5 Surprise Gifts That Can Make Your Spouse’s Day

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Are you wondering what could cheer up your spouse? What could make their day? How can you bring a smile to their face after a tiresome day at work?

Planning a successful surprise is challenging but rewarding. Things can go wrong, you might miss out on some details, arranging the surprise can get a little hectic, but the delight on your spouse’s face after you reveal your gift is what makes all your effort worth it.


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So, if you’re planning on doing something special for your spouse and find yourself confused, we can help. Here are five surprise gifts that can make their day!

1 – Curate A Gift Hamper

Having lived with them and shared beautiful moments with them, you know your spouse better than anyone. So use what you know about your partner to curate a hamper full of goodies for them as a surprise. Get creative when curating the hamper. You can add snacks, such as crackers, trail mix, health bars, etc.; chocolates; or a box of art supplies if your partner loves creating art. You can also put together a skincare hamper from their favourite brand

Make sure to choose aesthetically pleasing packaging, such as a decorative box or a basket. Wrap it up with colourful paper and ribbons to add to the essence of a surprise gift.

2 – Art Using Your Wedding Vows

Often people use cards to read their wedding vows during the ceremony and simply store them at the back of their wardrobe forever. But you can use these to create a beautiful work of art that can be displayed in your home, allowing you and your partner to share the joy of the beautiful memory.

You can create wall art using the vows or frame them and put them up in your living room. You can also turn it into a showpiece to be displayed on a shelf or your mantle.

3 – Plan A Road Trip With Them

A little break from the usual hustle-bustle of life is always great. So surprising your partner with a getaway would not just make their day but also give them a burst of motivation for the coming weeks for work, projects, and other things they might be facing.

You can plan a road trip, including a local fair visit, eating at authentic cafés, and visiting tourist attractions. Ensure that you plan activities that they would like to partake in so that you can have a great time with your partner and return refreshed and energised.

4 – Plan A Gettogether

Sure, your partner might frequently meet their work friends or friends from the community gym. But they are probably missing some people they hold close to their hearts. Their old school or childhood friends, the favourite cousin who lives far away, their parents who they can’t often visit—meeting them would make their day.

Though it might require a lot of planning, you can plan a surprise get together with all of their loved ones.

5 – Spicy Games With Them

You can take your spouse by surprise with an unexpected night of fun games. There are various games designed for exclusively couples to help them spend some quality time together. If you’ve spoken to your partner and they’ve responded enthusiastically, you can surprise them with these games to create an excellent mood for the evening.

Regardless of the scale, surprises can be a great way to keep the spark alive between you and your partner. With Edible Blooms, you can always find something to make your partner feel special and loved.

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