13 Top & Best Christmas Toy Train Sets 2019 London, UK

Best Toy Train Sets – Best Model Trains for Kids & Adults


In my childhood, the decoration of the Christmas does not get completed without having a colorful “Christmas train set 2019” in London, UK. This track of the Christmas train sets is usually put around the Christmas tree. I am happy that this tradition is still alive and thanks to the movie industry who shows a colorful train set in the Christmas movies.


If you take a look at any complete Christmas decorated room, you will realized that the train set is the only thing which moved around while all other decoration is usually static. That’s why, having a train set is very important to enhance the overall look of your Christmas decoration. Although, a train set around the Christmas tree take the whole decoration of festival to whole new level.

Best Christmas Toy Train Sets London, UK

Most of train set usually have the artwork impressed by the Christmas and it should be. The boxes of train have art like Santa Claus, deers, gift boxes, snow and trees etc. These all makes to look the train very realistic.

The one thing which I like about these train sets is the other use. You do not need to wait for whole year to use the train set. Your kids can play with these train set throughout the year. Even you can put it in the room as a decoration piece.

“Best Toy Train Sets 2019 UK” – Best Model Trains for Kids & Adults


This may be the most expensive Christmas tree train set in our list. This is because of its size and all the advance features it has. It is not just a decoration piece but a complete toy for the growing kids to play. You can even choose this item to gift to the kids on Christmas.

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This is a solid and attractive Christmas train. It comes up with the features like good Christmas sound. The batteries included. This is a very traditional American style train set which is made in Germany.

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3# Bachmann Trains Night Before Christmas Ready-to-Run Large Scale Train Set

This train set is more than just a decoration piece for the Christmas. It comes with the power pack and speed controller. This train also have speed synchronized sound, headlight smoke and even bobber caboose with santa figure.

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4# LGB Freight Train Train Set in London 2019

THis is a simple yet attractive train set. It has 12 section of curved track and the necessary hookup wired. The total length of this train set is 85 cm. It has been exclusively from USA to London UK.

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5# Disney Christmas Train Set with Light and Sound

Looking for something realistic and magical? here we have a train set designed and developed by Disney. This train set comes with sound and lights. You can move it up and down or set it to rotate around the Christmas tree.

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6# Disney Park 30 piece Christmas Train Set

Here we have another great option from Disney. This set of train has many figure from Disney cartoons like chip, Dale, Mickey, Duffy and Goofy etc. This train set is consist of 30 pieces.

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7# Best Christmas Ready To Run Electric Train Set 2019 UK

This is 34 x 24 inches train set. Yes, it is quite bigger than we have shared previously. This train set also comes with speed controller and power pack to make it work smoothly on track. You dont need to assemble it as it is a ready to run train set.

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8# A Norman Rockwell Christmas Ready To Run Electric Train Set

This is the first electric train set in our list. Surprisingly, by price, it is cheap as compare to other. It is ready to run train which required zero assembly. This train set also features four classic Norman Rockwell holiday illustrations.

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9# Best Gauge Electric Train Set 2019 in London, UK

This set of train comes with two options; electric train and electric train set with locomotive bundle. There isnt much difference in the price. Due to its size, this train required 1575 x 1143mm space. The design of this train is inspired by the trains of 1930s.

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10# Deluxe Lights and Sounds Train Set 2019 UK

After looking at that much positive reviews on Amazon, I don’t think that I need to tell you that why you should purchase this Christmas train set. This train does not only have lights but make train sound.

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11# Best Hornby Santa’s Express Train Set 2019 UK

This is one of the most selling Christmas tree tain set. This train set also have the most positive number of reviews. This train have many functions. You can move its backward, forward or any directions of your choice.

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12# Northern Express – Best Christmas Train set 2019 in London

Dont just look at the number of reviews but the price. It is one of the cheapest Christmas tree train set available which comes up with that much number of pieces. It is big enough to circle around a big size Christmas tree easily.

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13# Seasonal Vision – UK Christmas Tree Train 2019

This is very traditional style Christmas tree train set. Its engine is animated which comes with a flashing headlight. The total length of its track is about 35 inches. You need 4 AA batteries to run this train around the Christmas tree.

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