13 Best Christmas Wrapping Paper 2019 London, UK

Unique and Colorful Christmas Wrapping Paper & Gift Boxes Papers


Christmas 2019 is incomplete without giving and receiving gifts from your loved one like family, friends and coworkers etc. Same like that, gift is incomplete without without wrapping it in a beautiful and colorful wrapping paper or gift paper etc.


Like other trends, we do have trending wrapping papers to pack the gifts of Christmas in London, UK. the Christmas wrapping papers 2019 are special and different from ordinary “gift wrapping paper”. They have elements and decoration items which match with this even of colors. The Christmas wrapping papers also have the element of holidays and winter in them.

Best Christmas Wrapping Paper London, UK


Selecting a perfect wrapping paper to pack the Christmas gift could be bit challenging when we have so many options available. To help you with this, we bring the latest and best collection of Christmas wrapping papers 2019. Instead of focusing one type of color theme and design, following we are sharing the variety of options for you. This will help you to choose the best.

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1. Paperhues Red-White Celebration Collection

Red and white are the exclusive colors of Christmas. From santa clothing to the snow of December, we have these two colors all around us, then why not wrap a gift in these two colors wrapping paper? This item has many different pattern of Christmas in red and white colors to celebrate the Christmas.

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2# Transparent “Christmas for Wrapping

Wrapping your gift in a transparent wrapping paper is a great idea to make the person more excited about their Christmas gift. This wrapping paper have the small Christmas decoration items to hide the bit of the gift detailing. It is available in different colors and different Christmas patterns.

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3# Peekaboo Santa Gift Wrap 2019

These cute little peekaboo santa gift wrap is a great option for the girl or you have to wrap the gifts for girls. The white peekaboo on bright pink background looks very cute. This wrap is not limited to wrap the Christmas gifts only. You can use it to wrap the gifts of winter seasons or any other occasion coming in the winter.

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4# RUSPEPA Christmas Gift Wrapping Paper in London 2019

If you are looking for osft colors wrapping paper, then here we have a good option for you. Yes, this Christmas gift wrapping paper have all the elements of holidays but in light colors. I suggest to use these wrap papers to pack the gift of your elders including teachers, boss, parents and grand parents etc.

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5# RUSPEPA Christmas Gift Wrapping Paper-Red and Green

The pattern of our next wrapping paper is inspired from the true colors of Christmas. These green, red and white gift wrapping paper will take you to your childhood memories. These comes in the bulk which is great for you if you have to wrap lot of gifts for your friends and family.

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6# Gift Boxes Patten Wrapping Paper Gift Wrap

Looking for a white color gift wrapper paper? Here we have a really beautiful Christmas gift wrapping paper for you. The whole paper has been decorated with so many gift boxes of every style and size. The colorful gift box can be suitable to wrap any type of gift.

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7# 10 Rolls Christmas Gift Wrapping Paper

Why spend extra money to purchase separate gift wrapping paper when you have this 10 rolls of Christmas gift wrapping paper? Save some buck simply by purchasing these 10 rolls of wrapping paper. You can use the left over in the future to wrap gift on other occasions.

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8# Macxy Christmas Decoration Gift Box Wrapping Paper

It is more likely a traditional Merry Christmas decoration gift box wrapping paper. While its says that it is exclusively for gift box but you can wrap any shape of gift in this wrapping paper. This is a story telling paper with cute litle decoration art work on it.

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9# RUSPEPA Christmas Gift Wrapping Paper-Red and White Paper with a Metallic foil

This is not just another red and white Christmas wrap but a wrap made from the metallic foil. It is shiny and very good in strength to wrap any size, shape or weight of Christmas present easily. The shiny art work of Christmas enhances its beauty.

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10# Poinsettia and Holly Jacquard Vinyl Flannel Back Tablecloth

Let’s start from something different. This is not table cloth for Christmas which can be also use to wrap the big Christmas gifts other than just putting it on the table. We like the pattern, that’s why did not stopped ourselves to include it in our list of best Christmas wrapping papers.

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