Four Tips that Will Help You Pass Your MOT

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Getting your car through its MOT can be a trial, especially if you have failed unexpectedly in the past.

However, the MOT is a known entity, and you can take steps to make sure you pass your MOT with flying colours. The following four tips may be useful to you.


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Constant Vigilance

Be aware of the condition of your car. It is recommended that you give your car a once over, approximately every month or so. Write down or photograph any issues so that you can make comparisons from one month to the next to see if a problem (such as a small crack on your windscreen) is worsening or staying the same. This habit is a useful one to practice as it ensures that you always have a good idea of the condition of your car.

Regular Servicing

Even if you do not drive very far or very often, you should get your car serviced every three or six months. Follow your car owner’s manual and stick to the recommended advice: very often a service can prevent a breakdown, weighing a relatively modest cash outlay for a service against a much large sum of money, a lot of inconvenience and possibly the loss of your car, injury or worse in the case of a sudden breakdown.

Know Your Vehicle

Get to know your vehicle. When you know that a certain noise is a normal one for your vehicle to make, you will have peace of mind. And conversely, you will immediately know that something is wrong with your vehicle when it sounds different or pulls differently under your hands. If you have not spent time getting to know your vehicle, you will miss these, sometimes very subtle, signs that all is not well with your car, and that could lead to trouble on the road or a failed MOT test.


The details of the MOT are all readily available online and you can print off a checklist for yourself. Before you book your MOT test, spend a good couple of hours walking around your car and checking all the points that are easily fixed, such as ensuring that your lights are in good working order, that your number plate is firmly in place and readily legible, and that your windows and mirrors are clean and clear, giving you good visibility. Once you have ticked off those small repairs, and checked the rest of the criteria for an MOT pass, you will have a much better understanding of whether your vehicle will pass the MOT this time around.

And once you are ready and confident in your vehicle’s roadworthiness, book an MOT in London: you can book at Iverson Tyres.

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