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Top 10 Best Rice Cooker UK 2021 – Buy Now Online

How to Choose Best Rice Cookers for Fluffy Rice ?

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Rice is the best component to make quality dishes. Rice is mainly used for different purposes in many countries. If you are a rice lover then this rice cooker is very helpful to you because if rice is not perfectly prepared that means you need to add a better rice cooker.

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Rice is difficult to cook when you have a lot of work and you are stressed. You need a better rice cooker which helps you to cook rice every time wherever you want to cook. Forgive the stick pans and stewpots which are very time wasting and confusing. After that rice cooker, you have no need for a microwave oven.

Top 10 Best Rice Cooker UK 2021 London - Buy Now Online


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In these rice cookers, you have very simple and easy cooking and these rice cookers are easy to use and very helpful to your cooking. From a single button, you can enjoy your best dinner without any efforts.

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If you want to become a great chef and want that your rice will cook right and delicious. Then don’t wait for it. We have shortlisted 10 best rice cookers which may help you to choose the best one.

Top 10 Best Rice Cooker UK 2021 London – Buy Now Online

1. Russell Hobbs Rice cooker UK 2021

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This rice cooker is built with better stainless steel. It has a large capacity. It is enough for cooking ten cups of rice which were enough for a family. It has an additional tray which can be used to steam fish, chicken, meat and vegetables. It has a non-stick removable bowl which gives you a bowl of better rice without sticking at the bottom. It also gives you a spatula and measuring cup for rice. It is stylish and easy to use.

  • Stainless steel with glass lid
  • 1.8-litre capacity
  • Additional tray
  • Non-stick bowl
  • Stylish and easy to use

2. Vonshef rice cooker UK 2021

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These rice cookers are perfect for personal use and best for making rice anywhere anytime. It has a 300ml capacity to cook rice. It is controlled and uses a personal rice cooker. It gives a quick cook and is perfect for a solo dinner. It has a simple on/off operation with a useful keep-warm function. It has a non-stick and easy clean removable inner pot for easy serving and cleaning. The manufacturer gives you a 2 years warranty.

  • 300ml capacity
  • Quick-cooking
  • Best for solo dinner
  • Non-sticky
  • 2 years warranty

3. Yum Asia rice cooker UK 2021

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These rice cookers are multi-functional including steam, porridge, slow cook, cake baking and coating settings which gives you a perfect experience of cooking rice. It has to keep warm features which keep rice warm for 24 hours. It has multi-stage cooking cycles to automatically achieve the best taste, quality, health and scent. It is durable and long-lasting and gives you 2 years of warranty. Manufacturer gives an instruction manual, steaming basket, measuring cup, rice spatula and soup vessel with these rice cookers. It has Led display with Koran design.

  • Multi-functional
  • 24 hours keep warm
  • Multi-stage cooking
  • Led display

4. Morphy Richards rice cooker UK 2021

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Morphy Richards rice cooker can cook up to 30% faster than others. It has 6 cup capacity and it has a 1-litre steamer tray for soups and more. It is easy-to-use, combined one-touch controls for comfortable handling. It has a special ceramic coating which gives a non-sticky surface and is easy to use and clean. It includes a measuring cup and rice spoon.

  • 30% faster cooking
  • Non-stick surface
  • 6 cups capacity
  • Comfortable handling

5. WAHL rice cooker UK 2021

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This rice Cooker has been skillfully designed to provide a large array of mouth-watering dishes with ease. It has 6 functions for brewing, braising, cooking brown and white rice and for cookies. It has led to a smart switch with 24 hrs. pause timer, flexible cooking timer and keep warm function. It has family-sized 4litre capacity. It is non-stick and easy to use and clean.

  • Skillfully design
  • 6 functions
  • Led smart switch
  • Non-stick and easy to clean

6. DREW&COLE rice cooker UK 2021

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These rice cookers have 5 liters capacity, perfect for a family or group cooking. It is easy to use and has 17 pre-set applications: steam, soup, roast, poach, bread rise, bake, fish, rice, pasta, slow cook and yoghurt etc. It is a fully customizable DIY purpose. It also has a slow cooking and manually high and low function. It is easy to clean and the non-stick surface is easily washable. It can keep warm up to 24 hours.

  • 5-litre capacity
  • 17 functions
  • Customizable DIY
  • Easy to clean and non-sticky surface

7. Reishunger rice cooker UK 2021

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These rice cookers are useful and 8-layer metallic inner pots. It has 2 preset cooking timers. It has a grip handle for easy carrying. It has a removable inner and outer lid and steam’s outer cap. It has a washable lid. It is easy to clean and useful.

  • 8-layers pot
  • Cooking timer
  • Washable lid
  • Easy clean and handling

8. Geepas rice cooker UK 2021

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These rice cookers have three in one functions, it can cook, steam and keep warm. The stems function will let you make healthy and perfect rice. It is a multifunctional rice cooker and has a 1-litre capacity. It is non-stick and easy to clean and easy to use. The manufacturer gives a 2 years warranty.

  • Three in one function
  • Healthy and perfect rice
  • 1-litre capacity
  • Non-stick and easy to clean

9. Kitchen perfected rice cooker UK 2021

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These rice cookers are perfect for family use and better rice dishes. It has a non-stick and removable rice bowl. It has a harder glass lid with a stainless steel rim. It has a feature to keep the rice warm. It includes a measuring cup and a spatula. It has 800 ml capacity which is about approx. 4cups.

  • Family rice cooker
  • Non-stick bowl
  • Harder glass lid
  • 800ml capacity

10. AmazonBasic rice cooker UK 2021

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These rice cookers are easy-to-use control panels with LED displays. It is a multi-functional cooker which has 15 pre-set menu options including meat, poultry, etc. It has 5.5 liters capacity which gives you a family entertainment of food. It is made of stainless steel. It has an automatic keep-warm function. It is very useful and best for the busiest kitchen routine.

  • Easy to use
  • LED display
  • Multi-functional
  • 15-preset purposes

Best Rice Cooker UK 2021 Online Buying Guide:

We have mentioned 10 best rice cookers according to viewer choice. This effort may help you to find the best one. Some buying we want to share with you are given below:

1. Low electric usage:

As you know that these rice cookers work on electricity so we recommend that you use one which can use low electricity and low costs.

2. Non-stick cooker bowl:

If you are a cook you know that after cooking rice the bowl or pan can be stuck by rice, choose that one which is non-stick and easy to clean.

3. Multi-functional:

Use a multi-functional rice cooker because use feels easy for cooking rice and also other recipes in a cooker.

4. Capacity:

The capacity of a cooker is based on the usage, if you are a family use the large capacity cooker and if you are solo then use a normal capacity of the cooker.

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