Top 10 Best Electric Can Opener Reviews 2021 UK, London

Electric And Manual Best Electric Can Opener Buy in 2021, Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

In the supermarket you can find “best cans opener 2021”, which can only be opened with a can opener. Meanwhile, there are also “top electric can openers 2021” with lid magnet and other additional features that make the whole thing easier and more comfortable.

Electric Can Opener Best Seller 2021 UK

Bestseller No. 1
AmazonBasics Electric Can Opener, Black
315 Reviews
AmazonBasics Electric Can Opener, Black*
  • Electric can opener for opening...
  • Powerful stainless steel blade smoothly...
  • Automatic stop, on/off, and...
SaleBestseller No. 2
Kenwood CAP70.A0WH Electric Can Opener, Brilliant White
1,945 Reviews
Kenwood CAP70.A0WH Electric Can Opener, Brilliant White*
  • Automatic start/stop, hands free action...
  • Removable blade allows for easy cleaning...
  • Full feature table top can opener opens...
Bestseller No. 3
Swan SP20110N 3-in-1 Hands Free Can Tin, Including...
302 Reviews
Swan SP20110N 3-in-1 Hands Free Can Tin, Including...*
  • Hands free cutting operation ,...
  • Automatic start/stop function -- the...
  • Integral knife sharpener and bottle...
Bestseller No. 4
Can Openers That Work Electric, Can Opener Electric,...
425 Reviews
Can Openers That Work Electric, Can Opener Electric,...*
  • ✔ Newly Automatic can opener for...
  • ✔Opens your cans fully automatically...
  • ✔ The special highlight: after...
SaleBestseller No. 5
Culinare One Touch Automatic Can Opener, White*
  • Automatically opens can with one touch...
  • Ideal for those with limited hand...
  • Built-in magnet lifts lid for disposal...

It’s probably happened to everyone once. They wanted to open a can with corn, peas or baked beans, slip off and have the mess. Not only has half the contents of cans been distributed in all directions across the kitchen, many have cut themselves to perfection.

Best Electric Can Opener reviews 2021 UK, London

However, such a fate not only affects ingenuous and clumsy people, because at the latest on the next camping trip, it can meet even the most skillful. Sitting on the shaky camping chair, you want to open the tin of ravioli and fail terribly on wobbly ground.

This can be remedied for such problems with an electronic can opener. We have tested ten different models for you in order to recommend the best model for your purposes.

1# Hamilton – 2021 Best Smooth Touch Can Opener London, UK

The amazing Hamilton simple and smooth touch can opener is perfect for beach party and family gathering. The product comes with great quality and latest technology as comes in classy Black and Chrome color.

The Hamilton is the cheapest opener in most of the products. In comparison to the top model, you have to forego the built-in knife sharpener. However you will have the elegant workmanship with metal casing. Doses up to a weight of 1.2 kg are magnetically fixed to the device and automatically opened.


  • Very precise mechanics, flawless results
  • Even heavy cans are easily fixed and opened in no time
  • Device works very quietly

Hamilton’s smooth opener model will be the right choice for customers looking for decent functionality at an affordable price because the technology is almost identical to that of the top model. In addition, the chrome and black design may be better suited to some kitchens than the white.


Features: Very good workmanship and functionality – Stable stand – Best value for money

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2# Best Electric One Touch Can Opener UK

This small and amazing electric opener operates with batteries and has Smooth Soft Edge with One-Touch Start best for Arthritis Individuals, seniors.

Maybe the One Touch Can Opener is amazingly familiar. That could be because it is often advertised in longer commercials on TV. But unlike many small helpers advertised on TV in infomercials, the One Touch offers real value. In contrast to other competitors in our review, it’s a small handy device, not a stand-up kitchen appliance.


  • Handy battery-powered device, also suitable for mobile use
  • Simple operation, a handle and the can is open
  • Energy saving, batteries need to be changed very rarely
  • Above all, the One Touch can opener has a decisive advantage; it can be used on a mobile basis.
  • For potential buyers who consume canned food, especially on the go, it is advisable to choose One Touch. It is not a stylish accessory for the kitchen, but does its job and that very well.


  • Very small and handy – yet functionally excellent – Mobile use
  • electric can opener in comparison convinced with the grade Very good
  • the quality of the cut is first-class
  • the handling is very easy
  • products has a safety cut and a reverse run

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3# Aicok – Best Electric Can Opener 2021 London, UK

The top model from Aicko is certainly the most elegant of the tested by us and also a true all-rounder, which would do well in any kitchen. Completely wrapped in shiny precious metal, the Aicok Smooth Touch Can Opener offers the best possible assistance.

Any can, large or small light or heavy, can be fixed magnetically without any problems and then opened without your intervention. The can always remains horizontal and the contents remain where it belongs.


  • Perfectly processed device in a noble design
  • Precise engine, a variety of cans are easily opened
  • Other additional functions, such as a knife sharpener and a can opener
  • Comes with stainless steel
  • Bottle opener 3 in 1 with extra height
  • Also easy to take apart

The device from Aicok is the all-purpose weapon among the tested devices and also the eye-catcher par excellence. For buyers who are often in the kitchen at work, the device of this company is certainly a welcome and frequently used supplement. Small mishaps when opening canned food are virtually eliminated and a knife sharpener and bottle opener you get at the bottom of it.


  • Perfect mechanics
  • workmanship and function
  • Additional functions
  • Appealing design
  • Most expensive device in the test

Price category: Normal

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4# Hamilton Beach  – 2021 Best Heavyweight Can Opener UK

Handling Hamilton Beach 76380Z Classic Chrome Heavyweight Can Opener is very easy. You simply attach the box to the bracket and the unit will start and even stop automatically when it’s open. Also, the lid does not fall down after that, but it is held by a magnet. In addition, particularly large doses up to a weight of 850 grams can be clamped here.

With our electric can opener test, we also noticed positively that the Hamilton also freed bottles from the bottle cap. To do this, hook it in horizontally and then press down. This worked very well without spilling liquid.


Another feature is the knife sharpener. It fits all conventional household knives. They could also be processed very quickly with our electric can opener test.

  • Housing made of stainless steel
  • Automatic start and stop function
  • Integrated knife sharpener
  • Opens cans up to 850 grams
  • Removable, washable cutting unit

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5# Cuisinart  – Best Tin Opener in UK 2021

In our electric can opener test we especially liked that the model has an excellent price-performance ratio. After all, it only costs a little more than a portable device. In addition, savings were also made in the right place. The important components are still made of hard metal and thus work perfectly. For example, cans of Cuisinart CCO-55 Deluxe Can Opener open very well up to a maximum height of 19 cm, whereby they are fixed by a magnet and held securely. The removal of crown caps has also caused us no problems. And the knife sharpener, which is hidden on the back, is easy to use and certainly fulfills its purpose.


Overall, the workmanship is neat and the device looks like it will last longer. However, one should not expect any miracles for the price.


  • Very cheap price
  • For cans up to 19 cm
  • knife sharpener
  • bottle opener
  • Power cut blade
  • Opens any size can
  • detachable activation lever for trouble-free cleaning

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6# Cuisinart  – Best Electric Can Opener 2021 London, UK

This model is Electric can opener with precision Power Cut blade. It combines the advantages of a great and portable can opener and is both cheap and easy to use. To use the CCO-50BKN, simply press the device onto the can. The rest is taken over by itself and is easy to handle because the magnet fixes the lid very well. The opener is suitable for small doses such as tomato paste, but also for larger variants. In addition, we found the cleaning with our electrical can opener test very easy. For this you simply remove the top, which makes it easy to get to the more remote places.


  • The workmanship is fine for the price, because the components fit together very well and nothing wobbles.
  • Product Built for all your Electrical Standards
  • It has a magnetic lid holder; detachable activation lever which makes it easy-to-clean device


  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to use
  • Extra-wide base stops sliding or tipping; stops automatically.

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7# Culinaire – Best Automatic Electric Can Opener 2021

In our electrical can opener collection, this model has us especially because it is powered by battery. So it is much easier to use and can even be used in the wild. After all, there are no sharp edges and you can not hurt yourself on the metal. If you want to close the can again, this is also easily possible by putting the lid back on it. This special process also ensures that the cutting elements do not penetrate to the content. Thus stuck with our electric knife test afterwards also nothing at the opener, which is why it is ideally suited to open several different doses.


  • Safety opener that does not cut sharp edges
  • Battery powered
  • Cover can be closed again
  • Can opener does not touch content

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8# Cuisinart  – Best Electric Can Openers Of 2021 UK

The Cuisinart CCO-40BC Can Opener is powered by great body and features, which ensures that the metal is cut through cleanly. In addition, the edges are rounded and injuries are virtually eliminated. When the process is completed, the device automatically shuts off. In our electrical can opener test we found the handling very easy. We also liked the removable top.

This makes it particularly easy to clean the model. It is also good to accommodate, as the cable is spiral and thus takes up less space as well as cannot easily tangle. In addition, the Cuisinart CCO-40BC Can Opener is superbly processed and acts as if it would last long. It is brushed chrome and one touch operation.


  • Rounds off edges
  • Stops automatically
  • Easy to clean due to removable top
  • fit to put up thanks to its spiral cable

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9# Kenwood – Best Cheap Can Opener 2021 Buy in London

In our electric can opener list we give this product a higher place, because it brings everything that is technically possible. This allows it to open almost all standard cans – and that up to a weight of 1.2 kg. Therefore, this model is even suitable for professional use. In addition, it offers two more functions and is also suitable for removing crown caps or for grinding knives.

And the handling is easy. After all, the CO 600 is on rubberized feet and cannot slip away to the side.

Regarding the processing, we found nothing in our electric can opener that would be objectionable. The housing is finally made of hard plastic and is therefore very durable.


  • The product itself is very durable and long lasting.
  • It gives a very modern look, design is user friendly.
  • Easy to carry with less weight.


  • Opens cans up to 1.2 kg
  • knife sharpener
  • bottle opener
  • Made of durable plastic
  • Rubberized feet

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10# Best Restaurant Electric Can Opener 2021 UK

With this classy and beautiful Electric Can Opener, you can win the race of opening can fast, because it is very easy to use and yet affordable. The device works fully automatically. One has to put it on the can alone, which makes it especially suitable for older people whose motor skills are limited.

It also complies with the EU safety standard CE and smoothes the edges so that they no longer pose a danger. Here, the lid is also fixed by magnet and is easier to remove afterwards. Battery operation also ensures that this chef’s best opener can be used on the go.


  • Easy to carry due to light weight.
  • Effortlessly opens cans of any size in a second you just need to press a button.
  • Ground-breaking side-cutting system that can remove the top of any can
  • It is fast, easy to use and easy to take anywhere and very safe.


  • Can be used transportable all thanks to its battery operation
  • It can works fully automatically
  • Edges are smoothed
  • Lid re-sealable
  • Simple operation

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All top 10 best  can openers in the test make it much easier to open cans, that’s for sure. The danger to cut at the sharp edges, or to distribute the contents of the can over the entire kitchen, is largely eliminated.

What will ultimately affect the purchase decision most is the question of whether the device will be used mobile. If this is the case, the choice must fall on the One Touch. This one has great functionality and can be touring for a practical companion.

All ten can openers in the test make it much easier to open cans, that’s for sure. The danger to cut at the sharp edges, or to distribute the contents of the can over the entire kitchen, is largely eliminated.

What will ultimately affect the purchase decision most is the question of whether the device will be used mobile. If this is the case, the choice must fall on the One Touch. This one has great functionality and can be touring for a practical companion.

The Aicok device on the other hand offers perfect mechanics for the home. The simple and elegant metallic design, the perfect mechanics and the additional functions make these openers the perfect addition in any kitchen.

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