9 Best Christmas Artificial Snow 2019 London, UK

Best Sellers in Artificial Snow – Fake Snow Decoration ideas for Home, Lawn


Artificial snow for Christmas 2019? Yes, you read it right. I know that it’s already very cold outside and snow everywhere in the city like London on the day of Christmas but still we are sharing this list of fake or “artificial snow for Christmas 2019 in London”, UK.


The fake snow is one of the most demanding decoration item everywhere on Christmas and New Year. People use it for many purposes which includes, wrapping gifts, turning a room into snow land and making snowman inside the house as a decoration piece. Some people even love to buy fake snow balls to play snow flight inside the home.

Best Christmas Artificial Snow London, UK


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I would be surprised if you never purchased the artificial Christmas snow before. Like other decoration items, they comes in different stuff and shaped. For example, you can purchase the fake snow powder, a blanket of snow and even snow in the shape of sprinkles. It’s totally depends on you that for which purpose you are looking for this unique item of decoration.

To understand your requirements of the Christmas artificial snow, we are sharing different types and size of fake snow below. If you never purchase this item of decoration before, then you must this time to take your whole Christmas decoration to new level.

Buy Best Christmas Artificial Snow 2019 in London, UK

1# 100m Metre Roll of Artificial Fake Snow Christmas

This is pure white imitation snow blanket. It can be put around the Christmas tree base. The total weight of this item is 4 ounces (very light in weight) and it is 27 inches wide. It can also be used for the outdoor decoration.

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2# 50m Metre Roll of Fake Snow Christmas Nativity Soft

This item is same as the above, except its length which is 50m. It is soft, pure white color and very original looking fake snow. This snow is also suitable for both; indoor and outdoor decoration.

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3# Artificial Snow Fake snow for Christmas and Model Building

This is a multipurpose artificial snow which can be use on multiple occasions including indoor and outdoor decoration item. It can also be use to make model, crafts and arts other than just putting it around the Christmas tree.

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4# Artificial Fake Snow Christmas Nativity Soft White Blanket

This year, do something different other than just decorating your home with colorful items. How about turning the whole room into a snow magic land? You can do this with this fake snow which is pure in white color. Its weight is only 4 ounce.

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5# Decoration Artificial Snow for Christmas

This is very natural looking and high glass artificial snow for Christmas. Like above items, this is snow can be sprinkled over the decoration or turn any area into snow land (especially the indoor). It is best selling imitation snow due to its quality and very cheap price.

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6# Christmas Fake Snowballs Tree Decorations

Do you want to make a snowman inside the house? Take a look at this fake snowballs which is not just a decoration item but also can be used as a toy for kids. It is soft and great fun for snowball fights.

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7# Instant Magic Snow Powder for Christmas

This is very fluffy, soft and light weight artificial snow. Due to its quality, it is not just limited to use as a Christmas decoration but also suitable for stage, video, wedding and shows. This magic snow also can be used as outdoor decoration.

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8# Artificial Magic Rapid Expansion Instant Snow Powder

This fake snow has been used by many professional magician to perform. It is also popular as kids toy. This snow comes in powder shape, which makes it very easy for you to put around for Christmas decoration. It is disposable consumables.

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9# Instant Snow Artificial Magic Artificial Snow Powder

Here we have another instant magic snow powder for you to decorate your Christmas party with it. It is easy to use, non-toxic, kids friendly and life like artificial snow. This is the same snow which has been used by professional musicians to perform.

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