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54 Religious & Christian Gifts Ideas UK 2023/ 2024

Best Religious Gifts ideas for Him or Her

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You don’t need a reason to give a gift to someone. Special we the people of London, UK are famous for giving a gift to each other. While you are picking a gift for your friend, how about giving a Christian gift?

Christian Gifts Best Seller UK 2023/ 2024

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A “Christian gift” is one that comes with prayer, the message of blessings, a motivational slogan, verses from the Holy Bible, and mostly in the shape of a cross.

Usually, people give Christian gifts at holy festivals including Christmas and Easter but this does not mean that these are the only occasions to buy and gift a Christian gift in London UK 2023/ 2024.

One can give Christian gifts on Birthdays, anniversaries, New Year, Valentine’s Day, and even at weddings, etc.

54 Religious & Christian Gifts Ideas UK 2021


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Like other types of gifts, we do have a great collection of Christian gifts available in the market. Due to a lot of choices and options, it could be difficult to pick the right gift.

To help you with this, we bring the biggest and latest collection of unique & best Christian gift ideas in the UK in UK 2023/ 2024.

We have also categorized these gifts in different categories like Christian gifts for men and Christian gift ideas for women etc.

Best Budget Religious Gifts Ideas for Him or Her in London UK 2023/ 2024

1. Stainless Steel Water Bottle

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We are starting our list with basic Christian gifts. This bottle can be a gift to anyone from a person who workout in the gym or stays at home. It is made from toxin-free material and is sweat-proof.

2. Owl: Wisdom Is Sweet to Your Soul Journal

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Here we have an ideal item to gift any age of people including kids. Has 192 pages and every internal page contain 21 lines. It contain scripture verses in flowing italicized script.

3.  Bible Cover Poly Canvas Be Stilux-Leather Psalm

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Enough of giving covers for iPad and SmartPhone. How about giving a leather cover made for the Bible? Yes, this poly canvas leather cover looks really satisfying to put Holy Bible inside.

4. Smooffly PSALM Sparkles Glitter Pattern Mouse pad

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A mouse pad with the message of God and verses from the Holy Bible is an ideal gift. It will keep reminding the person about the presence of God. This also has a very motivational verse from PSALM.

5. Best Purifying Holy Water

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Holy water is hard to find. It is usually available in the Church with limited drops. Here we bring the bottle of purifying holy water for you. There is also cross print on the front of this bottle.

6.  Blessed Mother Garden Statue

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Give blessings of the mother with this beautiful statue of Mother to place in the garden. While it is designed to place outside in the garden but you can also place it in the room for the blessings.

7. Jesus: His Life and Teachings 2009

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Here we have a simple yet great present for Christmas. This calendar is different as it has verses inside including the teaching of Jesus.

8. Biblegifts Easter Statue Jesus

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A storytelling statue of Jesus is better than a statue with no meaning. Here we have a statue of Jesus with a cross to calvary, women, and children. Its total height is 11.5 inches.

9. Faceless Olive Wood Nativity Set

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I am good to see that the nativity sets are still available to gift someone special on Christmas. These use to be popular when I was a kid. The special thing about this set is the material. Yes, it is made from wood to keep it looking more attractive.

10. Best Mug ; I am God Spoon Mug

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Giving a mug as a gift is a great way to express your love as the person uses the mug at least once a day. How about giving a mug that comes with the message of God? take a look at this spoon mug.

11. Silver Classic Sideways Cross

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Love the creative mind behind the design of this necklace. It is a necklace with a sideways cross. Its length is 16 inches. Its unique design is making it popular in London, UK.

12. Wall Hanging Wood Cross

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If you are looking for something traditional, then take a look at this wood cross. It is an ideal Christian gift from Israel. It has the art of Dover over the cross.

13. Christening St Pocket Watch

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The old-style traditional watch is getting popular as a Christian gift in London UK. Why? because it has been shown many times in movies and TV. Here wE have a pocket watch gift idea for you.

14. Daily Wisdom For Women Perpetual Calendar

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A calendar should not be simply the piece of paper to tell you date. It is one of the most seen thing in the house and office. So, here we bring the Christian calendar for you which comes with a unique wisdom quote for women.

15. Jesus Sculpture – Best Religious Gifts UK 2023 London

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Why give a snowball with a snowman when we can give something that helps the person who receives the gift about Jesus? Take a look at this Jesus sculpture. You can put it anywhere in the room.

16. Best Wall Eastern Orthodox Cross

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This traditional wall eastern orthodox cross can make anyone fall in love with this. It is very artistic, gives the feeling of blessing, and ideal item to present as a gift on Christmas.

17. Personalized Whimsical Train Clock

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Here we have an excellent Christian gift for the kids including boys and girls. It comes with free personalisation option. You can add gift message box when its come to purchase this item.

18. Small Pocket Holding Comfort Crosses

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Here we have not 10 or 50 but 100 small pocket holding comfort crosses for you. Every cross comes with a special Lord prayer card.

Best Christian gifts for Women UK 2023 in London, UK

19. Diamond Cross

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This very stylish looking white gold cross pendant has been made in USA and its come with white gold chain. There has been 14K white gold used to make it.

20. Gold Oval St Christopher Necklace

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By price, it may be a little high for the gift but look at the previous design. It is a Christopher pendant on a curb necklace. Its width is 17mm and comes with a gift box.

21. Best Cross White Ring for Women

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It is hard to find a Christian jewelry which comes with stylish design as well. Take a look at this sideway cross ring. It is very stylish and made from the high quality material. Its base color is white.

22. Silver Cross Bracelet; Best Religious Gifts for Women

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This is one of the cheapest yet very stylish Christian jewelry in our list. It is made from silver and its look very attractive due to the shiny white color. This bracelet can be given to any age of women.

23. Gold Cross Pendant Necklace

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When it come to women’s Christian gifts, there is no better option than a necklace with a cross design. Here we have a gold plated cross which is not just a necklace but a pendant too.

24. The Bradford Bracelet

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Instead of giving a colorful bracelet on friendship day, give this Bradford bracelent which is not just made from high-quality material but also has the cross over the top to remember God all the time.

25. Plain Gold Cross

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This plain gold cross comes up with many options as there is no chain. One can wear it around the neck or just have it in the pocket all the time for the blessings of God.

26. Christian Yoga Mat

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Yoga and meditation are related to each other. There is no better than yoga to remember God. That’s why we bring this Christian yoga mat for you which has a motivational message too.

27. The Lord’s Prayer Black Cross

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Wow, what a perfect color of cross. This is not a random cross but a black cross which have the message and player over it. The best part of this gift idea is the color scheme.

28. Silver Three Round Ring

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Stones have a very strong link with the Christians. Here we bring a silver ring for you which comes with three round amber. Every amber has a different and very unique color.

29. Steel Curved Cross

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We always love a plain silver jewlery. Here we have 156 stainless steel cross pendant. To make it unique and stylish, the design made the cross curved.

30. Cross Necklace for Women

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Go give this very stylish Christian, cross necklace to the girls. Its design will make every girl and women of older age to love it.

31. Wood Catholic Rosary Beads Necklace

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Here we have one of our favorite necklace. It is made from wood and give very peaceful feelings when it has been heard around the neck. One can also use it as bracelet.

32. The Bradford Musical Box

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If you are looking for something unique and modern, then here we have a great Christian gift idea for you. It is a musical box which comes with necklace and Christian art.

Best Christian gifts for Men UK 2023 London

33. Christian Cross Cufflinks

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When we talk about men gift, the first thing come to our mind is cufflinks. How about giving cufflinks that have a cross over it? Take a look at these Christian cross cufflinks.

34. Christian Leather Tray

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A tray made from original leather? Yes, here we have a medium size leather for you. It is a tidy tray that is not handmade and ideal to use as a coin box or even a key wallet etc.

35. Travel Protection Roman Catholic Auto Car Visor

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Here we have a travel protection cross for you to gift your loved one. It is ideal to hang in the car. This cross comes with a message as well and it is Roman Catholic cross.

36. MarqART Wood Art Celtic Box

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Enough of sharing the jewelry to give your friend. Here we bring for you wood art Celtic box. This is a jewelry box to keep app the Christian jewelry safe from dust.

37. Terry Towelling Bathrobe – Navy Blue

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This may not look like a Christian gift from any angle but we are still including it in the list because it is made from very cozy and comfortable cloth. Giving a comfortable gift to someone is no less than worshiping the God.

38. Saint Benedict Black and Silver Italian Rosary

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If you are looking for Christian jewelry but with more style, then take a look at this item. It has beads and made from silver for the shine.

39. Jim Shore Bless This Home Wall Cross

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Here we have a 15 inch wall cross for you. To make it more special, it comes with a gift box. You can gift this to any age of a person.

40. Two Small Olive Wood Holding Crosses come with Velvet

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This cross has been made by Christian families in Bethlehem and they are handmade. It will be delivered from the people who made it.

41. Zuluf Wall Catholic Orthodox Cross

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This is a bit different Orthodox cross in our list as compare to the other we have shared in this list. The color scheme is the main addition in this item.

42. Daily Devotion Throw Pillow

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A prayer pillow for gift? Yes, you read it right. If you want to give something special as a gift then consider this daily devotion throw pillow to help your friend to remember to pray before sleeping.

43. Wall Eastern Orthodox Cross

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You are probably going to see this orthodox cross a lot in this list in different design. This is a good tall cross for the wall. It can be suitable for any room.

44. Silver-Toned Base Papal Cross

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These shiny cross has been made in Italy and imported from there to London, UK. It has two tones, silver and gold.

45. Dickson Wall Cross

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Cross itself is an ideal item to gift someone but look at this unique cross. This cross contain lot of words to remind one about the God all the time. I love the shades of silver and gold over it.

46. Christian Coat of Arms

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It is an antique brass finished metal made arm for the Christian. It can be use as a decoration piece. You can also place it over the wall. It comes with a full color gift box.

47. Children’s Nativity Scene Set

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This is not a toy but can help your kid to learn about the story of Jesus. It is an imported model of Children with has been made from very high quality material.

48. Wall Hanging Olive Wood Cross

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Two are better than one and three are better than one. Here we have the olive wood cross for you. It is a wall hanging cross set which can be place to make a giant cross.

49. Men’s Personalised Leather Bracelet

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It is never been late to give a holy bracelet to your loved one. This personalised bracelet means that you can add the verse of your choice. It is Christmas anniversary Streten gift item.

50. Leather Journal Writing Notebook

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Leather, wood and the shades of wood always remind me about the Jesus and give feelings of blessings. that’s am adding this leather journal writing notebook in this list of Christian gifts.

51. Best Leather Wallet for Man UK 2023

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WOW, what a beautiful leather wallet. The two shades or tone has made it an ideal item to give to the men specially. It reminds me of the old church of Spain.

52. Best Faithful Band for Girls

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We have limited options available when its come to purchase faithful jewellery. Take a look at this band which can be given to male and female both. There is a small cross sign over the band.

53. Wall Hanging Wood Cross

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We have shared a bigger version of almost same design of cross about. Here we have a slightly different but wood made cross for you. It is a wall hanging wall with dove art over it.

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54. Burgundy Genuine Leather Wallet

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The wallet is an essential item for both men and women to keep their money safe. Then why not give a wallet which reminds them about God? Here we have a genuine leather wallet with a cross sign.

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