Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas 2022 UK

Best Gifts for Boyfriend, Girlfriends, Wife, Husband and lot of more fun.

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14th February is the day of love and romance and named as Valentine’s Day. This day could not be completed without giving a romantic gift to your love which could be your husband, wife, boyfriend, and girlfriend, etc. We have a huge list of “Valentine’s Day gift ideas 2022 UK” for you, especially if you are reading this post from the UK.

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Flowers, Chocolate, Teddy Bear, and Sweets are the traditional Valentine’s Day gift items. We know that you are bored with these gifts and want to give something special and unique this time. That’s why; we have made these special lists of gifts for you in which you will find a verity of gift ideas.


Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas 2022 UK


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With so many options, it will become easy for you to pick the right gift. For further help, we have categorized these gifts into different categories. So, simply go to the relevant post, buy the best Valentine’s Day gift for your lover and make his or her day special like never before.

While you are picking a gift, make sure that it should have romance, love, promise and other elements of Valentine’s Day to make this romantic day best for both of you. We wish you a very Happy Valentine’s Day and good luck with your date.

Valentine’s Day Gifts For Her 2022 UK

What does come in your mind when you think about the best Valentine’s gift for her? Probably flowers, chocolate, dine out, teddy bear, makeup, spa, and a handbag. Don’t you think that these now become some old items to give as a gift on this day of love? We bring something unique and special to you. We have categorized the list of gift items that can be given to her on this day. The following check out our collection and pick the right gift beyond just chocolate, handbag and teddy bear.

Every article above contains a big list of gift ideas according to the women’s age and your relationship with them. So, if you are looking for a gift item to give to your wife or girlfriend, this is a great list for you to explore. Other than that, you can go beyond the gift ideas like a bottle of champagne; personalize glass teapot, a mug, slim diary, and even a flower.

Valentine’s Gifts for Him 2022 UK

When we talk about gifts for men, we usually stick with technology-related gifts. This is indeed a good idea as men love to have them but only Valentine’s Day, make it special by giving something romantic along with other gifts. This romantic could be a flower, chocolate, and even teddy bear as they are not mean to girls only. If you are looking for more ideas for a specific gift item, then do check out our list of Valentine’s Day gifts for him below.

As you can see above, we have categories the gift items for him in numerous categories. This will make very easy for you to choose the right gift on this special day. We have also added gifts for him on the basis of prices. So, if you are limited with the budget or looking for cheap options then this is a great option for you to go with.

Valentine’s Funny gift ideas 2022 UK

Funny gifts for Valentines, Why not? Not all couples are serious or want to receive chocolate, flowers or roses. Some couples have too much fun in their life. They look for unique and funny ways to make their everyday fun. Then why not this day of love which will bring their chemistry more next to each other. We have made the list of gag or funny gift items. So, if you are a person, who wants to add the item of fun on your Valentine’s Day, then do check out our list of funny gift ideas below.

Valentine’s 2022 UK Gifts

If you are still out of idea and looking for more options, then check out the following list of gifts and decoration items. This list is ideal for the people who are arranging a romantic dinner at home because it contains the decoration items related to Valentine’s Day. This will make very easy for you to turn a regular dinner table into a magical and romantic place for your lover. We have also added some popular and best gift items in this list.

When is Valentine’s Day in 2022 UK?

Like every year, Valentine’s Day falls on the 14th of February 2022. This year it is on Friday which means that you will have more opportunities and options to celebrate it due to the weekend.

What is Valentine’s Day?

We all know Valentine’s Day as the day of love and romance but the story of this day started from the sacrifice and carnal rituals where the couples were paired off with each other on the basis of a lucky draw. This was all happening in the Roman festival called Lupercalia. Later this has been replaced with St. Valentine’s Day by Pope Gelasius in the 5th century to honor a martyr named Valentine. This day was officially start celebrating a day of love and romance and become common in all cultures in the 14th century.

Who was Saint Valentine?

14th February or Valentine’s Day is the death day of Saint Valentine. There are various stories which you can found about this Saint on the internet and many of them are disputed. Some historical books stated that Saint Valentine was executed for refusing to announce Christian faith where other states that Valentine was imprisoned for joining soldiers and Christians in marriage when it was forbidden to marry. Before his execution, he wrote a letter for the daughter of jailer with the signed words “Your Valentine”.

Whatever the story is, we all know that Valentine was, is and will remain as the sign of love and romance for the world and this is why people celebrate a day by his name every year on the 14th of February.

How people Celebrate Valentine’s Day 2022 in the UK?

As it is the day of love and romance, people usually give gifts to each other. While it says the day of love but it is not limited to only boyfriend, girlfriend, husband and wife but one can express his or her love toward their parents and other important people around. The best way to celebrate this day and make it special for others is by giving presents.

Valentine’s Presents 2022 for Him:

When picking a gift for him, go with something which he likes or part of his life. For example, is he likes to play games then you can consider giving gaming gadgets or even new games which released in the month of February. This will surely make him fall in love with you. Same as that, if he is in fitness, then you can consider giving him gym membership or fitness equipment. You can also give a camera to the person who likes to take photos. This is the basic idea which will help you to pick the right Valentine’s Day present for him.

Valentine’s Presents 2022 for Her:

Girls love romantic gifts as compare to men. So, I would suggest you stick with romantic treats like jewelry, perfume, flowers, chocolate, and cosmetics, etc. If she is a girl who is in technology, then consider some amazing gadgets for her which could be Smartwatch, Airpods, and even Smart Speakers, etc. Home decorated items are also great options to gift on Valentine’s Day to your life partner. Some guys also like to give kitchen accessories to their wives and girlfriends on Valentine’s Day. In short, give something, which is in her wish list or related to her hobby.

Top Romantic Gifts to give on Valentine’s Day:

On the day of romance, you will defiantly love to give a romantic gift. Whether you are picking a gift for her or him, the gift should be special and make the other person happy on this special day. The list of romantic gift ideas is not very long. You can pick from the jewelry, chocolate, personalized Valentine’s Day gifts and even just a flower, etc. So, do not think about expensive gift ideas when we say it should be romantic. Some romantic gifts can be bought easily if you have a limited budget.

Following you can check out our collection of romantic gift ideas. We have tried to make this list with all the prices of ideas.

Spend date night at home on Valentine’s Day:

You don’t need to be at a fancy place to take your lover on a romantic date. You can arrange one at your home. It is budgeted and much more convincing as compared to going out. A regular dinner can become very romantic if it has been prepared well and the table has been set accordingly. You can choose to add more flavors by adding a lovely bottle of bubbly and indeed a lovely gift to be more cheeky.

Gifts that say “I Love You”:

Usually, stuff toys come with this feature and there is a special range of stuff toys has been made for Valentine’s Day. If you are shy or not much daring to propose your lover, then you can always choose gifts that say I Love You. You can even consider the personalized gift items where you can write your personal proposal.

Heart-shaped Gifts:

The companies who make these gift items know that how to convert any ordinary gift item into special by turning its shape. During Valentine’s Day, you can consider giving a gift that comes in heart shape. The options which you can consider are heart shape chocolate, a teddy bear with heart in hands and flowers shaped in heart, etc. There are personalized heart shape gift options also available in the market.

Unique Valentine’s Day Gifts 2022 UK

Tried with the old Valentine’s Days gift ideas? We understand that you want to give something unique to lover to make his or her day special. For this, you must be looking for something different and unique gift ideas. Following we are sharing the list of some unique Valentine’s Day gifts for you which will give you some ideas about gifts and also help you to pick the right gift for your partner to make his or her happy.

Valentines Flowers:

Red roses are one of the most traditional Valentine’s Day gifts which cannot be getting old and no other thing can replace it. You can consider giving this to your partner. There are different ways to give flowers on this day of love. For example, you can choose to go with the heart-shaped arrangement of red roses or just a simple bouquet of flowers. Giving a personalized message card along with flowers is also a great idea.

Valentines Gift Hampers:

There are unlimited options available when we talk about gift hampers. they don’t need to be specific about anything. You can go with cosmetics, spa materials, small jewelry items and edible things in which you can go with cookies and chocolates, etc. Gift hampers are the cutest way to wish Valentine to someone special with their favorite things in it.

Personalized Valentines Gifts:

Personalized gifts are popular for every occasion including Valentine’s Day. They make the person feel special when they see the gift item with their name or photos. Consider printed cushions, photo frames, mugs, pen, keychain, mobile covers, lamps, bottle lamps and even LED cushions, etc.

Experiential Gifts:

The experiential gifts depend on the location you are living and what activities the town offer. Taking your lover on a hot balloon ride is a great idea but if this option is not available then you can consider going for a candlelight dinner which could be set on the poolside etc.

Accessories as Gift:

In the era of technology, who doesn’t want to get accessories as gifts? We all do in need of more and more accessories. Valentine’s Day is a great day to express your love by giving accessories to a gadget that your partner already owns. This could be anything from a mobile cover to accessories for a DSLR camera etc. You can also consider fashion accessories to make the girl happy.

How to Celebrate Valentine Week?

Valentine’s Day is not just celebrated on a single day. The whole month is celebrated as the day of love and romance. The last 7 days are the most important as each day from 7th February to 14th February is celebrated and have different names. If you want the whole week special for your loved one, then you must know about the importance and name of these days.

The seven days have been named differently and they can be celebrated by presenting a special and related gift.

7th February Rose Day

Rose is considering as the symbol of love among all other lowers. On the rose day, the lovers give red roses to each other. You can consider ordering one for your lover or even consider delivering to her if she lives in another city or another country. There are numerous platforms who are offering special roses delivery to make this day special.

8th February Propose Day

On the propose day, the lovers propose each other and tell their feelings with each other. The propose day should be romantic and memorable for both of the partners. You can make it by giving propose day gifts which are usually flowers, rings and defiantly chocolate or consider to go on a romantic dinner.

9th February Chocolate Day

Chocolate represents sweetness and expression of love. Lovers give chocolate to each other. Defiantly, you can give just chocolate or make it more special by giving something along with it like a flower or other gift items. There have been special designs for the chocolate day has been made by the chocolate companies, so ensure that you go with them instead of giving random chocolate from the shop.

10th February Teddy Day

Teddy bears are adorable, they are fluffy and soft. Among all toys, the teddy bear is considering the toy of love. That’s why; there is a whole separate day it which has been celebrated on 10th February. On online stores, now there are so many options available when you start exploring the teddy bear collections.

11th February Promise Day

The fifth day of the week is all about the day of showing faithfulness, conjured between lovers and togetherness by sharing their love promise with each other. There is a whole amazing collection of promise day gifts that exist to explore. So, make it more romantic by giving the perfect promise day gift.

12th February Hug Day

Hug itself is a present for the person who receives, so you don’t really need to give a gift on hug day which is the 6th day of the week. But if you choose to go with some gifts, then you can choose from our Valentine’s Day collection. Keep it fresh, memorable and simple.

13th February Kiss Day

The seventh day of Valentine’s week is called kiss day. It is romantic and defiantly the most memorable for lovers to exchange a kiss. Bring chocolate, flowers or something memorable when you are exchanging the kiss with your lover.

14th February Valentine’s Day

Finally, the 14th of the month is Valentine’s Day. It is mixture of all love feeling like hug, kiss, proposal, promise, and gifts like chocolate, teddy bear and flowers, etc. Go with something special like decoration, romantic dinner with your lover and give Valentine’s Day gift which must be above all of the presents which you have given from 7th to 13th February to your lover.

Interesting Facts about Valentine’s Day 2022 UK

Saint Valentines has made this day very special for us but this does not just end here. Valentine’s lead to too many new discoveries and the introduction of new products here is a list of some of the interesting facts about Valentine’s Day.

  • The first manufacturer of Valentine’s Day was a woman named Esther Howland.
  • In the 19th Century, the first candy box for this day has been invented by Richard Cadbury.
  • Valentine’s is a 600-year-old tradition that has been celebrated almost all around the world.
  • About 8 billion candies have been made the whole year for Valentine’s Day.
  • Do you know who is Cupid? He was the son of God of beauty and love from Venus.
  • According to superstition, you get married to the person you met on your first Valentine’s Day.
  • There was a holiday on Valentine’s Day in 1537 which has been declared by King Henry.


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