50 Christmas Gifts for Beauty and Makeup Obsessed Teenage Girls UK 2023

Best Skincare, Beauty Gifts for Makeup Lovers

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Women are obsessed with makeup. But now teenage girls are also developing a liking for makeup. They want to look good when they want to go to college or some fancy birthday party.

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During teenage when hormones are kicking right in, young girls face acne issues, so we have shortlisted some beauty and makeup-related items that will protect their skin against acne.

50 Best Christmas Gifts for Beauty and Makeup Obsessed Teenage Girls UK 2022/2023 London


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We have got some serums and creams which are meant to reduce fine lines appearance or lock in the moisture in the skin.

Also, we have some amazing hair tools like hairdryers and straighteners which are perfect for girls who love to experiment with their hair.

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Everybody wants to look good and presentable, so these 50 products are selected by keeping in mind the requirements of teenage girls.

50 Best Christmas Gifts for Beauty and Makeup Obsessed UK 2023

1. Lee Stafford Blow Dry and GO Hair Kit

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Hair is a blessing and lucky are those who have pretty hair. Girls with good hair love to style their hair and nothing is better than a good blow-dry kit that gives good bouncy-looking hair without damaging hair.

2. Smart Mask Treatment Device UK 2023

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It is very important to keep your skin healthy because only then you will get the glow. This mask treatment device keeps your skin away from getting wrinkles and keeps it in good condition.

Hair Straightener - Best Gift for Her UK 2022

3. Hair Straightener – Best Christmas Gift for Her UK 2023

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If you have frizzy hair but you always dreamt of straight and sleek shiny hair then you can get them by staying at home. Get this rainbow hair straightener to get salon-like sleep straight shiny hair at home.

4. Lady Shaver – Christmas Present Ideas for Her UK 2023

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If you are in your teens that you must be experiencing a lot of hair growth due to hormonal changes. Do not worry because this happens with 90% of girls in their teenage. This lady shaver is your best friend in this situation.

5. Make Up 6-Piece Gift Set UK 2023

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Maybelline has some of the best and most affordable makeup products. This 6-piece set is perfect for beginners who just started going to high school.

6. OPI Hello Kitty Limited Edition Nail Polish

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This OPI hello kitty limited edition nail polish set is perfect for someone who loves to color their nails with funky colors. This nail polish does not make your nails pale nor destroy the enamel of your nails.


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Lady Gaga is not only known for her bold dressing but she is also known for her high-quality makeup products. Yes, she has her own brand and this lip gloss range from her collection is worth buying.

8. Makeup Brushes Gift Idea for Her UK 2023

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If you want to be a professional makeup artist then you must have a good quality makeup brush set because only if you have good quality brushes, you will be able to do flawless makeup.

9. Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine Cream

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If you are worried about fine lines and wrinkle appearance on your skin, then you must try this Elemis pro-collagen cream which is claims to vanish wrinkle in juts 2 weeks. Elemis is a famous skincare brand and one should give it a try.

10. Hair Dryer and Volumiser

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Good quality hair tools never damage your hair and REVLON is one of them. It is a famous hair tool maker. This set comes with a hairdryer and volumizer which is perfect for girls who love to style their hair.

11. Lady Gaga: RIP LIP LINER – Gift for Her UK 2023

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To make perfect lips or to enhance the natural shape of your lips, you must have good quality lip liners. Lady Gaga has launched a complete line of nice colored lip liners that are smudge-free.

12. Creamy Professional Cream Lipstick

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Some people do not like matte lip colors. For them, this set of cream lipsticks is best. It has all the bold colors in the kit ranging from reds to pinks to oranges, making them perfect for all the formal events.

13. Acrylic Cosmetic Organiser Case

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For all the makeup lovers, the hardest thing is to keep their stuff organized. Girls often tend to throw away stuff because they do not have enough space for their things. Do not worry because you can keep all your things safe in this acrylic organizer case.

14. Chit Chat Beauty Case Make-up Sets for Teens

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If your baby girl is hitting her teenager, then get her this makeup set. It has lipsticks, gloss, eyeshade colors, blush, and cream contour. It is perfect for girls who love to do makeup.

15. ORGANIC Bath Bombs

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Bath bombs take the bathing experience to the next level. The fizziness it produces is so soothing. Some bath bombs have such a great scent that it makes the user not want to come out of the bathtub any time soon.

16. Pink Nanoe Hair Dryer

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If you like to wash your hair every morning but you always hate the part where your hair takes longer to dry. This Nanoe hairdryer only takes a few minutes to dry up your hair without damaging them.

17. Remington Retro Hair Dryer

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Remington is a famous brand for producing hair-related tools. This retro hairdryer is perfect for girls who love their hair but they always end up using hot tools on their hair. This hair dryer is best because it does not damage your hair.

18. OPI Hello Kitty Limited Edition Nail Polish

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OPI has some of the best quality nail colors and they are kid-friendly as well. The colors of this set are very vibrant and designed keeping in mind young teenage girls. This can make a perfect birthday present for your princess.

19. Cosmetic Box Vanity

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Keeping all your branded makeup in a nice clean space is important but it is also a hassle. This vanity box is good for people who always run out of space. They can store all their makeup in this cute-looking vanity box.

20. Niré Beauty Artistry Makeup brush set

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The key to good and flawless makeup is right and good-quality makeup brushes. Always invest in good quality of makeup brushes. These Nire brushes are soft and their bristles do not shed.

21. BaByliss Pro Powerlite Hair Dryer

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BaByliss is also another famous hair tool brand, which is known for its good quality but affordable hair accessories. Hairdryers are a must if your hair takes super long to dry.

22. Hair Growth Shampoo and Conditioner

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Using a good quality shampoo is a must if you want to keep your hair in a good condition. Using a conditioner once or twice a week is also a healthy practice especially if you use too much heat on your hair.

23. Scar removal derma roller with serum

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If you are in your teens and you have a lot of acne on your skin then this derma roller might be helpful. It improves the blood flow towards your skin and solves the acne issues.

24. Eunon Blackhead Remover Vacuum

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Usually in teens, we experience acne issues due to blocked pores which leads to the formation of whiteheads and blackheads. This blackhead suction vacuum is a dream come true. It sucks all the dirt from the skin and opens the pores.

25. Face Steamer Nano Ionic

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Steam is such a blessing for our skin but we often ignore it. This steamer comes handy and helps in cleaning the pores giving a fresh and healthy look to our skin.

26. Blackhead Mask

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To get good, healthy, and glowing skin, one must provide the care that our skin deserves. Most important thing is to keep our skin free from dirt and for that this blackhead removing mask is a must-have.

27. Swiss Clinic Skin Roller

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Skin roller is your best friend because it has many advantages. Using roller over skins, it enhances the production of collagen, increases the blood flow towards the skin, and keeps it healthy and glowing looking.


28. Elemis Total Glow Bronzing Body Lotion

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If you love giving that bronzy glowing touch to your skin then you can buy this Elemis glow bronzing body lotion. It gives that desired glow to your skin without overdoing it.

29. Maybelline Eye Candy Gift Set

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If you love to have dramatic eyes, then this eye candy set from Maybelline is perfect. It has everything you need to create an amazing eye look. From mascara to eye liner to the eye shadows everything is of best quality.


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If really love your hands and nail but you cannot afford mani and Pedi everything then this 8-piece manicure and pedicure set is all your need. Now you can get the treatment at home without having to spend tons of money at the spa.

31. Lily England Makeup Bag Organiser

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Put all your makeup in a secure place to prevent it from getting damaged. This bag organizer is travel friendly. If you are an avid traveler then you must keep all your important products in this bag and travel around in fashion.

32. Eyeshadow, Lip Gloss, Lip Liner by Haus

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Lady Gaga never fails to surprise her lovers. This gift set which has eyeshadow, lip gloss, and lip liner is a must-buy and can also be given as a gift to your girlfriend or sister who is a makeup maniac.

33. Extra Large Space Storage Beauty Box

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If you are relocating to a smaller room and you are worried about keeping all your makeup then this large storage box is what you need. It has a lot of space and is divided into different sections for keeping different things.

34. BaByliss Curl Secret

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Having light beachy curl waves in your hair looks mesmerizing. You can achieve these waves at home and without the assistance of a professional. BaByliss has made curling simpler and easier by introducing this curler.

35- Beauty Blender Two bb Clean

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The key to a good, even, and the flawless foundation is the right kind of beauty blender. After everyday use, our beauty blender also gets dirty and it is hard to clean them. But this company has introduced blender cleaners for cleaning dirty blenders.

36. Ubor 78 Color Eyeshadow Palette

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Teenagers girls want to play with colors so this palette is perfect for those bold girls who love to create colorful cute looks. The palette is affordable and cruelty-free and designed by keeping in mind the skin of young girls.

37. Lavender Violets 20pcs Glitter Gel Nail Polish

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We all know how much young girls put on different colored nail colors. They may not be allowed to put on makeup but their love for nail colors is never-ending. This box with 20 glitter nail colors is a piece of heaven.

38. Vanity Case For Cosmetic

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Worried about your makeup stuff as they will get damaged in an open space? This vanity case is something that every makeup lover should have. It is spacious and sturdy and will keep all your precious makeup safe.

39. Lash Force Eyelash Growth Serum

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Big and voluminous eyelashes are a dream of every girl but then some girls have very few lashes by birth. This lash growth serum works wonder for such girls seeking to have long lashes.

40. Lily England Hair Brush Set

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We all know how much our young girls love to have colorful things. This blush pink-colored hair brush set is something that will bring a smile to your girl’s face.

41. Facial Cleansing Brush

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Are you looking to make your skin dirt-free? This cleansing brush removes all the dirt from your skin and cleans every single pore of your skin without causing any adverse effects.

42. L’Oreal Paris Girls Night Pamper Gift UK 2023

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This is the right time to take care of your skin. Pamper your skin with this gift set by L’Oreal. This set contains a glow mask, scrub, and purity mask, which makes your skin flawless.

43. Clearing Spot-Prone Skin

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Are you crazily trying to get rid of acne spots on your skin? Look no further than Proactiv treatment. It cleanses, hydrates, and clears your skin from pimples, acne, and blemishes. It is suitable for all skin types.


44. Double Sided Tabletop Makeup Mirror

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If you are into makeup and aspire to be a makeup artist then you must master the art of makeup first. You need to have all the right makeup tools. Having a makeup mirror makes you pick all the little details of your makeup.

45. Magnetic Eyelashes Plus Magnetic Eyeliner

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If you love to have long lashes but you do not have them, then these magnetic lashes are all you need in your life. It comes with a magnetic mascara that holds your lashes in place.

46. Max Factor False Lash Mascara

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Having long voluminous lashes is the dream of every girl but not every girl is born with such a blessing. This Max Factor mascara is a blessing in disguise for young girls who loves long lashes.

47. Makeup Brush Set Gift for Teenage Girls UK 2023

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 Having the right kind of makeup product is important but what’s more important is the applicator you are using to apply that makeup. These brushes are super soft and their bristles do not shed.

48. Compact Makeup Mirror – Best Makeup Christmas Gift UK  2023

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Are you always worried about your makeup? Do you do touchups after every hour? This travel-friendly compact makeup mirror is all you need. You can keep it in a bag and can use it any time of the day or hour for makeup touchups.

49. Teeth Whitening Kit

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The first impression is the last impression and if you have yellow teeth, it will ruin your personality completely. This teeth whitening kit is for those young girls who are facing teeth issues and it is hard for them to keep them clean and white.


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