How To Afford to Live in London as a Student 2019, UK

Best Tips to Afford to live and Study in London, UK

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So you want to go London for study and you want to know how to “afford to live in London” as a student. Well, we can help you in that. It is honestly a tough job to afford to live in London as a student and you are going to have to work real hard to complete your goals and achieve your dreams. There are numerous people who have followed the same schedule before you and they became successful in their lives.

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How to afford to live in London as a student


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They achieved whatever they wanted to achieve because they stuck with their ambitions, they worked hard and never ever gave up. If you are willing to do all of that and push your limits, here is how you can “afford to live in London as a student”.

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How to afford to live in London as a student

1. Work Part Time in London

The best way that you can afford to live in London as a student is by working and making money by yourself. This is because no one is more sincere to you than you are to yourself. There are countless students in London who use their spare time in working some small jobs that give them enough money to continue their studies. You can do that too.

However, you need to be very careful while choosing a job type because if you choose a wrong and extremely hard working job, you might be killing your studies. This is because physical work can leave you exhausted and you might not be able to study. This is something that you cannot afford at any price because education is the reason you are working. And if your part time work is hindering your study then it is doing more harm than good and that is not what you should be doing.

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2. Ask Your Family to Help You

Your family, if it is a rich one can definitely help you out in that and as a matter of fact, most of students have their families as the biggest support and they study without having to worry about working.

All parents want their kids to enjoy their lives and live a successful life. And they try to do every single thing in their power to make that happen. Hence, You should consult with your family and ask them to support you because if they do, your job to get good education can be much easier.

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3. Take Loan From A Bank in London

If none of the things mentioned above seem to work for you, then you can take loan from some bank but only when you have no other choice.

That is because banks would even take your life if they have to if you could not pay the loan back at fixed date and that is ridiculous. Hence, try as much as you possibly can to avoid bank loans but only until you got no other choice. Even though banks are dangerous, they are certainly a possibility that you can take advantage of.

How to afford to live in London as a student

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These are the basic options that you got to afford to live in London as a student. If you have any other in your mind, comment them below to help your fellow students. Happy studying.

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