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Christmas is around the corner in London UK and all around the world, Every country has some special tradition to celebrate the Christmas. Even when we talk about Christmas decoration, the tradition is different country to country and town to town.


In London, UK, the tinsel is one of the most common and popular type of Christmas decoration. These has been made from the sparkling material and attached to a thread. These are the most prominent type of decoration among whole Christmas decoration items.

Best Christmas Tinsel Decoration Ideas London, UK


The Christmas tinsel are one of the traditional type of decoration item. They have been seen everywhere in the London and they could be seen anywhere easily due to the shine coming from tinsel. Even in the modern style of decoration, no decoration can be complete without having at least one tinsel.

Following we are sharing the list of best tinsel for you to turn your Christmas decoration to something medical easily. Instead of focusing just one type of decoration or indoor or outdoor decoration, we are sharing the variety of all decoration below. This will help you to find the best decoration for you.

1# Northlight 39″ Lighted Green Tinsel Christmas Tree

Let’s start this list of beautiful tinsel decoration from this 39 inches Christmas tree. It add more attraction on the occasion when placed on the right place. It is made in China.

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2# White Plush Glitter Tinsel Snowman with Gift Christmas

When we talk about the yard decoration, the first thing come to our brain is snowman. This cute snowman comes with the gifts around and have 35 clear lights which look very good in the dark.

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3# Large Merry Christmas Tinsel Silhouette Motif

Put this eye catching Christmas tinsel silhouette to a place where everyone can view it easily. It has 85 different multi coloured LED lights. It is ideal to use as both indoor and outdoor decoration.

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4# White / Gold Tinsel Christmas Teardrop

If you are looking for a unique and different tinsel Christmas decoration then take a look at this gold and white tinsel item. It is goes to anywhere easily including the top of the chimney.

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5# Tinsel Garland Ceiling Decorations Hanging Ornaments

Here we have a typical tinsel decoration for you, the garland ceiling decoration. It is thick, shiny and showy. Its length is 6.5 ft each and comes in 6 different colors.

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6# Lighted Tinsel Trumpeting Angel Christmas Yard Art Decoration

This attractive tinsel trumpeting angel can be put in the yard of the house or even the commercial areas. It is 56 inches white lead cord which fully light without any batteries.

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7# Champagne Tinsel Artificial Christmas Wreath

The white, silver and golden color tinsel are one of few colors which looks very attractive during the Christmas season. This item has 100 clear mini lights which light with the help of electric plug.

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8# Celebrations Tinsel Star Tree Top

This is a limited decoration item which is more suitable for the Christmas tree. If you want to take your Christmas decoration to whole new level, then this is an ideal tinsel to add.

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9# Blue Glitter Tinsel Christmas Snowflakes Ribbon

This snowflakes ribbon may look expensive at first but look at color, shine and length of this ribbon etc. It can goes well to indoor and outdoor. Even this is enough to decorate any part of the yard or room.

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10# Waving Santa Claus with Gift Christmas Yard Art

A waving Santa claus is an ideal decoration piece to stand on your main door or the yart. It is a flight design decoration which can easily assemble and required no other think to make it stand on your main door.

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11# Penguin with Santa Hat Christmas Yard Art Decoration

If you are buying this cute little penguin, do not just purchase one but multiple penguin and stand them in your yard. They will looks very cute standing in the yard.

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12# 30″ Lighted Tinsel Choo Choo Train

It is a mini sized lighted tinsel train which makes sound and also the light turn on when required. It is a one sided flat design whose length is 69 inches. It is made from good material to last long.

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13# Lighted Plush Tinsel Snowman with Gift Christmas

Here we have a very cute tinsel snowman with Christmas gift. It can be put anywhere including yard of the house. It is a versatile decoration which can be also uses as a seasonal decoration.

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We are starting the tinsel decoration from this beautiful 39 inches Christmas tree. It look very beautiful when the lights turn on. This product comes with many additional features.

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