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50+ Best Bridesmaid Gift Ideas on Wedding Day UK 2023/ 2024

Perfect Wedding Gifts for Bridesmaids

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Couples are made in heaven, but they meet on earth. Then they tie the knot and promise to live by each other for the rest of their lives.

Have you ever thought that marriages are not celebrated without the support of a few people who are very dear to us?

Best Bridesmaid Gift Ideas Best Seller UK 2023/ 2024

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These people are bridesmaids which are like angels in the form of humans. Bridesmaids would do anything and would go to any extent to make sure that everything goes smoothly on your big day.

From décor to food, to entertainment they are on their heels, making sure everything is going perfectly. This special human deserves special gifts.

best gifts for bridesmaids on wedding day UK 2021 London


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After careful analysis, we have gathered around 50 special gifts UK 2023/ 2024 that can be given to bridesmaids.

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From personalized makeup bags to wedding planners to silk satin gowns, there are a whole lot of surprise items that one never thought can make a perfect bridesmaid gift UK 2023/ 2024.

Best Wedding Gifts for Bridesmaids UK 2023/ 2024

1. Bumble Bee Stud Earrings

Nothing makes the best gift than a pair of stud earrings. These cute-looking earrings will surely be a perfect gift for your bridesmaids. Though it may not go with their dresses they will always cherish the moments spent together whenever they will wear it.

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2. UK Bridal Planners Planning Book UK 2023/ 2024

If your wedding is drawing near and you have tons of things to do on your list but nothing is organized then you should definitely get these wedding planners and hand it over to your bridesmaids and assign them some tasks. This way not only everyone will have something to do but everything will be done in an organized way.

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3. Bath Bombs Gift Set UK 2023/ 2024

Looking for some special gift for your best friends who are going to be your bridesmaid? Also, you do not want to spend a hefty amount on the bridesmaid gifts by giving them Gucci bags, so here is a solution. This bath bomb gift set is unique, and nobody has ever given this as a bridesmaid gift. So, it is your chance to surprise your girls with this unique gift.

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4. Luxury Bath & Body Spa Pamper Gift Set UK 2023/ 2024

Your best friends were the best bridesmaid at your wedding not only because they looked pretty but because they worked really hard to make sure that everything went well at your wedding. So now is the time to give them a gift. Why not gift them this luxury pamper gift and they can experience spa-like treatment at home?

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5. EMOCCI Jade Face Roller

Nothing makes a woman happy than a skincare-related gift. Yes, these jade rollers are so in fashion and have proven to be effective for the skin. These not only increase blood circulation but helps in rejuvenating the skin around the eye area. Almost all renowned celebrities are using jade rollers to enhance their beauty. It a worth buying a bridesmaid gift.

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6. Hand Cream Gift Set

Your girls deserve all the pampering after all the work they did at your hectic wedding. Off course, weddings can be overwhelming especially when you have to do everything on your own and without a planner’s help. If you were lucky enough because your bridesmaids took care of everything then you should treat them with this luxurious hand cream gift.

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7. Sterling Silver Heart Necklace

NO woman can say no to sterling necklaces. So if you are looking for a very heart touchy gift for your bridesmaid then you should look no further than this mind-captivating beautiful heart necklace. This necklace will always bring back the memories that you two friends have had together.

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8. Black Ring Dish Centerpiece

Your bridesmaid is not like a regular bridesmaid and their taste in things is also different, so you should get them something unique that they have not seen. This black ring dish is something out of this world. These can be gifted to your girls who can then use it to either store their rings or they can use it in their kitchen or lounge as a centrepiece for their table.

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9. Women’s Satin Pleated Flower Clutch

Looking for a gift that is not very expensive and is also very useful then this flower clutch is your savior. This is cute yet handy. It goes with almost every kind of dress and is perfect for casual and formal events. Not everyone likes to carry a chunky bag to a wedding then why not gift this elegant-looking flower clutch to your friend?

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10. Diamond Bracelet for Women

Looking for a way to say thank you to your only best friend who flew from another part of the world just to attend your wedding and to be your only bridesmaid? This diamond necklace is to die for. It is so classy and the shine of it just captivates your mind. This will be a perfect bridesmaid gift for your best friend.

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11. Vlando Jewelry Box

Buying jewelry is a simple task but keeping them safe is a huge thing to do. This box will not only keep your things safe but it will be organized and free from dust too. The different compartments of the box let you keep your rings, studs, and necklaces safe.

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12. Smartwatch with Voice Control

For your tech lover friends, this voice control smartwatch is like a heaven. If you are thinking to give a unique gift to your friends on your wedding than look no further than this watch which has so many amazing features. This watch will also check on your fitness vitals like your pulse, heart rate etc.

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13. Lavender Mist Bath Gift Set

Recently people have started investing in self-pampering things and nothing makes a best self-pampering gift than this mist bath gift set. It has a wide range of products that you can wish for. It has bath salts, mist, scrub, body butter and whatnot.

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14. Women’s Kimono Robes

Looking for super girly gifts for your adventurous girls. These kimono robes are not your mainstream gifts. These are perfect for if you want to lay all day in your bed and read your favorite book or watch your favorite show on Netflix.

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15. Alex Perry Earrings Gift

Looking for an elegant gift for your bridesmaid friends, then these Alex Perry studs are a must-have. The shine, the cut and the finish is so beautifully done. Your friends will fall in love after receiving this gift and will happily wear it all the time.

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16. Personalised Name Makeup Bag

Nothing makes a gift perfect than a touch of personalized names. If you want to thank each and every bridesmaid who made your special day more special, then give them something they will remember forever. These personalized named makeup bags will not only be a staple item but they will always remember you.

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17. Women’s Silk Satin Pajamas set

If you want to gift something to your bridesmaid that they will remember forever. Give them these silk sating PJ set which is becoming a new trending gift. Now you can also get a personalized PJ set with your name embroidered on the shirt. This is can surely be a wonderful bridesmaid gift for your lovelies.

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18. Straw Clutch Purse

Straw clutches are so in a fashion that it is becoming a fashion statement. Almost all the celebrities have been roaming around by carrying a straw clutch. So why not get these for your favourite girls who play a major role in your wedding.

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19. Dressing Gown

If you are planning for a pre-wedding shoot with your girls and looking for a theme, then dressing gowns will be a good option. You can go for a casual nighttime photoshoot where you girls are chilling and laughing your hearts out in those nice silk gowns.

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20. Kipling Women’s Gabbie Shoulder Bag

Every bridesmaid deserves a thank you gift because they are the aeons who were running here and there to make sure that nothing goes wrong. Such friends should be treated in a special way.

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21. Wedding Bridesmaid Planner

Weddings can be really overwhelming but when you have a bunch of true friends who are always ready to help you out then weddings can be really fun. So, to make all things income in order, get this bridesmaid planner and give it to your friends. Use the planner to write tasks for your friends so everybody knows what their work is.

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22. 14k Pearl Earrings Weddings

If you are a bride-to-be and you are looking for some unique yet personalized gift for your friends who made your big beautiful, then these 14k pearl earrings are the best. You can put them in a fancy box, wrap it in cool paper and give it to your girls as a thank you.

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23. Antique Heart Shape Jewelry Box

Thinking of a cute little thank-you gift for your bridesmaid, then this heart-shaped jewellery box is a must-buy. The colour, the finish and the look of the box are so captivating. This is a perfect gift for your jewellery lover friends who literally have bags filled of jewellery.

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24. Glitz Champagne Flutes

Waiting for a post-wedding party but you are also planning for a surprise gift for your friends, which worked day and night to make sure everything goes smoothly on your big day. Get them these champagne flute-shaped wine glasses, so whenever they sip in this glass it will remind them of these precious moments you all have spent together.

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25. Duffel Bag

Nothing makes a woman happy than a gift which they can use on a daily basis. If you want to vuy something for your friends who played a vital role at your wedding, then this duffel bag is all you need. It is sturdy, travel friendly and can hold a lot of stuff.

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26. Elephant Ring Holder

Looking for a unique gift option, which you can give to your goofy friends who supported you a lot through your wedding journey? This elephant ring holder is something worth giving. It is not like your ordinary ring holder as it is made from cast metal. It looks stunning when placed dons the dressing table.

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27. LED Travel Makeup Mirror

We all know the importance of flawless makeup, but it cannot be done if we don’t have the right tools. One of the essential makeup tools is the mirror without which nobody has the guts to do their makeup. So if you are looking for travel friend’s LED mirror then this is your best option.

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28. Special Bridesmaid Photo Frame

Looking to surprise your bridesmaids on your wedding day by gifting them a precious moment of your life that you all had spent together? Then get a picture of your memorable trip and get it framed in this beautiful yet elegant photo frame.

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29. Bath and Body Gift Set UK 2023/ 2024

Women love luxury items and a set full of bath goodies is no less than a treat to eyes. This bath gift set contains body wash, body cream, body gel a mist and a beautiful basket which can be used for several other purposes. This could be a perfect gift for your lovely girlies.

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30. BestoU Handbags for Ladies

No matter how many handbags a lady has, she needs more and more to match with her dress. This leather handbag is sturdy and travels friendly. If your bunch of friends loves to travel then this can be a really perfect choice for them because it can hold a lot of items in its compartments.

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31. Bedsure Sherpa Blanket

Looking for a cosy gift for your friends who worked day and night to make your big day special and hassle-free for you. Gift them something unique, something warm just like your feelings for them. The Sherpa blanket is so soft and fluffy that your girls will absolutely this idea of a gift.

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32. Women’s Kimono Robes

For your post-wedding party, a theme where your girls are wearing robes sounds an amazing idea. These kimono robes are not only in fashion, but people are doing their pre or post wedding shoots in them because it takes less time and the pictures in them, turn out to be super cool. So get your hands on a bunch of them and enjoy your photo shoot.

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33. Womens Bridesmaid Robes

Looking for a similar gift for all your bridesmaid and you are low on budget? These bridesmaid robes are to die for. They look amazing and fit on everybody just perfectly. The material is thin, but it is not see-through. Also, the fabric is so soft that it gives a feeling of butter. It is light in weight and super comfy, perfect for travel.

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34. Portable Bluetooth Speaker

You are already busy planning your post-wedding party and thinking of a cool gift which is useful too? This portable Bluetooth speaker is a good option, especially if your friends are into camping and hiking. This portable Bluetooth can go on for hours once you have charged it completely. So you can spend your hiking by listening to your favourite songs.

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35. BaByliss Speed Pro Hair Dryer

Every single girl is super obsessed and possessive about their hair. They like to invest in products that may be expensive but that is not harsh on hair. This BaByliss hairdryer is a must-have for girls who like to blow dry their hair after every shower because their hair takes ages to dry. With an adjustable heat control option, it is indeed a good gift for girls with long hair.

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36. French Press Coffee Maker

Some people need coffee to start their day. If you know such friends and you are looking to gift them something, then you should get them their own coffee maker. This French press coffee maker will make coffee like your favorite Starbucks cappuccino at home. This could be a huge relief for your friends who are always finding ways to have coffee.

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37. Ladies Handbag

Ladies always like to carry a matching handbag so giving them another handbag will not be a sin. This bag is chic and can be taken to both formal and casual events. The look of the bag is absolutely stylish thus making it a perfect accessory item for your everyday mall run. Your friends are going to love this handbag.

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38. Oversized Holdall Travel bag

We all know that traveling can be a hassle especially when we have tons of baggage. This travel bag is an essential item because it is durable and can withstand tons of pressure. If you and your bridesmaid have some post-wedding travel plans, then you should give this bag to each of your friends. The bag can store tons of items like clothes, makeup, shoes and other miscellaneous items.

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39. Makeup Brushes set

The reason behind flawless makeup lies in the makeup brush. If the bristles of your makeup brush are soft they will always give the perfect end results. People should not only invest in good makeup but also in good makeup brushes. So, if you have makeup enthusiast friends who love to invest in good makeup then buy them these good quality makeup brushes.

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40. Pillowcase Set

Looking for a fun gift for your bridesmaid who is your life. This pillowcase set can be a good option for your friends who are crazy about getting accessories for their room. The pillowcase is soft and skin-friendly. The covers are washable and easy to use.

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41. Bridesmaid gift set

Looking for a perfect gift set for your bridesmaids who will be walking down the aisle with you. Bridesmaid are like your sisters from another mother who loves you exactly the way your own sisters. The complete set includes bridesmaid slippers, bathrobe and tote bag which can be carried to places. Your friends are going to love this huge surprise.

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42. Silver Rhinestone headpiece

If you want to follow a specific on your wedding, then you should think out of the box. Everyone follows wither follows the same dress colour or the dress code for their wedding, which has now become boring. Why not include a mandatory headpiece for your wedding. This rhinestone headpiece will make a perfect theme for you and your bridesmaids.

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43. Bridesmaid Robes

Thinking to give a personalized touch to a gift. Them get the names of your bridesmaids emboss don a silk or sating bathrobe and pose for a picture. Then the picture will be the best memory of you with your girls before your wedding. Everyone can have their own personalized bathrobes which can be used afterwards.

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44. Vlando Jewellery

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45. Under Eye Mask

You know your girls will be tired after the hassle of your wedding, so it’s now your time to give them something that will provide comfort to them. These eye masks are a good gift because, after all those sleepless nights, everyone needs a break to pamper themselves. This mask will not only hydrate the under-eye area but will fight against fine lines and eye bags.

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46. Sarah Jessica Parker Perfume

Most of the women do not like makeup, clothes or any other accessory but they like ot invest in good perfumes, so if you have such bunch of friends who prefer to smell good rather than look good, then this Sarah Jessica Parker perfume is a must-have for your girlies. The fragrance is outstanding and will last longer and is meant for night time especially.

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47. Women Round Toe Mid Heels

Thinking of a gift that nobody has ever given on their wedding to their bridesmaids? Also you want to make sure the thing you are buying has some value and can be used in daily life. Buy these elegant round-toe heels for your friends. These heels are super comfortable and perfect for a post-wedding dance party.

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48. Eco-Friendly Yoga Mat

If you have a bunch of friends who are super fit and takes care of fitness too. Give them these yoga mats so that you all can go out together to your yoga or fitness class. This is will be a true symbol of your friendship which is as strong as a rock. Friends who sweat together stay together.

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49. Low Heel Party wear

If you are thinking to add your little niece to the pack of your bridesmaid and you are looking for a cute little gift that she will love, then these party low heels are the best for her. She will be amused to receive these glittery heels and heshe will always love you for gifting her such an amazing thing.

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50. Artificial Foam Rose Flower Bouquet UK 2023/ 2024

Do you want to gift something to your friends which remains fresh throughout the lifelike of your friendship? buy these foam artificial roses which will never wilt because they are not original but looks exactly like fresh red roses. This will be a gift that your friends will cherish the whole life.

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