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How To Add UK Contacts On Whatsapp User Guide – 2024/ 2025

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The reasons why so many people around are interested to know how to add UK contacts on Whatsapp is because it is the hottest thing going right now.

Whatsapp is a messaging service that Facebook recently bought for a very big amount. Whatsapp makes chatting a lot more fun because you can send audio messages along with text inputs and smiley.

How To Add UK Contacts On Whatsapp User Guide - 2024/ 2025


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You can also share videos and images with a lot of ease and grace and it only takes a few touches to get the job done. This was a company started by a very small team and that team struggled for sometime to get popularity.

But once Whatsapp started to go high, they never looked back and continued their progress until Facebook started to see it as a threat and decided to buy so it never ruins their business. Right now both Facebook and Whatsapp are owned by same person.

Whatsapp is an amazing automatic app that does complicated things for you with even bothering you. After you install Whatsapp on your Android or iPhone or any other smartphone, all contacts in your list that have Whatsapp enabled on their phones automatically start to show up.

And you immediately acknowledge who is there and who is not. But this thing is a bit different with international numbers because Whatsapp mostly fails to track and add international numbers. It is not And that is the reason why we have decided to help you guys living in UK or outside UK.

We are going to show you how to add UK contacts on Whatsapp so you never again miss messages or moments with your loved ones and your friends that you care about.

How To Add UK Contacts On Whatsapp

It is very easy to add UK contacts on Whatsapp and all that you need to do is modify the way you save contacts in your phone. No, it is not a huge modification but just a small one. The important thing that we need to remember and that effects Whatsapp contacts indexing method is how we add contacts in our phone-book. In case of UK numbers, just make sure that you add country code before the number. You must start with (+) followed by UK country code which is 44 and then the whole number.

Something like the example that we are going to show you below.
+ 44 xxxxxxxxxxxxx

This plus above is extra that you always need. 44 is country code and xxxxxxx is number of your contact.

Whatsapp User Guide : add uk Contacts On Whatsapp

Your Phone no example : 07981555555

UK country Code : +44

Then you add : +447981555555

Note : remove the leading 0

This should do the job and you should be able to add UK contacts on Whatsapp but if still somehow doesn’t work, you should ask us in the comments section below or just simple visit Whatsapp ‘s official website  for more information.

We truly hope that this article was helpful for you and you learned how to add UK contacts on Whatsapp but in case there is still something, you should know that we are always there to help. Make sure you subscribe to our blog so you don’t miss important updates like this one in future.

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