Best Sellers in Board Games Gift Idea UK 2022

Amazing Christmas Gift Ideas for Board Game Lovers UK 2022

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Board games UK 2022 are fun. They are the reason which brings family members together and spends quality time. That’s why giving a board game as a gift item is a great idea.

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Today, we bring the list of most selling amazon board games gift ideas UK 2022. These are not limited to any specific age group. Whether you want to gift to a kid, adult, or teenager, this list could help you to find the best board game gift ideas.

Best Sellers in Board Games Gift Idea UK 2022, London


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People prefer to give board games as a gift because they are usually multiplayer games and bring people together. In the time of technology when we all have a mobile phone and the internet, people are spending less time together. With the help of a board game, you can forget the technology gadget and get engaged in the game with your friends and family.

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There are different types of board games. Some games come with cards where others come with coins or other lookalike pieces of equipment. Every game has hair own fun to play. These games do not only give you fun time but also help you to increase your focus and strategic qualities. Some people prefer to play short board games while other lengthy games. We know your interest, that’s why following you will found a different type of board game to gift your love once.

In our list of best board games gift ideas, we ensure to include only those games which are popular worldwide on the basis of the number of positive reviews and sales. You won’t find anything expensive on our list. These gift items can be used to give on special occasions like birthdays, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, and other occasions. Even you can buy one for yourself and play these games with your family on family nights or at festivals.

Amazon Best Sellers in Board Games Gift Idea UK 2022 London

1. Exploding Kittens Card Game UK 2022

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This is a family-friendly game that is available in 29 different options and suitable from 2 to 10 players. It is the kitty version of popular Russian Roulette. Currently, it is one of the most selling board card games with a record of more than 9 million copies sold. The game is equally interesting for kids and adults.

2. Hasbro Jenga Classic Stacking & Balancing Game UK 2022

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Here is the kid version of the popular Jenga game. Give your 6 years old a challenge and improve his balancing technique with this educational game. It is made for the kids from 6 years to no age limit. It comes with 54 blocks with the aim to promote the speed of reaction among kids. The stacking sleeve is included.

3. TOMY Pop Up Pirate Classic Action Board Game UK 2022

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The popular pop-up board game is now available in pirate versions. The game is manufactured for the kids of any age from 4 to 8 where up to 4 of them can play at a time. All they need to make sure that the pirate doesn’t fly on their tern to keep the part of the game. This game will keep your kids busy at home.

4. Asmodee Dobble Card Game UK 2022

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This one most selling board game comes with five other mini-games. Hence, buying this will allow you to play five different board games. The concept behind the game is simple. All players need to match the cards. The person who is fast when it comes to picking the card will win in the end. This game is made for teenagers and adults.

5. Game of Thrones the Board Game UK 2022

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After the popularity of the first edition, here we have the most selling Game Of Thrones the board game second edition. It is made for 3 to 6 players to enjoy where the recommended age is 14+. As compared to the first edition, this edition is updated and has more elements of past expansions. There also updated art and a streamlined rulebook.

6. Scrabble Original Y9592 Board Game UK 2022

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Scrabble is one of those board games which doesn’t require any introduction. Here we bring the most selling edition of scrabble. This is not just a game to enjoy but it increases the vocabulary and spellings. There are more than one hundred titles, four racks, and a letter bad included in the game price. It is also a great game to gift.

7. Goliath Games Sequence Card Game UK 2022

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Here we have another great board game with the aim to increase the knowledge. While it is made for adults but teenagers can equally enjoy it. Challenge your friends and family on family game night. This game is a bit addictive and required a strategy to win. A complete knowledge paper “how to play” this game comes with the box.

8. Catan Board Game UK 2022

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This iconic board game is meant to create for the family to play and enjoy together. The reason behind the popularity of this game is beautiful artwork and storyline. It made for up to 4 players of any age from 10. You can create your own empire and colony to settle the island of Catan by trading resources with other players.

9. Classic Mystery Board Game by Hasbro Gaming UK 2022

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The graphics of this game is enough to tell you that it is a classic version of the board game and inspired by the old-style games. This is the latest version that has been released by the Hasbro Gaming with the new character of Dr. Orchid. This mysterious game required you to find out who committed the murder.

10. SKYJO, by Magilano

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This is not just a most selling family board game but the game with the most positive reviews. This game allows up to 8 players to play the game at a time. It is meant to play by all ages of people including teenagers and adults. The game comes up with the complete manual and notepad to help the newbie to learn how to play SkYJO.

11. Cheaters Edition of Monopoly

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Grab it before it’s too late. This is the limited version of the world popular board game called Monopoly. This cheaters version comes with all the rules which we want to include in this. Yes, follow, break, or bend the rule to win the game. Cheating is now become a part of this game but only in this version.

12. Scrabble CJT11 Travel Game UK 2022

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Here we have the second version of scrabble which is called travel. The rules are the same but the letter titles are different. The quality of this scrabble board is really good. Once the piece is put on the required box, it will stay there until you wish to change its position. The portable design allows you to play anywhere.

13. EXIT – The Game

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This board game comes with so many different versions. Our favorite is The Dead Man on the Orient Express because of its professional level and unties escapee room addition. This is an ideal game for family nights and parties. One game required up to 2 hours to finish. Yes, it is a very engaging game for teenagers and adults.

14. Cluedo the Classic Mystery

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This game is made for kids above 8 but adults love it equally because this game required strategy and planning to win. To get the title, the players need to find that who committed the murder. The game is can be played between 2 people to 6. The other versions of Cluedo are also available with different graphics and art.

15.  Articulate -The Fast Talking Description Board Game UK 2022

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This is a mega board game that allows up to 20 players to enjoy it without getting bored. The game may sound simple, but I bet you that it’s challenging. It is made for all ages of people including kids. So, this one game can bring all family members and even friends together to spend and enjoy quality time together.

16. Z-Man Games Pandemic Board Game UK 2022

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This board game is based on the storyline. If you like to watch adventure and action movies, then this is a must to have a game in your collection. The average playtime of this game is about 50 minutes where 2 to 4 players can enjoy it. This game has made recording sales with the most positive reviews.

17. Wooden Tumble Tower Game for Kids UK 2022

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If you are looking for a popular board game for kids only, then consider this new addition by Nene Toys. It is designed for kids from 3 to 9 years that develop children cognitive. There are four games that come in the pack. It is an ideal item to gift on a Birthday, Christmas, or any other special occasion.

18. Cities of Splendor Expansion Board Game UK 2022

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Let’s take the boar game to a whole new level of adventure with this Space Cowboys new game. This comes in different versions and required up to 40 minutes to complete the game. This version opens a new level of replayability for the players. 2 or 4 players can enjoy the game at a time. It’s simple yet strategies required to win the title.

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