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Top 10 Best Himalayan Salt Lamps UK 2022 – Buy Now Online

Salt Lamps UK – 100% Natural Himalayan Salt Lamps

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Himalayan salt lamps are used to add beauty to your home. They are made through pink salt that is found near Himalayas. The Himalayan Salt Lamp is getting famous as it is providing health benefits.

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Himalayan Salt Lamp light is cozy and welcoming. It can add ambience in your room or where ever you place it. Himalayan salt lamps improve your home air quality.

Top 10 Best Himalayan Salt Lamps UK 2022 London - Buy Now Online


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It’s a theory that Himalayan Salt Lamp releases negative ions in your home air which fights with dust particles etc. that can affect your health. It can reduce your allergies and can make your mood better. Himalayan Salt Lamps can help you to have more quality sleep. But other than these benefits, It can be very beautiful home décor. The pinkish hue from these lamps feels very warm and welcoming.

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There are hundreds of Himalayan salt lamps available online and in stores. To help you choose the best, we have shortlisted the top 10 just for you. Each Himalayan salt lamp on this list is ranked by its durability and design.

Top 10 Best Himalayan Salt Lamps UK 2022 London – Shop Now

The Body Source - UK 2022 Himalayan Salt Lamp in London

1. The Body Source – UK 2022 Himalayan Salt Lamp

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This Lamp comes from Body source Store. It is 100% pure and natural. It has a different shape and it is also hand carved. It can have weight around 3kg to 5kg. It has integrated option that you can control its light , warmth etc. It also purifies the air of your house and make you more healthier. This lamp comes in one piece ,means its fully assembled in the box. So you can instantly use it without any hassle.

  • 100% pure and natural
  • Found in Pakistan
  • Distinctive shape
  • 3-5 kg of weight
  • Health benefit

Needs Gift Himalayan Salt Lamp in London 2022 UK

2. Needs Gift Himalayan Salt Lamp

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This Himalayan Salt comes from Needs&Gifts brand. It is 100% original Himalayan Salt lamp. This Salt Lamp is carved by professional workers. It has certified electric cable When you on it, the bulb will heat up the salt lamp and it will release negative ions which are good for your health. Salt lamps also neutralize electromagnetic radiation.

  • Pure Himalayan salt
  • Craft by professional
  • Attractive look
  • Health benefits
  • High-quality electrical fitting

Needs Gifts 7-10kgs Himalayan Salt UK 2022 London

3. Needs Gifts 7-10kgs Himalayan Salt UK 2022

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There is an another Himalayan salt lam from the brand Needs&Gifts but this one is bigger and it has weight around 7kg to 10kg. This one also comes with certified electric cable and on/off button. Its light and warm will take out your stress and will make you more energizing. This salt lamp is also great for asthma patients.

  • Pure salt
  • 7-10kgs weight
  • Amazing colour
  • Health benefits
  • Best for ASTHMA Patients

Source DIY Salt Lamp 2022 UK

4. Source DIY Salt Lamp

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This beautiful Himalayan Salt Lamp comes from the brand Nyxi. It comes in different sizes. You can have a small one or a big one according to your requirement. This Salt lamp has a feature that you can control its brightness according to your needs. It is 100% natural and hand carved. Its base is made up of wood which give it a pleasing look.

  • Pure natural
  • Handcrafted
  • Reduce stress
  • Health benefits
  • Amazing colours

Needs Gift 9-12kg Salt Lamp UK 2022

5. Needs Gift 9-12kg Salt Lamp UK 2022

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Its an another Himalayan Salt Lamp from the brand Needs&gifts that comes with the more bigger size than the previous one. It has a weight around 9 kg to 12 kg. It is 100% Natural and pure with authentic fine quality. This will make your living room , bedroom , or any place more welcoming and beautiful.

  • 100% pure natural salt
  • 9-12kgs weight
  • Best electrical use
  • Classy colour
  • Health benefits

Magic Salt Himalayan salt Lamp in London UK 2022

6. Magic Salt Himalayan salt Lamp

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This Good looking Himalayan Salt Lamp comes from Giggi brand. This is a unique type of Himalayan Salt Lamp that comes with the metal basket that is cutted through laser for a unique and beautiful design. It has chunks of Himalayan Salt lamps which are totally pure and natural. This can be an beautiful addition in your home.

  • 100% pure salt
  • Stress relief
  • Perfect gift
  • Classy environment
  • Health benefits

Levoit Himalayan Salt lamp UK 2022

7. Levoit Himalayan Salt lamp UK 2022

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This premium looking Himalayan Salt Lamp comes from Levoit store. This lamp has also 100 pure natural pink Himalayan Salt crystal. This Levoit brand salt lamp comes with touch dimmer switch to control its brightness. It has a fine quality rubberwood base. This lamp will fill your room with pleasing , welcoming light. This can also be a perfect gift.

  • 100% pure salt
  • Sourced directly from Pakistan
  • Unique size, shape, colour
  • Durable
  • Health benefits

WBM Himalayan Glow Salt Lamp UK 2022

8. WBM Himalayan Glow Salt Lamp UK 2022

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WBM Himalayan Glow Brand offers this beautiful looking Himalayan salt lamp. This brand has taken the pure natural Himalayan pink salt crystal and put it into a beautiful vase. This lamp will give you a warm light at night. Generates romantic mood. This is an artwork which will make your house look more stunning.

  • Best home décor product
  • conscious -design
  • Perfect gift
  • Best art-work

Himalayan Lamps Glow salt lamps UK 2022

9. Himalayan Lamps Glow salt lamps UK 2022

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You can by the look of this Salt lamp that it can be an romantic addition to your house as the heart design make it more lovely and beautiful. This pure and natural salt lamp comes from the brand Himalayan Lamps. Its gentle light can be used for meditation , sleeping etc. This Himalayan Salt Lamp has a beautiful design.

  • 100%pure salt
  • Hand-carved
  • Illuminate the environment
  • Great meditation

GIGGI Salt Lamp 2022 UK, London Salt Lamp cheap price free delivery

10. GIGGI Salt Lamp

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Need a Himalayan Salt Lamp with the contemporary look? The Giigi brand comes again with the beautiful Himalayan Pink salt crystals places inside a beautiful laser cut metal basket. It can be a modern and stylish home décor piece with a gentle warm light. It has soo many health benefits that is an additional benefit other than decoration.

  • Metal baskets
  • Modern stylish look
  • Natural salt
  • Fight against virus
  • Health benefits

Buying Guide Best Himalayan Salt Lamps UK 2022 London

As I have mentioned the 10 best Himalayan Salt Lamps which can help you to find the best one. Now I’m going to tell you about some buying points.

1. Pure Natural

As the name of the salt lamp indicates that the salt used in its manufacturing is Himalayan salt so its necessary to check the salt lamp which is made of pure Himalayan salt.

2. Health Benefits

Everyone knows that these salt lamps are very useful for human health so use that one which can give you health benefits i.e. reduce stress, increase energy.

3. Sourced by Pakistan

The pure Himalayan salt is only sourced from Pakistan so be aware of choosing the right one.

4. Colour

Most Himalayan salt lamps are available in colour from pale to dark pink through to Orange or orangey-red.

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