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10 Best Christmas Toys Gifts for Kids 2018 London, UK

Kids Gifts for Children – Best Budget Gifts for Kids of all ages


The Christmas decoration stands and the once generously filled beginning calendar looks forward to its last days. The opening of the gifts is longed for by your child, because it means: Christmas is here and with it many great games, clothes and other gifts.


Now you really need inspiring ideas for “best Christmas toys for kids”. Some tips in advance: Christmas gifts for children can also be enrichment for the whole family, to come together and have fun together.

Both girls and boys of all ages enjoy working together or playing games with them. A tip would be a craft kit for the Christmas decoration or just a fun board game. Already with a nice New Year calendar, your child’s anticipation of the Christmas Eve and the great mess can be increased.

Best Christmas Toys Gifts for Kids


If you do not come up with any gift ideas, you will find great inspirations and suggestions in this post. There are many great tips for Christmas toys gift ideas for children and a large number of articles such as advent calendars and more at low prices.


Let’s check out some of the best Christmas Toys Gifts for Kids.

1# Carrier Truck Toy – Top Gift Ideas for Boys

This is one of the cutest carrier trucks that include six metal cars in it which can be the best Christmas toy gift for boys.

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2# LEGO Friends – Holiday Gift Ideas for Children

The all time favorite and building game LEGO Friends toy Gift can be the gift that makes a bright smile on your child’s face. It has many different parts that can engage your child for hours.

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3# Advanced Money Bank – Most Popular Holiday Toys

Make your child save money with a fun way. I am sure unwrapping this gift can make your child exciting. It has a secret code to unlock it.

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4# Flashing Colorful LED Gloves – Best Christmas 2018 gifts for kids

Okay so this is not as such a toy but it is one of the exciting, coolest and best gifts you can give to your child. These LED gloves are pretty cool and will surely attract your child.

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5# Wall Climbing Racer Car – Best Toddler Toys and Gifts for Christmas

This is a dream toy gift for Christmas to your boys. What could be a better gift on Christmas than a wall climbing zero gravity remote control car.

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6# 520 PCS Jewelry Set – Buy the perfect Christmas gift for kids

This is a pretty creative and best jewelry toy set for your little princess that has 520 pieces in it. She can make necklace of her own, rings, bracelets and many other things.

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7# Educational Toy Gift for Boys – Unique Children’s Gift Ideas

Best DIY wooden educational toy with solid and durable wood case, screwdriver, hammer and much more is surely the best gift.

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8# Best Archery Set – Cool Holiday Present Ideas

If your child is growing fast and into many different sports, gift him or her foam bow & arrow archery set.

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9# Soccer Toys Hover Ball – Cool Christmas Gifts for Boys & Girls

This is the best advance toy gift; a soccer toy which is actually a hover ball along with two gates for goal best for indoor.

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10# Shooting Wheel Target Toy – Xmas Gifts Ideas for Kids

This is one of the coolest and best Toys for Christmas for your child especially for boys. It is a long distance playing toy gun made with ABS plastic harmless for your kid.

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A great Christmas gift idea for storytellers: the dollhouse

Children are usually full of imagination, just waiting to be lived out in the game. Whether to make your own jewelry, perform a play in the immediate family or to set up the first own dollhouse. Maybe after a visit to a friend, your child has already raved about how beautiful it looks, how long it has played with it, and how many great stories have been invented together with the characters.

A dollhouse brings small, aspiring interior designers to life and leaves plenty of room for creativity over the years. You can give it away with some furniture for Christmas, so that it can be decorated, painted and tidied up according to your preference.

The Doll House is much more than just a Christmas present, because it is almost a tradition that every doll-loving offspring once in the course of her childhood comes into the possession of a dollhouse and forever remembers this moment as one of the most beautiful.

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A Carrera racetrack is the long-running favorite for small car fans

For car lover children, the dollhouse is the Carrera racetrack. The focus is on the construction of various routes and the organization of exciting races. Carrera has been around for generations with its 50 years of existence, and perhaps you, too, in your childhood, have done a lot of car chases with your friends with the colorful selection of speedsters.

Victory or defeat – that’s the question that can only be answered with a little skill in miniature motorsport. For Christmas you can surprise your child with great accessories such as new track parts, bridges and much more from Amazon.

The classic Christmas gift for children is and remains LEGO

A Christmas gift idea for all is and remains next to the dollhouse and Carrera racetrack of the classic Lego. Lego for little kids or attractive Lego play sets for older kids – there’s something for everyone; every time a lot of imagination is needed when it comes to building a new work of art. Imagination and the ambition to create something new are the profit-enhancing components. Your child will always get their money’s worth while playing with LEGO – whether LEGO technology, LEGO DUPLO and many more.

When Christmas Toys for children have succeeded

Whether your gift idea for Christmas has succeeded, turns out usually in the moment in which your child opens the package. It will probably jump around with joy and want to play with it right away. Although there are many tips for a good Christmas present, only a few of them still enjoy playing for a long time. For example, a doll’s house can be furnished with new furniture at any time, and a Carrera racetrack can be extended or rebuilt by further track units. The joy of playing over time is even increased. In addition, there are always nice games like classic board games.

Gift ideas for Christmas 2018 with a difference: tablets and technology for children

Pink clock radio, digital cameras from Disney or learning tablets for children can also be the great toy gift for them. Very modern Christmas gift ideas are technical devices for children. However, most of them are so colorful and child-friendly that they fit perfectly in every nursery and will give your child a lot of fun. A large selection of tablets, crafting kits, Christmas decorations and more Christmas gift ideas for children can be found on Amazon.

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