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33 New & Best Christmas Party Games for Adults 2020 UK

Everyone Will Love to Play Christmas Party Games Indoor & Outdoor

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A “Christmas party 2020 UK” is incomplete without playing a game after having good food, drinks and meeting the people. The concept of “playing party games for adults 2020 UK” is not new. It is here for ages. In the past, people have very limited options when it’s come to games for adults at parties. Most of that time, the games were outdoor but today the games for parties are also designed for indoor fun with friends and family. That’s why some people prefer to call it party house games.

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Whether it’s Christmas party 2020, New Year Eve 2020, Halloween, Birthday party of Thanksgiving dinner, the games for adult’s party do exist and these games party adults are more fun if you complete then with kids party games.

Best Christmas Party Games for Adults 2020 UK


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Today, we have so many verities available when we start exploring the market for games for adults but games for a party still have limited options available and most of these games are very general, boring or traditional, etc. Very limited companies are making really fun games for adults.

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We bring this article for you in which we talk about the Hilarious and Simple Party Games for Adults. So, if you are about to through a party and want to keep everyone to enjoy it more than this is a great post for you because we are sharing with you the list of best party games for adults. Remember that these games are not limited to any specific event at home but they can be played on any events like a dance party, house warming party, office party, Christmas party 2020, New year Eve 2020, Halloween or just a dinner party, etc. check also Best Places with Video Game Arcades in London.

34+ Christmas Funny Party Games and Ideas for Adults 2020 UK

1.Cards Against Humanity: UK Edition – Funny Christmas Games UK

Party games must be about fun, don’t make them boring with traditional games. Here we bring a card party game for adults which will make every person engage in the game due to its interesting content. It is the second edition of the game with 150 new cards for horrible people.

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2.Bop It! XT – Adult Christmas Games 2020 UK

This is an old school bop party game which comes with some twist. It is ideal for all types of parties including Christmas, birthday, Thanksgiving or New Year, etc. It will make everyone excited as soon as it releases from the hand. It is hard to put it down but this is what makes it an interesting party game for adults.

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3. ONG TABLE + 6 Beer Pong balls – Games for Adults 2020 UK

The beer pong is a popular party game that every adult love. This is a pong table that comes with some interesting graphics to make this game more interesting. It is a foldable table that makes it easy for you to take it to any party where this table is made from aluminum.

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4. Jumbo 4 in a Row Wooden Game – Best games for UK Christmas party?

This is not just a party game for adults but every member of the family. You can play four different types of games with this wooden frame. It is a multiplayer game to engage maximum people in the party. It is beautifully hand-painted, made from solid wood and also improves communication skills.

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5. Massive Giant Tumbling Tower Game

A tricky game is always interesting for everyone. If you are hosting a party full of adults, they would love to play this game due to its difficulty level. It is an outdoor party game that is ideal for birthday parties, thanksgiving, and other occasions. It comes with 58 blocks.

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6. King of Drinking Games – Hilariously Fun Christmas Games for a Party UK

A party is incomplete without drinking game and when we talk about party drinking games we have so many options available. How about combining all of them in one game? Here we have Drinkopoly which allows you to play multiple party drinking games and gives you an unforgettable experience.

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7. Monikers – Funny Party Game Idea 2020 UK

If you are looking for fun adult party games, then here we have a great option for you. This is a card game but comes with different rules. This game is not about just winning and losing but also giving a lot of laughs to the players and even people around them.

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There are very limited options when we start looking for board party games for adults. This is a player game that allows you to play four different games (one game at a time). This is a great option if you are inviting some German friends to the party.

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9. BeerPong Drinking Games – Fun Games to Play on Christmas Eve UK

An adult party is incomplete without a beer pong drinking game. Don’t mess with your furniture table anymore to play pong as here we bring for you the official beer pong drinking game table. It is a folding table which means that you can easily store it anywhere in the house.

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10. Klask’Game – Hilarious Party Games UK 2020

Think about some difficult party games for adults. This is two players game which required about 10 minutes finishing each game. It is an action and skillful game. So, if you are bored with other party games, think about this one to enjoy your party differently.

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11. Machi Koro The Card Game – Holiday Party game UK

It is high reviews of adult party games because it is a quick game. If you are tired of the long party games and looking for some quick fun gaming ideas then this is an ideal pick to go with. It is 2 and 4 player games. The dice and cards are included in the price.

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12. Monopoly Nightmare Before Christmas Board Game UK

Here we have the best Christmas party games for the adults. It is a family game, so people above 8 can participate in this. This game is inspired by the official Monopoly game but has its taste with new adventures and additions.

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13. Betrayal at House on the Hill

A horror adult party game was a dream which can be fulfilled here. With every dice and step on the card, you will protect yourself from dead and foul. The card graphics and overall theme of this game are enough scary to turn a fun party into a horror movie scene.

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14. The Voting Game: The Adult Party Game 2020 UK

Want to know some funny truth about your best friends? Buy this adult party card game where you won’t just win or lose the game but got the chance to get hilarious facts about your friends. There is a total of 8 different games that can be played with these 460 cards.

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15. Tabletop Hybrid Stacking Family Game 2020 UK

Here we have another family party game idea for you. This game has both the traditional and modern technology touch as its free app is available for iOS, Amazon and Android users. This game is ideal to play when an adult wants to engage kids with them at the party.

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16. Azul Board Games 2020 UK

Azul is still a new game but it is one of the most selling because people are curious about this party game. This game allows 2-4 players to enjoy it at a time where the playing time is no more than 40 minutes. It is suitable for all types of parties including kids who are above 8.

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17. “Evil” Jared’s BEER PONG Mat

Forget the pong table as we bring a beer pong map for you. It is cheap where it comes to an American football design. You can easily move it to enjoy the game with friends. It could be your living room or just an outdoor BBQ party.

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18. 6 in 1 Carnival Outdoor Games 2020 UK

There are very limited outdoor party games options available. This game comes within the set of 6 sports games sets. Yes, you can enjoy more than one game at time different people in the same party. The smaller version of this game with fewer supplies is also available.

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19. The Ultimate Board Games For Families 2020 UK

This family party game allows every person of the family to enjoy it. The age does not matter when you play this board game. It has more than one game which can be played and enjoy together in the party just on Saturday night with family members in the house.

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20. Scrawl – Best Games For Families 2020 UK

If you are looking for a true adult party game then forget all and buy this one. This is more than just an adult or adult version of Scrawl where drawings go wrong. This game comes with 240 scenarios and recommended to play up to 8 players at a time.

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21. Pick Your Poison Adult Card Game

This is an X rated adult card game. Just don’t take it seriously and walk out if you cannot complete the challenge. More than 3 players can play the game at a time. The game comes with 326 cards. Every card has some NSFW challenges to complete if you want to win.

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22. Portable Mini Party Beer Pong Game 2020 UK

Don’t like to drink a lot but still want to play the pong game? Here we have a mini party beer pong game set for you. No need to drink a whole glass every time you win. This set comes with a total of 25 mini cups and a foldable table. Just use one finger to launch the ball.

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23. BAD PEOPLE – The Adult Party Game 2020 UK

Get some weird truth about your best friend with this game. This is an adult party game with strong language which should not be played if you or your friend get offended easily. This game is consisting of 170 questions, 100 questions, and 10 double down cards.

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24. This Game Should be Banned

Yes, you are reading it right. It is a game which you wish to never play because it will put you and your friends in a lot of horrible situation when they start playing and following the instruction mentioned on the cards. This game comes with 100 offensive cartoon winning cards.

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25. Harry Potter Cluedo Mystery Board Game UK 2020

Do you like the adventurous life of Harry Potter? This Mystery board game is inspired by the popular movie Harry Potter. It is a party game because of the multiplayer options. It is fun for the whole family on birthday party night or Christmas party night etc.

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26. Harry Potter Cluedo Mystery Board Game UK 2020

Do you like the adventurous life of Harry Potter? This Mystery board game is inspired by the popular movie Harry Potter. It is a party game because of the multiplayer options. It is fun for the whole family on birthday party night or Christmas party night etc.

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27. Hasbro Gaming The Game of Life UK

This is one of the most selling adult party games on Amazon. It is a surprising game as you don’t know where this game leads you. It has so many pathways to cover including career, adventure, vacation, and family, etc. Its design is inspired by TripAdvisor.

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28. Santa VS Jesus The Epic Party Card Game UK

Here we have X rated adult party game to play especially on Christmas or winter holidays due to its theme. You need to be 18 plus if you want to play it. This game has a lot of jokes about Jesus and Santa with some cool graphics.

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29. Sequence the Board Game UK – Party House Game

This is the traditional board game with extra challenging. It is also a cheap adult party game that required extra effort to win. It is a perfect adult game for Christmas night, family night and birthday party night, etc. Play with your school, office and college friends.

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30. Folding Multi Sports Combo Table

This combo table can be used for many games including hockey, tennis, and football. The accessories for these games come at the price of the table. It is a folding table that is easy to move. It is not just a party game table but you can also put it in your office for your employees’ entertainment.

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31. Inflatable Bubble Ball Wearable – Games for Adults at Parties

The bubble ball wearable may not be officially a party game for adults but it can be used to turn any adult party into a completely fun. This is made from PVC material which is safe where the quality of plastic is very high to keep it last for many years.

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32. Best party game for Adults – Hand Crafted Cherry Wooden Chess

A set of chess for adult party games, why not? It is a handcrafted cherry wooden chess. Even when you are not playing it, you can use it as a decoration piece in your bedroom. The honey color of this chess will match easily in any room of the house.

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33. Best Games for Adults – Garden Games Carrom Board Set 2020 UK

Carrom board is an old-style party game but it is still popular in most of the families in the UK. It is a medium-size carom board which is made in India. The coins, powder, and striker come at the price of the carrom board set.

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What to Look for in a Party Game for Adults 2020 UK

There are some important points which you keep in mind when buying games for an adult party because every game is meant to create for specific purposes like indoor games and outdoor games or games to play with family and close friends etc. Following we are sharing the quick guide with you to understand that what you should need to look for in a party game for adults.

Indoor or Outdoor:

Where are you going to arrange a party? What is the weather on the party night or day? What type of area you will allow your guest to go to? Do you have enough space inside the house to arrange the games or you need to go outside the house to play the games? If you know the answers to these questions, it will become very easy for you to decide whether you need to buy an outdoor party game or an indoor party game.


What type of people you are inviting to the party? Are they too close to you? Can you use foul or strong language with them or not? As long as you the audience of your party, you can easily pick the right game. The games in the market which has been designed for the parties come in different versions like family games, NSWF, X rates, and adult games, etc.

Type of games:

A party game could be a puzzle, board game, outdoor and indoor game, etc. You must know which will be more suitable. This can be easily decided if you know the audience and their taste. Some people even prefer to play digital games instead of those which required your physical effort.

The number of plays:

Probably you won’t like that some of your friends on a party night just watch the game and don’t participate. Most of the party games are good enough for up to 10 multiplayer but still if you don’t find a party game that fulfils your requirement, you can consider buying the same game two times to keep everyone engaging. Sometime you may change the rule to incorporate maximum people in the game.


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