Top Tricks to Longer Lasting Tyres

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Tyres are an expensive purchase, and with expert advice saying to always buy the best tyres you can afford, it pays to make sure that your tyres last you as long as possible.
Top Tricks to Longer Lasting Tyres

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Here are some top tricks to longer-lasting tyres that any driver can employ.

Proper Inflation

With the global economy behaving badly, inflation is something of a dirty word now, but not when it comes to your tyres! Modern tyres have been precision engineered to work best within a fairly narrow range of inflation. You can find the recommended pressure in your operator’s manual, online, or – and this is usually the simplest way – on the tyre itself. Get into the habit of checking your tyre pressure monthly, or thereabouts, topping up the air if needed. This simple habit will keep your tyres in great condition for longer.

Active Avoidance

Avoid potholes, bumps and curbs. Anything that puts your tyres (or one of them) under excess strain, friction or pressure can cause your tyre to break down more quickly. Keeping an eye out for obstacles or issues in the road will quickly become second nature and as well as keeping your tyres in great condition, you will be looking after the entire vehicle – and giving your passengers a smoother ride besides!

Check the Wear

Tyres should wear more or less evenly, but it is in the nature of the physics of movement that the leading tyres wear more quickly than the following tyres, and for the outside edges of tyres to take more strain when cornering than the inside edges. For this reason, you should have your tyres rotated periodically to ensure that the wear remains even over all four tyres. Rotating tyres refers to the practice of moving the front tyres to the back, and vice versa, and swapping the left and right tyres to move the outside edges to the inside. Once they have been evenly worn over much of the surface, you can organise for their replacement, certain in the knowledge that they have lasted you a long time. There are many local garages in London and Yorkshire and they will assist you in finding the correct tyres. If you are not sure where to get tyres in Buckinghamshire from: you can book at Broadway Autocentre.

Balance and Align

Tyres need to be both balanced and aligned to offer the best possible comfort and to also extend the life of the tyre as much as possible. Wheel balancing means ensuring that the weight of the vehicle is spread evenly over the four wheels of the car, so each tyre takes an equal share of the weight. Tyre alignment refers to the direction in which the tyres are pointing. Obviously, this needs to be as exact as possible, so that the tyres pull the car in one direction, rather than trying to push in towards one another or pull away. Wheel balancing and alignment can be done at any garage and take just a few moments thanks to the process now being fully automated.

All of these tricks to increasing your tyres’ longevity have the additional advantage of giving you a smoother ride so incorporating them into your regular driving habits is well worth the effort.

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