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41 Best Christmas Room Decoration Gifts ideas for Her UK 2023/ 2024

Cool Gift Ideas for the Home

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After a hectic day, everyone wants to be in their room, laying in their cosy soft bed but did you ever imagine how important it is to have space that is close to your heart? Having a nice decor room brings so much happiness and satisfaction.


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When it comes to decorating your room or living space, go for things that match the furniture and colour of the floor.

41 Best Room Decoration Gifts ideas for Her UK 2022 London


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From floors to curtains to wall clocks, we have shortlisted some of the best items for decorating rooms. Always buy a thing that looks good at first glance, because the more you look the more you get confused.

Scroll down and choose from the list below. We have some amazing “room decorating ideas UK 2023/ 2024” for you. Fill your cart with your favourite item and thank us later.

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41 Best Christmas Room Decoration Gifts Ideas for Her UK 2023/ 2024 London

LED String Lights - Room Decor UK 2023/ 2024

1- LED String Lights – Christmas Room Decor UK 2023/ 2024

LED lights give a vibe of some fairytale and absolutely look pretty when used in the room decoration. These can be used around the curtain or around the mirror to enhance the look of the overall room.

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Shag Pile Rug - Modern Decoration Living Room

2- Shag Pile Rug – Modern Decoration Living Room

Having a pile rug in the room makes your room spacious. Adding a coloured pile rug to a toned room not only enhances the look but adds a vintage touch to the room.

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3- PREMAG Wardrobe Made of Plastic

No matter how small your room may but this plastic wardrobe will save all your space issues. You can put all your extra clothes, bags or any other stuff into this wardrobe without making your room look boring.

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4- Hanging Mirror Jewellery Cabinet

If you have tons of jewellery but you don’t have enough space in your room then this hanging mirror cabinet is your saviour. This does not require space because it can be hung on the wall without making your room clumsy.

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5- Adult Beanbag

Beanbags are a good way to increase the seating arrangement in your room or your living room. If loads of people come to your home then beanbags are the best as they can be moved around very easily.

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6- Cream & Red Very Funky Bedroom Floor

The right kind of bedroom floor can make or break the look of the entire room. If you are something you love to play with colours then this black and red floor is a must-have.

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7- Plastic Storage Trolley

It can sometimes be really difficult to store everything if you have children at home. You need extra space for keeping their books and stationery. This storage trolley is a nice invention and can be used for storing almost anything.

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8- Majestic Leopard End Table

This is a unique-looking centre table piece. It will definitely catch the attention of the visitors, visiting your home. Just place it anywhere and enhance the look of your room.

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9- Floating Wireless LED Light Bulb

LED lights are something that everyone loves to have in their home. These lights have replaced conventional bulbs because they are more bright and save electricity as well. This can be used for room decoration at Christmas too.

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10- Mamas & Papas Curtains

Having the right colour and right kind of fabric simply enhances the look fo the entire room. These curtains are made from light fabric and the colour is perfect if you want more sunshine to come into your room.

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11-Hippococo Teepee Tent for Kids

Room decorations for kids can be a little tiring because kids want to accommodate everything in their tiny rooms. One thing that can add a wow factor to your kid’s room can be Hippococo Teepee Tent.

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12- World Map Travel Wall Art Decor

If you are someone who loves to travel then this is definitely worth getting for your room. Simply place your pictures of places you have been to the right country in your map wall art.

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13- Essential Oil Diffusers

Having an oil diffuser gives such a luxury touch to your room. Choose your favourite fragrant oil and put it in the diffuser and let its fragrance lit all your room.

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14- Candle Holder

If you are looking for room decoration ideas for the UK 2023/ 2024, then nothing beats the scented candles and beautiful beaded candle holders. They add such an elegant touch to the room where you have kept it. So get a scented candle and buy beautiful holders.

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15- Skull Desk Organizer

Thinking of getting a unique decoration piece for your room, then this skull desk organizer is something you must get your hands on.

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16- BlueMake Macrame Wall Hanging

If you want to revamp your room decor then go for a bohemian look. The style is unique and lets so fabulous. Buy this Macrame wall hanging which gives boho vibes and even the blue colour is so fresh.

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17- Feather lamp

If you are thinking of some room decorations for girls, then you must include this feather lamp in your list. Lamps always look trendy and add a chic touch to the overall vibe of the room.

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18- Grid Wire Panel Board

If your room does not have enough space then this wire panel board is there to help you. You can hand or clip your stationery items or important photographs on it. Even you can use it to hang your everyday jewellery.

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19-Crystal Candle Holder Gold

This gold candle holder gives a very rich vibe. If you always have people coming over to your place for dinners, then you desperately need a good centrepiece for your table and nothing is better than this candle holder.

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20-Silver Vase with Grey Black Artificial Flowers

Buying a vase with flowers is our basic decor option. But the good thing is that vases and artificial flowers never get out of fashion. Opt for these black coloured flowers which go well with light coloured walls.

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21- Bamboo Plant Stand

If you are someone who loves bamboo plants and has a few at their home then they definitely have this bamboo stand holder. It will not only enhance the beauty of the plant but your room as well.

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22-Deconovo Soft Dotted Line Curtain

Curtains play an important role in decorating room ideas. A good coloured curtain can make the look of the room, while a bad coloured can ruin it totally.

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23- Wooden Battery Operated LED Candle

This is such a cute battery-operated LED light candle. It can be placed anywhere on your dining table or your room and even in your bathroom. This gives a vintage touch.

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24- Quartz Gem Stone Money Tree

Crystals have been said t have healing power. If you want to introduce some positive energy in your living space, then get this quartz crystal money tree, which is also thought to bring good luck.

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25- Trendteam Coffee Table

Having a nice centre coffee table is a must. This coffee table is made of pure wood. It has a rack beneath it for keeping newspapers or books.

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26- Galaxy Space Pattern Wall Tapestry

If you are looking for something to decorate your boy’s rooms, then this galaxy tapestry is a must-buy. It is perfect for boys who love everything related to space.

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27- Floor Lamp with Shelves

A good lamp with a shelve is not a bad idea. This serves as a multipurpose. You can use it to keep all your photo frames or all your small decoration pieces.

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28- Antique Table Lamp

Table lamps are not at all a bad option for decorating rooms, especially when you are an avid reader. You can place this table lamp in your room besides your bed. It will look good and you can use it to read youR book at night time.

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29- Artificial Flowers Hydrangea Chrysanthemum

Artificial flowers never get out of fashion when it comes to decorating rooms for Christmas. These Hydrangea Chrysanthemums are a good option because of their vibrant colours.

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30- Non-Slip Bathroom Mat

Some people are so particular about decorating the room, that they want matching bathroom mats too. This non-slip bathroom mat is a good option for this reason.

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31- Circular Wall Clock

It is very hard to find a good wall clock that goes with the overall decor of your room. This metallic black coloured wall clock will go with any wall colour without ruining the look of your room.

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32- Mammoth Beanbag

Bean bags are a useful decor item that solves sitting space issues. These can be moved easily and do not take up much space. The good thing about them is that they are available in different colours to match the furniture.

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33- Feng Shui  Gem Stone Money Tree

The gemstone is believed to have strong spiritual power and they are thought to bring positive energy into the house. If you are looking for something similar then do not hesitate to place your order for this tree.

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34- Baby Handprint Kit & Footprint Photo Frame

This is such a cute-looking personalized photo frame. If you have a little baby at home, then this is something to buy. This will make a good room decoration idea.

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35- Aromatherapy Diffusers

Diffusers have become a thing for homes in the U.K. They elevate the atmosphere of the surroundings. If you are someone who loves fragrances, then this is a must-buy for your room.

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36- Stainless Steel ‘LOVE’ Sign

Decoration does not necessarily has to be an artificial flower or vases or frames. Sometimes some signs can also make a good decoration item. This loves sign is a good option especially if you are newly married.

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37- Motorcycle Chain Ashtray

For decorating your room, buy things that have some useful purpose too. This motorcycle chain-looking ashtray is a good item to purchase for your brother’s or son’s room if he smokes.

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38- Buddha Head Ornament Statue Candle Holders

A perfect gift for someone who is into candles. This is a unique gift and will look absolutely stunning. The Buddha head statue is an amazing addition to this candle set.

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39- Storage Basket

Sometimes you need storage for keeping all your clothes but you are also worried about your room look being destroyed by having a bored-looking box. This storage basket is trendy and will not look bad at all.

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40- Loving Elephants Set of 2

If you are a newly married couple and want to add something romantic in your room, then this loving elephant is a nice option. Their colours are also subtle and would go with any room colour theme.

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41- Gears of Time Steampunk Wall Clock

Wall clocks are a must when decorating the room. If you like new and innovative things then you will definitely like this steampunk wall clock.

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