Are You a PGA Tour & Golf Fan But You Live in England?

Tips on Staying on Top fo Worldwide Golf

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The most famous professional golfing league (PGA) takes place mostly in the US, so you would think the popularity stops with the country borders. But same as with NBA, golf surpasses the country borders.

Unfortunately, if you’re a golf fan and you live in London, you will find the content accessible to you is somewhat limited to major matches. Content can get limited depending on where you live, but luckily, there are ways to get around it and enjoy everything golf has to offer.


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As I was looking for ways to get more out of PGA Tours and golfing, I came across a list of supposed top 10 apps for London. Luckily, the apps listed weren’t limited to the US only, so I decided to give a couple of them a go. Before I go further, you can check the list yourself and see if any of the apps catch your eye. Warning, it’s for golf fans only.

Best 10 PGA Tour & Golf Apps.

After that, here’s my insight on how to make worldwide golf more accessible even if the matches do take place outside London, UK, or even Europe.

Watch world-wide Golf Events in London 2020 UK

If you want to keep up with the live coverage of your favourite golfers playing on the field, you can use one of the many golf mobile apps that let you do just that. Besides, you don’t have to be stuck in one physical location like you would when watching it on TV. Apps such as PGA & European Tour stream both the European Tour and PGA which you can watch live from any part of the world. I found this to be a solid alternative since you’re not bound to the conventional TV channels. Rather, you can handpick what you want to watch.

As a sport, golf has become very popular worldwide and has been attracting many new fans. With many PGA tours take place around the world, it may be difficult to watch them live due to the differing time zones. However, you can record these broadcasts which can be accessed later on. It’s a very convenient and effective way to keep up with the sport. So even if a golfing event takes place while it’s 4 am in Europe, you can still catch up when you wake up during breakfast.

Stay Up to Date with the Latest Golf News 2020 UK

If you are a true fanatic of the major golf tournaments such as PGA, LPGA and Champions tours, you can stay updated with the latest happenings in golf through your mobile phone. I also found accurate websites and apps (some can also be found in the list I provided) that are dedicated news apps that focus on news relating to golf.

Certain apps also give you the ability to check the leaderboard and see the current money list to see if your favourite player is on it. These apps provide information and highlight directly in a digestible form. This way, even on a busy day, you would still be able to stay on top of the golf news. Suppose there is any breaking news regarding your favourite players, you can opt to be notified as well.

I find this to be a step further depending on how big fan of golf you are. I can imagine that for most, just checking an occasional event is enough. But just in case you’re into more than that, getting notified about players and standing is a great way to stay in the golfing loop.

Choose an App for easier Golf Scorekeeping in London 2020 UK

When it comes to Europe, England has the most golf courses. And it isn’t a surprise, considering golf originated in Scotland and quickly spread across the UK.

So, should you decide to get involved in playing golf instead of just watching it, there is no shortage of courses — you don’t have to worry about that. But if you’re a beginner, it might be tricky to understand the rules that go outside merely kicking the ball into the hole. To be specific, scorekeeping is a vital part of any golf game. So instead of taking a boring course, you can use an app to keep scores. One app like that I found is Shot GPS but there are others you can also check in the list if you happen not to like this one. What’s great is that you can easily track the golf ball and also assess the local weather conditions which can then adjust your golfing strategy accordingly. Furthermore, there are apps that provide you with the chance to enjoy playing golf better. These could be through daily tips, references etc.

Certain apps also allow for scorekeeping features that help you create a leaderboard to hopefully your friends will get on board. In a different scenario, you could consider using mobile apps that can host online golfing tournaments with your friends. This can make the golfing experience more exciting and equally rewarding.


If you are constantly on the move and find that the live events are clashing with your schedule, it may be worthwhile installing an app that can let you live to stream the main tournaments such as the PGA and LPGA and Champions Tours. Additionally, you will also be receiving interesting tips and figures about golfing which can help to stay updated and motivated enough on a bad day.

Finally, no matter what your level of interest in golf is, you no longer have to worry about the content being accessible to you since basically, everything you need you can find on your phone. Happy golfing!

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