34 Best Gifts Under £50 UK 2022

Gifts Under 50 Pounds for Everyone on your List

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You don’t need to wait for Christmas 2023, Valentine’s Day 2023, New Year’s Eve, Birthday, Anniversary, or any other occasion to gift someone to show your love.

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Yes, the present can be expensive but not as expensive as your love toward the person to whom you want to surprise with the gifts.

We understand that not every person can afford an expensive gift item for their family, friends, and loved ones. That’s why we bring the list of exclusive gifts under £50. While I am saying under £50, most of these gift ideas are actually under £30. So be happy because you can surely find a valuable item to gift.

34 Best Birthdays Gifts Under £50 UK 2021 Gifts Under 50 Pounds for Everyone on your List


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What can you buy for £50?

Under £50, you can purchase something unique, simple yet elegant. In our following list, we have to take care of versatility. You won’t find gifts of the same type here.

We have included the gifts for males and females equally in the following list so you can easily pick for them. To make this list more interesting, we have included some personalized gift items as well where you can ask to write the message of your choice to make the gift more interesting.

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So, what are you waiting for?

Let’s start exploring this list of gifts under £50 and pick something special for your loved one.

34+ Best Gifts Under £50 UK 2022 for Everyone

1.  Neck Back Massager Pillow – Best Gift for under £50

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Winter is here. We are starting our list of gifts under 50 pounds with this warm back massager pillow which gives the deep tissue kneading massage for the back. Then you can give it to the person who spends a lot of time on an office chair or car seat to give them some relief and relaxation time.

2. Three Rings Pendant – Best Birthday Gifts Under £50

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If you want to give something cool to your female friend then here we have a great option for you. This cost less than 25 pounds but looks at the design. Isn’t beautiful? Give it to your mother, girlfriend, wife, or coworker on Christmas or their birthday to surprise them.

3. Bluetooth Beanie Hat – Unique Gift for under £50

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Gadgets are best when it’s come to pick a gift for the youngsters. The tech gifts are always on the top of the list because of their demand. This cool-looking hat comes with wireless headphones which can play music for up to 20 hours continuously. It’s Unisex, so perfect for everyone to gift.

4. Posture Corrector – Best Holiday Gifts under 50 Pounds UK 2021

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Do you have a friend with a bad posture or have back pain? Here we have an adjustable back straighter to gift. It’s cheap yet a gift that your friend with bad posture may want forever. It gives back pain relief and support for shoulder and back posture correction.

5. Fitness Tracker – Cool Holiday Gift Ideas

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A fitness freak love to have this health tracker with a battery life of five days. Usually, these types of gadgets cost a lot but this comes under 50 pounds. It can track all activities like swimming, sleep, running, and more. It comes with reminders and calorie-burning tracking options as well.

6. Weekly & Monthly Planner

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2021 planner is an ideal gift to give on the New Year eve to your loved one to help them to organize their life better. This planner comes with a beautiful gift box and has 15 notes pages with 12 monthly tabs. Through this gift, you can become a part of the person’s life in their good and bad.

7. The Land of Stories Complete Gift Set

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This is one of the most selling stories gift set which comes with five books. The stories are not limited to the same pattern. There are magical, funny, adventure, and twists with every chapter of the book. For dark and cold nights of winter, this is an excellent gift to give under 50 pounds.

8. Rainbow Cutlery Set

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It’s hard to find a decent quality stainless steel cutlery set at such a low price. The rainbow colors give this cutlery set a look which can be suitable with any other cutlery easily. It is a great gift to give a mother or a friend who newly move to a new house.

9. Magnetic Tiles Building Blocks Toy

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Kids aged from 3 to 10 loves to receive challenging toys. This is a brain enhancement and development toy for both; girls and boys. It has 47 pieces that can be used to construct different buildings. It can be given as Christmas or a birthday gift to the kids.

10.  Bath Bombs Gift Set – Gifts Under 50 Pounds UK 2021

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Be a little bit fancy by giving this gift set of bath bombs to your friends. It is cheap and comes with pure natural scents. It is one of the most selling sets of bath bombs because of natural scents where it is also handmade. You can gift it to mother, girlfriend, and even kids.

11. Star Wars Jedi Unisex Bathrobe

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This bathrobe is inspired by the Star Wars theme. It is made from 100% polyester with normal cut embroidery. It is available in size which fits all. This bathrobe design has been featured on Jedi and can be wearable by both; males and females. It is an ideal item to gift to a star wars fan.

12. Bracelet – Gifts Under 50 Pounds for Her

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WOW, what a beautiful and shiny bracelet to gift this Christmas to your loved one which could be your mother, wife, Sister, Aunt, or girlfriend. It is a light turquoise crystal tennis bracelet that is nickel and lead-free. This crystal is imported to make this bracelet from Swarovski.

13. Unisex Bora Bora Booney Hat

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The Bora Bora Booney Hat is considered as a hat that can be worn anywhere including going to fishing, camping, and hiking. This one comes with UV protection and meshes venting for coolness. It is available in different colors with a global design which is suitable for both; males and female.

14. Led Book Light Wooden Folding Lamp

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What a cool gadget and a mood light to give as a gift under 50 pounds. It comes with remote control and options to change lights and set the timer for each light. It is a classic birthday and Christmas gift for men, women, and even kids. Currently, it is available in different sizes.

15. Makeup Brush Set – Cool Gift Under 50 Pounds for Her UK 2021

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Surprise your female friend or family member with this 15 piece of professional makeup brush set. It comes with a cleaner, blender, and stylish brush case and a gift box. All brushes are hypoallergenic and cruelty-free fibers which are also suitable for sensitive skin. A guide on how to use these brushes is also included.

16. Silk Shawl Scarf

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This beautiful-looking scarf is made from 100% original skill and is available in multi colors. It looks gorgeous and perfect to wear with any dress for daily life to a wedding. The silk made it to wear in any season including summer, winter, autumn, spring, etc.

17.  Silk Eye Mask

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An eye mask as a gift? Yeah! why not, especially when it is made from a really good quality of stuff to provide a comfortable sleep? It is gentle and soft on the skin as it is made from 100% 19 Momme Luxurious Mulberry Silk. To make it extra special, the company also delivers a gift box along with an eye mask.

18. Necklace Gift for Her

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A necklace that comes with a shiny diamond is the weakness of the woman. This is a great necklace to gift to your wife on an anniversary or as a birthday present. You can also consider giving it to your mother or girlfriend to surprise them. It is available in different colors with shiny diamonds.

19. Wallet/ Purse

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This vintage design purse is made from real leather (genuine cowhide). While it is inspired by the vintage design but it is stylish and elegant in the look. It can carry all the essentials of the women including credit cards and coins etc. Soft leather also gives comfortable feelings.

20. Bracelet

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Forget the entire fancy bracelet in your wish list and look at this colorful yet very elegant designed crystal bracelet. It’s hard to find a design like this which also symbolizing the luck and renewal. It is made from Eco-friendly material and an ideal item to gift under 50 pounds.

21. Fleece Hooded Pyjamas Set

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Cozy and soft pajama set will make anyone happy to receive as a winter present. This one is available in two different colors and it is made from 100% polyester. It is one of the most selling pajamas set online with positive reviews. The two fancy poms make this hood more interesting to give as a gift.

22. Strong Attachment Bracelet

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Here we have another unique design for women to give the gift on their special occasion. It is made from hypoallergic material and comes with a classic jewelry box. It is a thoughtful present under 50 pounds to give to mother, best friend, girls, teen girls, wife buys one for yourself.

23. Personalized Prosecco & Chocolates Under 50£

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Personalized gifts are always better than those which are ready to buy as you can show your love and ask to write whatever you wish. This set of the personalized bottle of Prosecco and chocolates should not be a miss to gift on a special occasion. You can ask to write the message of your choice when ordering one.

24. Rainbow Glitter Lava Lamp

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Lava lamps are in demand for the past couple of days. They can turn the color of the whole room into some magical world within seconds. This lamp also has some glittery glow to give an extra magical look to the room. It is a great item to gift on Christmas day at such a low price.

25. Blendjet One

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This is not just a blender but a machine that can make anything from fruits, nuts, and vegetables. Make shakes, smoothies, baby food, or margaritas within seconds. This is as a gift to your fitness freak friend to help him or her to create healthy drinks in no time.

26. My First Scooter

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This wheeled toy is for both; girls and boys. It is available in multi colors at the same price. It is different from a regular scooter because of its design. It has a long rear brake, nonslip deck for stability, and made from durable material to last for years.

27. Personalized Bear Hug Teddy

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Here we have another personalized gift under 50 pounds but this time we have a cute one. This teddy bear can deliver your message to the one to whom you want to surprise. Just write down the message you want to see on his shirt when ordering one to gift.

28. Tobbie The Robot

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This is not another robot item to gift but an adorable and smart robot that can be your friend. It will follow you around the house like a pet because there is a sensor in this robot to do this job. It has avoided the bumping sensors as well for a smooth walk.

29. RED 5 Motion Robot

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This is not just a toy but an entertaining intelligent robot that can control it with hand gestures or RC handset. It can speak, sing, and even dance on your commands. It comes with more than 50 actions and moves. Its length is about 27 CM and good to gift to anyone from 6 years old kid to a grown person.

30. Survival Watch for Him

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Call it man jewelry or just watch, it goes in both ways easily because of its unique design. This is a homemade survival watch that comes with multi-functions to make his camping or tracking trip more fun. One can use it for a compass, thermometer, firelighter, and a whistle.

31. Slush Puppie Machine

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This is currently on sale. Grab it before someone get it before you. It is a great item to gift someone who loves slush. It can make up to 1 lit of slush in less than 30 minutes and only required syrup to make. The machine comes up with a complete guide book to teach how to make perfect slush at home.

32. Ladies Snug-Boot

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Surprise your lady with these stylish waterproof sheepskin snug boot. They are made from recyclable brushed PVC material. They are available in different sizes from 3/4 to 8/9. The warm and cozy fur will keep her warm in the hard winter of London.

33. Minute Egg Maker

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This is probably an unusual item in our list of gifts under 50 pounds but we could not stop our self to share this cute egg maker to make our list extra unique from others. It is FDA food tested dishwasher and microwave safe.

34. Personalized Large Retro Sweet Jar

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Say it all with this personalized jar of sweet which is full of all the demanding sweet things including jelly beans and candy sticks etc. While is a great item to gift on valentine’s day but kids would be very happy to get one on their birthday.


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