London News – Top 10 Best London Newspapers UK 2024/ 2025

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Newspapers in the UK are normally known as broadsheets due to their large sizes. British newspapers 2024/ 2025 are also London Classified into two further categories.

Which are serious newspapers or quality press and less serious newspapers or popular media. Quality press or serious newspapers mostly cover politics, finance, foreign affairs, and sports. Less serious newspapers or popular newspapers generally cover celebrity and entertainment news.

London News - Top 10 Best London Newspapers 2024/ 2025 UK


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All of these types of British newspapers are published on a daily and weekly basis, today in this article we will give you a list of “London Newspapers” which will mention “top British Newspapers 2024/ 2025”.

NoUK NewspapersWebsite
1The Guardian
2The Times
4 The Sunday Times
5Daily Mail
6Metro Newspaper
7This Local London
8Daily Star
9London Evening Standard
10Daily Express

London News – 10 Best London Newspapers 2024/ 2025 UK

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1. The Guardian Newspaper – Online UK News 2024/ 2025

The Guardian was founded in 1821 as “The Manchester Guardian” but now it’s known as the Guardian. The Guardian was a local newspaper as shown by its old name which used to cover only Manchester-related news. But now The Guardian is one of the most popular British newspapers which has an international presence. The Guardian also publishes its US editions and Australian edition. You can also read daily news on the Guardian website where all of the Guardian editions are available. The Guardian also has a mobile-optimized website where mobile users can easily read daily news. The Guardian’s sister newspapers include “The Observer and The Guardian Weekly”.

2. The Daily Telegraph – London Newspapers epaper 2024/ 2025

The Daily Telegraph is another popular British newspaper that publishes its edition on a daily morning basis. It’s a broadsheet-type newspaper published in London and distributed all over the world. It was founded in 1855 with the name “The daily telegraph and Courier”. Its daily average circulation is about 5,50,000 readers. The sister paper of “The Daily Telegraph” is “The Sunday Telegraph”. The Daily Telegraph covers every type of news including politics, fashion, sports, business, and finance.

3. The Times – List Of London Newspapers 2024/ 2025 UK

Here is The Times newspaper in this list of London newspapers, it’s operated and published by The Times newspapers limited. Which is a popular subsidiary of News corp ltd? The Times was founded in 1785 with the title of “The Daily Register” Later in 1788 the name was changed to The Times. The Times covers every type of news including sports, politics, and entertainment news.

4. The Independent – Latest UK Breaking news

The Independent was founded in 1986 and it’s published on a daily morning by the Independent media group. The Independent was awarded “Newspaper of the year” in 2004. The Independent covers news from all over the world but this newspaper pays more intention to entertainment and sports news.

5. The Sunday Times London Newspaper 2024/ 2025

The Sunday Times is a sister paper of The Times newspapers listed above. The Sunday Times is published by the Times media group every Sunday morning. The Sunday Times was founded in 1821 in London, United Kingdom.

6. Daily Mail – London Newspapers 2024/ 2025 and Magazines

Daily Mail is another popular newspaper in the UK, it was founded in 1896 and its sister newspaper is The Mail On Sunday.

7. Metro Newspaper – Popular newspaper in London, UK

Metro is another popular newspaper in London. It’s a tabloid-type newspaper that mostly covers topics related to sports and entertainment.

8. Local London News – Covers news related to London

As shown by the name of the Newspaper, it mainly covers news related to London.

9. 2024/ 2025Daily Star London Newspaper

Daily Star is a weekly newspaper that covers every type of news related to the United Kingdom.

10. London Evening Standard – London’s newspaper

Evening Standard is a “local newspaper from London 2024/ 2025”. It covers every type of local and national news.

11. Daily Express – Best Newspaper in the United Kingdom

12. BBC News UK – Today Latest News UK, London City

13. Timeout London News – Local London Online Newspaper


14. The Sun – Breaking Headlines & Latest UK News

15. Metro – Latest Breaking News and Top Headlines

16. MyLondon News – Online Local London Newspaper

So, this is the list of London Newspapers 2024/ 2025 UK, newspapers mentioned in this list include both broadsheets and compact-type newspapers. We hope you will this list of London Newspapers but don’t miss out on this list of the best women’s fashion stores in London.

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