London Mayor Declared 2014 “Year of the Bus”

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No doubt that London’s bus network is one of the oldest and most famous networks in the world that take millions of people 24/7 from one place and help them to reach their office, schools and colleges etc on time. This Monday “Mayor of London“, Mr. Boris Johnson has launched a festival consisting of 12 months and declared the running year 2014 as “Year of the Bus” to celebrate and appreciate the hard work of London’s transport department. He said that London’s Buses have been playing the very important role for keeping the city moving on nonstop and this is the reason that London is considered as engine-room of United Kingdom from many years.

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The New Silver color Routemaster:

On this occasion, he introduced a Routemaster Double Decker having silver color body to celebrate successful 150 years of London’s transport services with a limited edition Oyster cards. The year 2014 has been declared as the “Year of the Bus” to celebrate the 60 years of Routemaster and 75 years of RT-Type that is Routemaster’s forerunner  along with the celebration of 100 years since the buses that have been sent to the Western Front to play an important role during World War 1. This bus has all the same features and design that the original Routemaster had in it and it has different slogans printed on it that reminds you who buses became an important part of Londoner’s life cycle.


The Mayor said “London buses have been playing a very important role like pulsing red arteries of the capital 24/7 throughout the year, and they play an unforgettable role in the economy of the city.”

Celebration throughout the Year:

This whole year would see the celebration through exhibitions and recreations organized and maintain by TfL and London Transport Museum that would remind everyone living in London that how they made their journey with these beautiful and ancient heritage of London in shape of these big buses.

Image Source: Transport for London Facebook

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