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Top 10 Best Bike Tours Companies 2022 in London, UK

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Have you ever thought to book a bike tour in London and see the whole city including its main attractions on a bike?

Booking a bike tour in London is very common because it is very demanding by the tourists. There are ever special lines on the main roads for those who want to explore the city of London on the bike. There are other ways too which allow you to see the city like you can walk, book a taxi or use public transports but no one can beat a bike or cycle ride.

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    When you take a ride on the bike in London city, you got the freedom to choose your destinations and special more time on any attraction which you like most. Although, riding the bike with other tourists will help you to understand a different culture and you may end up making new friends.

    Top 10 Best Bike Tours Companies 2020 in London, UK


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    Biking in London city is very safe. The government has managed it very well by making a separate lane for the cyclist and placing the road signs everywhere. Even you will also find the guidelines on the roads which will lead you to the different directions of the city. So, if you are coming to explore London city, then consider this option as it is the cheapest, safe and gives you more freedom to explore the city by your way.

    There are dozens of bike tour companies in London that offer different packages to their customers but not all of them can be classified as best. Here we bring for you the list of top 10 best bike companies in London 2022 UK who offers the best bike tours in London at a cheap price. This will surely help you to pick the right bike tour company.

    10 Best Bike Tours Companies 2022 in London, UK

    1. London Bicycle: London Bicycle Tour Company 2022 UK

    This bike tour company has a solution for everyone. Whether you are looking to arrange a bike tour for family, group of random people, school groups or private love London bike tour, this company deals with all of them. On their website, you will found the price of every trip easily simply by entering your requirements. They are also offering tour guide services in different languages. Currently, they are offering special discounts on their Christmas Lights Tour.

    London Bicycle - Best Bike Tours Companies 2020 in London, UK

    2. Bike Tour Of London:The London Bicycle Tour Company 2022 UK

    If you are not sure which bike tour will be best for you then this is an ideal bike tour company for you in London. To make it easy for the tourists, they have shared the detail about their tours with the photos. So, whether you want to explore the whole of London on the bike or take a bike ride to secret London, they have a solution for all of you. For groups, families and international tourists, they have special options available at reasonable prices.

    Bike Tour Of London - Best Bike Tours Companies 2020 in London, UK

    3. Tally Ho: Best Bike Tour Company in London 2022 UK

    Users on TripAdvisor have given best reviews this bike tour company. This company also won the award of the best bike Tour Company in London. The best thing about Tally Ho which impresses us is the number of different cycles. Instead of having the same model of cycles, they introduce the different styles of cycles including three wheels. They are offering different bike tours at reasonable prices like the city and secret London city tours, landmarks and gems tours, etc. You can also take a Penny Farthing Ride through this company.

    Tally Ho - Best Bike Tours Companies 2020 in London, UK

    4. Fat Tire Tours: Explore London by bike 2022 UK

    This company is a bit expensive as compare to the companies we have mentioned in this list but you will get something extra in return. Unlike other bike tour companies, they are offering similar tours except they have introduced new tours too which include theme bike tour, rive tour, beer tasting tour, London market bike tour, pubs tour and much more. So, if you are looking for a little extra to make your bike tour memorable, consider this company for your next bike ride in London.

    Fat Tire Tours - Best Bike Tours Companies 2020 in London, UK

    5. Merry Pedller Bike Tours: Bike tours in London 2022 UK

    Do you want to see the royal deer park or Windsor Castle or something different which other bike companies are not offering? Then here we have a great option for you. The company offers different bike tours throughout the week from early morning to late evening. They have customized bike tour plan options for everyone. Other than regular bike tours, they are a very long list of bike tours on their website. You can pick the one which attracts you the most. Before booking a ride you can also check their bike photos and decide which one you want.

    Merry Peddler Bike Tours - Best Bike Tours Companies 2020 in London, UK

    6. Free Bike Tour London: Cheap Bike Tour rides 2022 in London

    While the company name says free bike tours in London but they are not free except they are offering the cheapest bike tour rides which makes them today free bike tours. Instead of booking the whole tour, you have the option to rent a bike for the number of hours. They are charging only £2.50/hr for the bike rental. For other guides, you need to pay which include fun and informative stories, expert guides, and guides about the bike lanes in London city.

    Free Bike Tour London - Best Bike Tours Companies 2020 in London, UK

    7. Notting Hill Bike Tours:

    We love this bike company due to its simple design and number of tours. This makes very easy for everyone that what they are getting at what price. They have many options when it’s come to bike tours. They are not offering something fancy but the essential bike tours which the tourists should not miss when they are in London. Their rates are low as they are charging on the number of hours. A special discount is available for groups and families.

    Notting Hill Bike Tours - Best Bike Tours Companies 2020 in London, UK

    8. Coddiwomple Tours: Top Bike Tour Company 2022 UK

    From Monday to Thursday, this company is offering so many bike tours to its customers. Instead of going on a single tour every day in the same place, they are offering the same tour multiple times. So, if you are not a person who gets up early in the morning and still want to enjoy the bike tour until late evening, then consider going with this bike tour company. They are offering a competitive price on every bike tour.

    Coddiwomple Tours - Best Bike Tours Companies 2020 in London, UK

    9. Golden Tours: Explore London 2022 UK

    Forget about the standard bikes, this company is offering you the opportunity to explore London on their electric bikes. Surprisingly, the prices of both bikes are the same. So if you don’t want to do effort then electric bikes are a great option for you. They have a limited number of bike tours available on their website but those are enough to explore the beauty of the city. Their prices are the cheapest one as comparing the other companies in London.

    Golden Tours - Best Bike Tours Companies 2020 in London, UK

    10. Baja Bikes: Best Bike Tours Company in London 2022

    This company does not only offer “bike tours in London” but other cities in Europe. As this is a big company, that’s why they are offering so many different options to the visitors. They also run special bike tours according to the occasion. For example, if you are landing in London during the Christmas holidays, then you can get a chance to book their London Christmas tour at very cheap rates and enjoy the magical view of the city with the beautiful decoration of Christmas.

    Baja Bikes - Best Bike Tours Companies 2020 in London, UK

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