kids Toddlers in London

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Let’s start this list of gift for 10 year old boys from very basic yet modern scooter. This item also have a seat which allow your growing boy to enjoy the ride while sitting on the scooter.

2. Smart Watch – Best Gifts for Boys in London UK 2021

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This is a cheap smartwatch for the kids and yet it has all the functions which you would like to see in an expensive Smartwatch. It is available in two different colors.

3. Caster Board – Best Presents for Boys UK UK 2021

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Forget the ordinary hover board as we bring for you a classic air caster board to encourage the growing kids into some physical activities. From its design to function, it is a perfect item to gift a 10 year old boy.

4. Remote Control Forklift – Xmas Ideas for Boys UK

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When we says the gift for 10 year old boy, the first thing come to our mind is an car or truck. Here we have a remote control forklift car lifter. It is an excellent item to gift to the growing boys.

5. LEGO Rotor Rescue – Gifts for Children UK

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A list of boy’s gift is incomplete without adding at least one LEGO toy in it. Here we have a very creative box of LEGO which will turn into a rotor rescue helicopter.

6. Missile Launch System – Best gifts for boys UK 2021

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This is a very creative “gift for 10 year old boys 2020”. It launched missile high in the air. It have launch pad which jump according to the force the kids make.

7. Teepee Tent – Children’s Birthday Gift Ideas UK

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Give your kids a private place to allow them to enjoy their own thing. This indoor tent can be put anywhere in the house including the room.

8. Tonka Back Hoe – Unique Presents Ideas For Boys UK

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A steel made moving truck could be a toy which your growing kid may have for the whole life to remember that you have given this to him on the Christmas 2020.

9. Revell U.S.S. Voyager (Star Trek) Model Kit

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Looking for something interesting to give your boy? Take a look at this very creative and unique model kit of a spaceship from movie Star Trek.

10. Bosch Engine Car – Children’s Birthday Presents UK 2021

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If your 10 year old boys love to have cars around him then giving this car service kit is an ideal gift. It has many features to keep your boy busy in.

11. Pedal Go Kart – Birthday Presents for Boys UK

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Forget the small gifts and look at this moving kart. It is a move able car which will encourage your 10 year old boys to go out for the rise. It is safe to use for 10 year old boys.

12. Air Race Jet Building Toy in London, UK

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Here we have another LEGO set for you. The LEGO pieces will allow your boy to create a wonderful and advance fighter plane. Your boy can even create different style jets too.

13. Rescue Vehicle Toy – Boys’ Gifts in London UK

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We do not miss any chance to share with you a LEGO set as it opens the mind and help the kids to learn new things. Take a look at this airport rescuer vehicle toy.

14. Fire Emergency – Cool Presents for Boys in UK

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Here we have a very detailed LEGO set for the kids. It contain all the essential items which required to build a complete Fire emergency station.

15. Walkie Talkies – Best Present in London UK 2021

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Walkie talkie set is one of the essential toy which all kids have. Even I do have one when I was a kid. It is not just for 10 year old boys but also for the younger boys too.

16. Electric Scooter  – Gift for 10 Year Old Boys

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A balanced electric scooter can make the ride more fun. This is not an ordinary scooter but a scooter with many features to make it more for for the 10 year old boys.

17. Building Blocks Set – Gift Ideas for Kids UK 2021

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A car is more fun when its come with high speed options and features to make it look like a real racing car. Take a look at this RC racer building block set to create a racing car.

18. Gili Building Toys Gifts for Boys UK 2021

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This is not LEGO but a related toy which allow your kids to construct different things including plane, truck and light house etc. It is ideal for boys who are 10 years old.

19. Hovershot Glow in the Dark Floating Target Game

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This game is fun for all ages and not just limited to the 10 year old boys. It is a fantastic gift idea for the Christmas and birthday.

20. Best Robot Toy for Kids UK 2021

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This is a moving robot toy for the 10 year old boys. It can do so many moves like dancing, walking, running and even making some sounds etc.

21. Pogo Stick – Teenage Boys Presents and Gift Idea UK

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A Pogo stick for kids is always fun to keep them busy in the physical activities. It can bear up to 36 KG weight.

22. LEGO Ferry Building Toy – Toys for 10 year old Boys UK

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LEGO is no more limited to create just house and simple things. Here we have a very advance level set of LEGO to create great vehicles including a ferry.

23. Remote Control Car – Great Gift Ideas for Kids UK

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Do your 10 year old like to play with the racing car? Take a look at this very modern looking speed car which comes with the remote control for the speed.

24. Excavator – Construction Gifts for 10 Year Old Boys

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Complete the collection of vehicles of your 10 year old boy with this giant functional excavator. It can fully control with the help of remote control.

25. Smart Watch for kids in London UK 2021

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Do not just look at the size and design of this Smart Watch. It is very cheap yet comes with all the advance features including a camera, SIM card option and play music.

26. The Source Wholesale Remote Control Tarantula

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A giant spider is ideal toy to make fool anyone around. This is a moving spider which comes with a remote control. It can move around easily and look very realistic.

27. Rechargeable Walkie Talkies for Boys Long Range

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An advance walkie talkie set is a perfect gift for the 10 year old boys. Specially we love it due to its color scheme. It is also available in many other colors.

28. Nerf Nstrike Elite Precision Target Set

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I do have the similar toy when I was kid. It was one of the favourite. This pistol have everything including target set point to learn how to set target.

29. Pro Sport Push Kick Scooter for Boys in UK

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A kick scooter is still one of the most demanding gift for the growing boys. It will keep them busy and encourage them to go out and spend some quality time with the boys in the neighbor.

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