14 Stylish Outdoor Christmas Decorations 2023 UK

Large & Small Outdoor Christmas Decorations Ideas

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Ok, we all spend money to decorate our house, shop, office and market from the inside but what about the outdoors? The “outdoor Christmas decoration” has been seen by more and more people as compared to the indoor Christmas decorations 2023.

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If you explore the market, you will be surprised to see that there are more outdoor decoration items available as compare to the indoor items.

As compared to indoor decoration items, the outdoor Christmas decorations in 2023 could be little expenses. Why? because they can be used throughout the year as a decoration piece. They are waterproof and made from more high-quality material as compared to indoor Christmas decorations in 2023.

To help you to find the best outdoor Christmas decorations, we bring this post for you. We know that you are only looking for the best decoration items, that’s why we bring only the best and most favourite items for you.


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The following decoration items are not limited for the home users only but these can be purchased and places on many other places including shops, shopping malls, garden and other public places etc.

Large & Small Outdoor Christmas Decorations Ideas 2023 in London, UK

1. White Reindeer Lighted Christmas Yard Art Decoration

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A big giant Christmas reindeer is not really an ideal decoration for the house until it is not very big to match with the size of reindeer. You can buy it in a place outside of your office, shop or even in the society to enhance the overall decoration of Christmas.

2.  Santa with Webbing for Outdoor

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Christmas is incomplete without integrating Santa in your decoration. Our next pick is all about a realistic Santa with webbing. The size of this decoration item is 190 cm and it is made from high quality glass fiber plastic. It is also weatherproof.

3. Christmas Santa Reindeer Fireguard

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This funny cute reindeer with 3 little elf is one of our most favourite Christmas decoration. It is made from polyresin and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. It is not limited for the house decoration item but can be use at public places and offices.

4. Mini Christmas Tree Stick White Cedar Desktop Small Christmas Tree

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We all have a giant Christmas tree inside the house on Christmas. How about having small Christmas trees outside our house or even in the garden? Specially if you don’t have a garden outside your house, then these small trees can actually add extra beauty when you place it next to the main door of your house.

5. Large/Giant Pink Christmas Wooden Nutcracker Soldier Ornament

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Having a Nutcraker solider statue as Christmas decoration is great idea specially when they comes up in such a colorful body. This solider ornament is made from the wood and its height is 6Ft. This product is available in multiple colors and designs. So, purchase on which match with your overall decoration.

6. Large/Giant Christmas Wooden Nutcracker Soldier Ornament

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This decoration item is same as above except it has different colors and design. Having both of them and standing them on the both sides of your main door will take the overall decoration of your house to whole new level.

7. Lovely Giant Outdoor Christmas Inflatable Snowman for Christmas Decoration

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Over next Christmas decoration item is not really specific for the house users but for those who are looking for decoration item for a public place. This could be placed anywhere to attract the people including restaurant, shops, office, garden, park and even one side of the road etc.

8. Outdoor Decoration Christmas Inflatable Arch Inflatable Christmas Tree

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I can’t believe that I have finally found these Christmas inflatable Arch which I use to see when I was a child. I know, people say that it is for the public place, but it looks really good when you place them on the main door of your house.

9. Joseph’s Studio Heavenly Praying Angel Outdoor Garden Statue

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This is not just a limited decoration piece for the Christmas but it can stay in your garden forever.

10. Joseph’s Studio Religious St. Francis With Deer Outdoor Garden Statue

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Christmas is a religious event, how about having a religious personality statue in the garden of the house? This beautiful and real looking statue of St. Francis with a deer will make your garden look very royal. It can stay there forever as it is made from very good materials.

11. Cotton Ball Lights are Suitable for Home Decoration, Christmas

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The cotton ball lights are not limited for the Christmas decoration only. They can be reuse on other events too including valentines, birthday party or just an another decoration piece at home. Purchasing these lights actually save you some money and you get a long term decoration piece.

12. Christmas Carousel Horse Rocking Horse Holiday Decor Statue

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This is not just a decoration which will enhance the beauty of your house by placing it outside your house but your kids can use this decoration for playing purpose. This rocking horse holiday statue can even goes inside the house. You can place it next to your Christmas tree.

13. Colorful Outdoor 8 Modes Weatherproof Commercial Multi-Function Xmas Festival Decoration

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These colorful and waterproof lights are our favourite as they can turn any place to a magical land. This set of lights comes with 8 modes and they are 100% weatherproof. Weather its rain or snow, these lights will keep shine throughout the season of winter.

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14. Leisure Traders Characterful LED Christmas Snowman Decoration

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This cute little Christmas snowman decoration can goes easily to any where, whether its outside of your shop, house or office etc. It comes up with the LED lights which make it to see from distance in dark nights of the December.

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