20 Best Rude Gifts UK 2022/ 2023 for Him & Her

Unusual & Cool Gift Ideas in London, UK

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Couples often complain that after some time of living together, the spice and charm fade away from their relationship.

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To keep things going smooth in a relationship one must keep the charm alive by giving cheeky or cheesy gifts to your partner. The gifts can be naughty or cute in other words.

We have listed some obnoxious items which may look rude at first but they always have a cheeky hidden meaning. If your partner has a dirty mind then these gifts will be perfect for them.

Maybe these gifts look rude and you want to give them to someone that nags you the most but still, there is a lot of love between you two.

Best Rude Gifts UK 2022 London for Him & Her


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We have listed 20 peculiar items which are only for adult couples.

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If you want to fire up your relationship again, then browse through these items and buy whatever you like from the list.

Unusual & Cool Rude Gifts UK 2022/ 2023 – Online Shopping in London

1. Mickey and Minnie Mouse UK 2022/ 2023

This may sound a naughty gift at first, but this can bring life to your dining table. Salt or pepper can be filled in these and then they can be put to practical use if the recipient likes.

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2. The Kitchen Apron UK 2022/ 2023

If you are at home alone with your girl and your parents have gone away for a few days, then it is the best time to have some fun. Cook her something but in a style by wearing this funky yet naughty apron.

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3. Tooarts Dog Money Box UK 2022/ 2023

This money box should be given to someone who is really bad at saving money. This money box is stylish yet cute and can be placed anywhere in the room or lounge. If not for money, the recipient can place his useful things in it.

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4. Funny 40th Birthday Gift UK 2022/ 2023

Who said you cannot enjoy when you turn 40? If your wife’s birthday is coming and you are still thinking about a unique yet naughty gift for her, then this mug will be a good option. It has some rude line written over it which will make her angry and smile simultaneously.

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5. Portable Head Massager UK 2022/ 2023

Tired of all day long meetings? Want someone to just give you a head massage right away but you do not have anyone around? Give yourself a favour by getting this handy head massager. This will relax your nerves and you will immediately be stress relieved.

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6. Glass Screen Protector UK 2022/ 2023

This can make a good gift for your boyfriend who loves to experiment with cool new tools. You can simply give him on his birthday or if not just slide it into his closet. He might be little offended at first but he will like the gift later.

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7. Alien Carrying Human Costume UK 2022/ 2023

This human carrying alien costume is a rude gift to give it to an adult but a good option if you want to tease anyone. This can also be used on any occasion when a group of friends have gathered for a night stay.

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8. Strobing Beer Glass UK 2022/ 2023

This is one of the coolest gifts that you can give it to your girl or boy. This strobing one-pint beer glass has a light at the base which flickers while you are having your drink. It will be a cool addition to your home bar.

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9. Fidget Toys UK 2022/ 2023

Giving an adult a fidget toy may sound rude but actually, these fidget toys are used for stress relieving tools. You can simply take one piece at your work and you can relieve your stress when someone’s deadline is approaching near and you are panicking.

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10. Stressticles Ballbusting Stress Reliever  

Stress relievers can be really good especially when you are undergoing some stress at work. Brighten up your partners’ mood by giving him this naughty stress reliever and ask him to take it to his office.

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11. Funny Novelty Apron UK 2022/ 2023

Have special plans for the weekend, where you two have decided to cook for each other? Bring some spice to this cooking by getting these sexy kitchen aprons. It will be less cooking and more fun.

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12. Ring For Gin Bell UK 2022/ 2023

This ring for gin bell will help you regenerate after a hectic day at the office or after a tiring day out with your family. With this bell, you will be just a single bell away from your gin.

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13. BigMouth Inc Original Toilet Mug UK 2022

Want to give someone a very odd gift because they made you angry or because they fought with you over some stupid thing. This might be your chance to take revenge and give them this toilet looking coffee mug.

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14. Jeasona Women’s Cat Socks UK 2022/ 2023

Cat socks may sound a bit off gift but when its Christmas then nothing can make a better gift then these cute cat socks. You can also use it as a filler for a Christmas present and give it to your girl some special occasion.

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15. Novelty Sexy Anti Stress Ball UK 2022/ 2023

Stress relievers can be a good option for those who have an extremely snobbish boss. Just give your man or women this gift which will make them happy.

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16. Inflatable 5ft Tall Hunk Doll UK 2022/ 2023

If you are throwing an all-girls party at home then you must get this tall hunk doll which is incredibly a sexy idea. The girls can fool around this 5 feet tall hunk doll and click as many naughty pictures as they want.

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17. Funny Socks For Him UK 2022/ 2023

It is an ideal gift for someone who loves to drink gin all the time. These customized socks will make a perfect Christmas present. Just don’t forget to buy a PJ with it because these socks will look cool a PJ set.

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18. Rudolph Mankini UK 2022/ 2023

Want to annoy your boyfriend because he ditched you on a Saturday night because of his friends. The best way is to invite him over and then give him this funny men bathing suit. It will annoy him and you will take your revenge for ditching you.

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19. Acupressure Foot Massager UK 2022/ 2023

Our feet need equal rest as our minds do. This acupressure foot massager is the best way to provide comfort to your feet. It presses certain acupressure points located on your feet and in turn, relaxes them.

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20. How to Poo at Work UK 2022/ 2023

Someone is always rude with you in office and never looks at your with a pleasant face. Now is your time to irritate them by giving this how to poo at work catalogue. He will be irritated to receive such a rude gift.

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