42 Best Hottest Toddler Toys & Gifts for Christmas UK 2021/2022

Amazon Best Sellers UK 2021 New Toddler Toys – Amazon UK New Toy Releases UK 2021

Do you have a toddler at home who is celebrating his or her Christmas 2021 this year? You must be a bit worried if you are out of ideas that what should you gift to the toddler on his birthday UK 2021. The birthday toys for toddlers UK 2021 in London, UK are different as compare to the toys or gifts for the kids who are already 2-5 years old.

New Hottest Toddler Toys Best Seller UK 2021

We understand how difficult it could be for someone to decide what to gift at birthday especially on the day of birthday. That’s why we bring the collection of top and “best Hottest toddler toys”.

42 Best Hottest Toddler Toys & Gifts for Birthday UK 2021

We know that toddlers are in the age of learning and it is the best time when you can teach them something new. We have included many learning and educational toys in the following list.

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Amazon Best Selling Christmas Toddler Toys UK 2021/2022

1. LeapFrog  – Hottest Toys for Birthday UK 2021

This is a very basic toddler toy which every toddler deserve to have. It is very playful because of different musics its play while it can help you little one to learn many shapes, names, and numbers.

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2. Baby Learning Robot Toy for Toddler UK 2021

Baby learning toys are always best for the toddler. These type of toys help them to learn many things like colors, numbers, shapes and letters etc.

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3. Wooden Toys – Top Birthday Toys UK 2021

Don’t just by a baby walker but a walker which comes up with so many learning toys. Here we have an excellent option for you. It is colorful walker which also help to develop essential skills in early age.

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4. Fisher-Price Dance – Best New Toys in UK 2021

This is not just a big and giant dancing robot for your baby but a learning toy too. This Christmas, give this ideal toy to your toddler and help him to learn so many new things which is essential in such a small age to learn.

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5. Elephant Plush Toy – Top Toy Of The UK 2021 Holiday Season

Look at this cute little elephant with big ears. It is gund soft toy which is also huggable. Made from fines quality material and it can be use as a bed time toy.

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6. Learn Cube – Top Present Ideas for Toddler (Boys & Girls)

This multi color learn cube comes up with 20 fun melodies and 5 songs. It is a great learning toy for toddler due to many buttons. Every button teaches new thing to the baby.

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7. Little Tiger Rotating seat Reclining backrest Kids

Why just looking for the traditional toys UK 2021 for the toddler? Here we have totally different and unique idea for you. You can use it as baby ride when going out with your toddler.

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8. Fisher-Price – Kids Hot New Toys UK 2021 for Girls & Boys UK

If you are done with old and traditional fisher toy, then look at this item. It is a newly designed fisher toy for the toddler. Its also make found and an good toy for the learning.

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9. Play Elephant – Toys ALL children will want for Birthday UK 2021

The pull and play toys are not new but there are very few of them which comes up with the element of learn. This toy does not only play music and fun sounds but also good in term to learn names etc.

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10. Fisher-Price Toy – Top Birthday Toy UK 2021 in London

It is a sit and play toy for toddler. It comes up with five colorful balls, roller and a big open mouth monster.

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11. Coaster Toy – Top Kids Toys for UK 2021 in London

A coaster at home for toddler? Yes, here we have it for you. It is 9 feet coaster toy for your toddler to take his first adventure but safe ride.

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12. Zany Zoo Wooden Activity Cube for Toddler Gift

Are looking for a toy for your toddler which can keeps him or her busy? Here we have a good options for you. It is a wooden activity box which has so many elements to keep your little star buy in term of fun and educational activity.

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13. Walking Horse Toy – Hottest Toys for Birthday UK 2021

Gift this toy to your toddler on this Christmas and allow her or him to enjoy their first horse ride. It is possible due to wheels foot. It is 100% safe for the toddlers.

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14. BEST LEARNING Mushroom Garden

It is a great gift idea for both; girls and boys. The educational toys are always good as they help the kids to learn new things and give them skill to solve problems in very early age.

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15. Learn Activity Desk – Best Toys for Toddlers

VTech 95803 is a learning toy. It is not like the traditional learn activity desk but it is touchable learning desk. Its come with so many colors, options, and things to learn.

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16. Galt Toys Nursery Trampoline – Hottest Kids Toys for Birthday

A trampoline for toddlers? Yes, here we have it for you. Jumping is the main hobby of the growing kids, then how could we complete this list without adding at least on trampoline?

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17. Manhattan Toy Dr. Seuss the Grinch Plush

Dr. Seuss stuffed toy is ideal to gift your kids on Christmas as its match with the theme. It is a 23 cm toy in height which is also cuddly and soft.

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18. Kidoozie Stack ‘n Sort Toy for Toddler in London, UK

It is a educational and fun toy for the kids. Ideally designed for the toddler who are at least 12 months old and can be playful for all ages of children.

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19. Ambi Toys Chirpy – Best Toys UK 2021 London

It is one of the basic toddler toy for the Christmas. This bird warbles beautiful and have bright colors. Not just toddler but other kids at home would love it.

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20. BUCKLE TOY – Best gifts for children

This special learning toy will help toddler to learn motor and cognitive skills It is also good in term of learning skills like problem solving, hand eye hand coordination etc.

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21. Bus Baby Wooden Toy – Best Gifts and Toys for Toddler

Don’t look at the price but number of new things which your toddler will learn if he had this learning toy. It is wooden developed and have two wire bead maze on top.

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22. Animal Plush Toy Cow – New Toys For Kids UK 2021

The collection of toddlers toys is incomplete without having at least one stuffed animal toy. Here we have a cute little cow stuffed toy which is not only suitable for toddlers but other age kids too.

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23. Fire Truck Car Radio Control Toy for Toddler Boys UK

This is one of the most selling toy for the toddlers. It is a truck car which can be controlled by the remote controller. It makes sound, flash light and headlights etc.

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24. Monster Cars – Top Birthday toys for UK 2021

You probably hear that 2 are better than 1 but our next toy comes in the set of 12 large monster pull back cards in nimal shapes.

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25. Kitchen for Toddler Girls in London, UK

KidKraft made a complete kitchen set for the toddler to play. This set has almost everything which we sees in a kitchen, this include doors, microwave, dishwasher and over etc.

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26. New Classic Toys Cotton Baby Swing

Aww… this is such a cute little baby swing. We could not stop ourselves to include this in our list of best Christmas toys for the toddlers. It can bear up to 50 KG weight and made from wood.

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27. Bathtub Bath Toy – Hot New Toy Ideas For Birthday

Looking for bath toy for your toddler? Look at this bathtub bath toy. It is colorful, release water when spin and paddled. This Christmas toy for toddler also have many small accessories to make it more engaging.

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28. Multi-Color Tent with Tunnel

We love this multi color tent with the tunnel. Your toddlers do not need to waste time to create castle from pillows if you give this to them. No tools required to assemble this toy.

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29. VTech Smart Shots Sports Center

Make your toddler to love the sports in very early age. Give this set of smart shots sports center to him. It is good in size and made from high quality material to last for at least 3 years

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30. Little Tikes Princess Horse and Carriage

This one is specifically for the girls. Note, this is not an automatic carriage, Parents need to pull it from the reins and push from the roof to handle the ride. I tis a safe and very engaging Christmas toy for the toddler.

31. Alex Toys Rub a Dub Spin & Spray

This is a multipurpose toy for the toddler. It can be use as a water toy as well. The concept is simple behind this toy. When your toddler spin it, it will spray the water in the tub while he is taking bath.

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32. Ryans Room Small World Toys Wooden Toys

It is hard to find problem solving toys for the toddlers. Here we have a wooden toy suggestion for you. It will allow your toddler to create so many different shapes.

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33. Dino Remote Control Toy

Here we have a dancing dino toy for your toddler. It is a remote control toy. It can walk, talk, sing, dance and play multiple music’s at a time. In shot, it can engage your little star for hours.

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34. Turtle Cushion Toy

This super cute turtle design cushion is just wow. It is soft, colorful and very cozy. This turtle comes up with small 4 other toys too. It ca be used as a toy, pillow and cushion etc.

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35. Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Servin Up Fun Food Truck

Do you have toddler twins at home? Here we have a multiplayer toy for them which keeps them busy. It is a fun food trucks and makes lot of noises, music and laugh etc. It is colorful and ideal for toddler to make them ready to share games with others.

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36. Boley Bucket of Zoo Animals

Let your toddler to have his/her own mini zoo at home. This bucket of zoo is full with cute little animals. There are total 12 animals which comes with the bucket and it is a perfect choice as a Christmas toddler gift.

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37. Peg Board Set with Pattern Card

It is a fine motor toy for toddlers. It has so many colors in it which is great to attract the toddlers and make them busy to play with it. There are total 9 colors of 30 pegs comes up with a large foam pegboard.

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38. Slide Play Set Activity Toy for Toddler Boys & Girls UK

Does your toddler love to climb, using stairs and explore new places in the house? Here we have an safe solution Christmas toy for him. It is made from PVC foam to give him comfortable as well.

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39. Mega Bloks First Builders Big Building Bag

The puzzles toys are best for the toddler, so take a look at this toddler Christmas toy suggestion from us. It comes up with 60 pieces which are enough to make your rising star busy throughout the day

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40. Little Tikes Shopping Cart Primary

It is not just a toy but toy holder as well. It is a deep basket where your toddler can store all of his favorite toys and easily ride it all around the house.

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41. Alligator Wooden Push Toy

It is a Wooden alligator push toy which is ideal to encourage your little one discovering and walking. Its also promotes gross motor skills.

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