10 Best Indian Restaurants in London

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London is an international city which is the reason why there are a lot of Indians there and for those Indians there some best “Indian restaurants in London”. Those restaurants are focused on not only letting people of London taste the dishes of India but also to make all Indians happy as they get to eat all dishes of their country while sitting in London. That is obviously a great facility for them and people who own restaurants make a lot of money.

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That is the reason why the number of Indian restaurants in London has increased drastically making it difficult to choose which ones are worth the money. Therefore, today we have decided to show you the best Indian restaurants in London so you never have to wonder about which place you should go. Here we go.

10 Best Indian Restaurants in London

Restaurant # 1 : Amaya

Restaurant Location: Halkin Arcade, (Motcomb Street), SW1X 8JT

Indians love Biryani too much and it is hard to find any single person from India who doesn’t like that dish. Hence, this restaurant is mainly focused on providing the highest class biryani that is possible.

But don’t be fooled by the fact that it is the only thing that they are giving because they have a long list of dishes available and you can ask for just about anything and you are very likely to get it. Biryani is just their special dish and they are very good in making it extremely tasty.

Restaurant # 1 : Amaya

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Restaurant # 2 :  Zumbura

Restaurant Location: 36a Old Town, SW4 0LB

This is obviously a restaurant where people come to eat. But the funny thing about this “Indian restaurant” is that it is more popular for high quality drinks as compared to food. Most of its visitors come here to drink and not to eat. That doesn’t mean they are bad at cooking food it just means that their drinks are way too good.

Restaurant # 2 :  Zumbura


Restaurant # 3 :  Cinnamon Kitchen – Indian Restaurants in London

Restaurant Location: 9 Devonshire Square, EC2M 4YL

For those of you who want to have everything in best quality from dishes to tables and from atmosphere to beautiful waitress, this is the place to go. This is because this is one of finest Indian restaurants in London with all of comforts that you can expect while you are eating.

But that is not all because they have a high standard in food taste and a comprehensive list of different dishes available. However, that all makes this restaurant a little costly so go there on your own caution.

Restaurant # 3 :  Cinnamon Kitchen


Restaurant # 4 :  Shayona

Restaurant Location: 54-62 Meadow Garth, NW10 8HD

A beautifully built place around some Indian temples is a great attraction for all Indian. And then the amazing foods and high class service and place to sit is what helps this restaurant stand out of the crowd of Indian restaurants in London. People have been coming here for years and they still continue to come and they feel like they will never get bored of this place because of its quality.

Restaurant # 4 :  Shayona


Restaurant # 5 :  Roti Chai – Indian Restaurants in London

Restuarant Location: 3 Portman Mews South , W1H 6HS

As the name suggests to Indian people, this place is popular for providing hustle and tension free simple dishes. That not only remind people of their homes but they also taste very good to those who have been eating the same things back in their country India. Hence, if you are among such people who miss roti of their home, go to this place and you won’t be disappointed.

Restaurant # 4 :  Roti Chai

 Photo credit : kang leong

Restaurant # 6 :  Indian YMCA

Restaurant Location: 41 Fitzroy Square W1T 6AQ

If you are lucky enough you might be able to find some Indian students who have never visited this place because they are cooking and serving every single thing that a teenager and most importantly a student can ask for. Hence, if you are a “student who came from India to London”, go there and you will never forget that place again.

Restaurant # 4 :  Indian YMCA

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Restaurant # 7 :  Masala Zone

Restaurant Location: 25 Parkway, 25 Parkway

A place created particularly for those people who love to eat things that are not normal in taste. That have high amount of “Masalas” are what this place is known for and it is among the best Indian restaurants in London.

Restaurant # 4 :  Masala Zone

 Photo credit :

Restaurant # 8 :  Moti Mahal

Restaurant Location: 45 Great Queen Street, WC2B 5AA

If you like to have a variety of dishes presented to you than this is one of the “best Indian restaurants” in entire London as they prepare just about all dishes to make their Indian visitors happy. And the amazing thing is that they somehow manage to keep all of those things in high quality which is something that most restaurants fail to do.

All those people who have once visited this place have become consistent fans to it and they feel like they are addicted to the taste that Moti Mahal restaurant provides in all dishes.

Restaurant # 4 :  Moti Mahal

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Restaurant # 9 :  Meera’s Village

Restaurant Location: 36 Queensbury Station Parade , HA8 5NN

This place is particularity for those who love vegetables and most importantly who love food to be represented to them in village’s style.

Restaurant # 9 :  Meera's Village


Restaurant # 10 :  Tayyabs – Indian Restaurants in London

Restaurant Location: 83-89 Fieldgate Street, E1 1JU

One of the most extremely busy Indian restaurants in London where there are countless people present and eating at almost all the times. That results in high noises and uncomfortable situations but people still don’t stop to come back here again and again. Do you know why? This is because they have got a magic into their dishes and that magic is the great taste.

People just cannot stop themselves from coming here because of the delicious foods that this restaurant provides. Make sure you book a table before you go there or you might be in trouble of waiting.

Restaurant # 10 :  Tayyabs


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These are the “best Indian restaurants in London” that are currently working. These Indian restaurants in London serve a big number of people on daily basis out of which, of course the most are Indians. We are hopeful that this article was helpful for you. If it was, make sure you let your friends know about these Indian restaurants in London too so they can also enjoy the facility.

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