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Hair dryers are on the market like sand by the sea. We have tried to make the widest possible range of devices from different manufacturers and all price ranges and have tested ten hair dryers for you.
Since temperature is a decisive factor for the health of the hair, we have measured the temperature of all devices, once at a distance of 20 centimeters, once directly at the opening. In addition, we have measured the volume. In fact, there are big differences in volume.


In handling, there were some differences, which had a negative impact on the overall result despite good performance. In addition to cable length and weight, of course, the drying time of the hair was an important clue. At the end, however, the price-performance ratio is crucial.

Hair blown for long hair should be with a distance between hair dryer and head of about 15 centimeters. All devices should be equipped with a styling nozzle. Check to set the highest blower level and medium temperature.

Dryers with ion technology have generally done better in terms of the hair and styling result. Make sure the device you buy have Smart hair protection Smart hair protection The manufacturer uses the technology to protect the moisture of the hair; the manufacturer calls “Moisture Protect”: With a built-in infrared sensor, the temperature of the hair is continuously measured. If they get too hot, the heat is automatically reduced. So the hair does not get too dry too fast – and it is protected from too much heat.

1# CONFU – Best Professional Hair Dryer UK

This Confu hair dryer 1875W Ionic Blow Dryer is comes with AC Motor 2 Speed 3 Heat Settings Cool Shot Button Lightweight Fast Dry with 2 Concentrator. The Confu hair protection is the best hair dryer for most, because it offers the best overall result for a still acceptable price. Modern design, and a technology that gently dries the hair, make the Confu a hair dryer that you can use every day without a guilty conscience.

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2# Professional Ionic Hair Dryer by CONFU

It has an amazing style with great performance. No question, the Confu ionic hair dryer is great. It blows the hair gently and makes a good figure by design. In terms of performance, it would have had what it takes to win the test, and its price is surprisingly not too high for most. Moreover, it also has Latest Negative Ions Technology.

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3# XDM Ionic Hair Dryer

The XDM 2 Speed and 3 Heat Settings Cool Shot Button Faster Drying & Maximum Shine Blow Dryer with Lightweight is one of the amazing buy for you. The XDM Ionic Hair Dryer comes, in terms of technology, our test winner pretty close. It also regulates the heat distribution, but unfortunately still much hotter than most. However, it is great that LEDs indicate the heat and cold levels. It comes with advanced technology of Ionic that provides a faster hair drying solution.

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4# SUNUNITEC Professional Salon Hair Dryer

1875W Negative Ionic Hair Blow Dryer has AC Motor and doesn’t make a lot of noise with diffuser Concentrator Comb. If you just want a hair dryer without a lot of bells and whistles, the SUNUNITEC Professional Salon Hair Dryer is an alternative. Comparatively the price of this hairdryer is much expensive.

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5# Compact travel Hair dryer

If you travel often or have small space in your room for dryer this compact travel ionic hair dryer by MHU is the best treat for you. It has high and low easy setting cool button and has DC motor along with concentrator nozzle blow dryer.

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6# Amazing Philips Hair Dryer

The hairdryer with 2200 watts promises a perfect result as the hairdresser. The Thermo Protect temperature setting should lead to less hair damage. An ionizing function with anti-frizz effect also ensures particularly shiny hair. In addition, the Philips Ion Hair Dryer has six flexible fan and temperature levels for full control and a cold stage for a long-lasting finish.

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7# Mini travel Hair dryer

This is a mini hair dryer but has 1600W power and does its work pretty well. It is lightweight and does wonders along with detachable styling concentrator. Also comes with 2 heat setting and hot air brush. It comes with latest heat technology that gives maximum shine, softness and quick drying to your hair. So you can style your hair like a professional. With this dryer it only takes 5-8 minutes for a person to fully dry their long thick hair and blow them with style.

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8# Wazor Lightweight Low Noise Hair Dryer

Wazor offers an amazing deal with its amazing blow dryer that comes with Tourmaline Ceramic and Negative Ionic also has 2 Speed 3 Heat Settings Cool Shot. The dryer has 1875W and comes with a very beautiful Purple color body. The price of the dryer is pretty moderate along with its feature. The 1875W power gives a strong wind speed to the hair so the hair can easily be dried in a very short time period. It has removable tail cap that can make the cleaning work easy.

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09# Wazor3rd Generation Hair dryer

Wazor presents the amazing third generation hair dryer that not only has light weight and low noise but also has great power. The 1875W dryer with tourmaline ceramic negative ionic blow dryer gives 2 speed and 3 heat settings along with versatile use is the best choice for you. A professional look multiple times as you like. Moreover, it also has Uniform heat distribution and also very Suitable for keeping your curly hairstyle like a pro.

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10# ZOEYI Ceramic Hair Dryer

Get the best negative ions hair blow dryer with amazing price which provides fastest dry hair with shine. It has Ceramic Honeycomb Technology. The best part of this hair dryer is without heating wire. Each ceramic works at a high temperature.

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