Blazer Badges UK at Well Done Badges Co [Review]

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Well Done Badges Co is a popular and well known company for manufacturing wide variety of badges at affordable rates along with best quality. Basically, “Well Done Badges Co” specializes in all types of badges, embroidery as well as promotional products. The products of Well Done Co are sold at USA, UK, Ireland, Spain, France, Australia, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom and many more other countries of the world.

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Well Done Badges Co is getting very popular because of affordable price and excellent quality.

Well Done Badges Co


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 This Beautiful pocket size “Royal coat of arms badge manufacture” by

Review Of Well Done Badges Co

Product Categories of Well Done Badges Co

The main product categories of Well Done Badges Co are given below:

• Blazer Badges

• Embroidered patches

• Key Rings

Blazer Badges

Blazer Badges is considered to be most popular product in UK. Blazer patch is beautifully hand embroidered by using different materials like gold/ silver bullion and silk thread on the blazer. silk, wool / felt .Top quality raw materials and craftsman-ship go into each and every handmade embroidered products, providing you with a finished product that is accurate to your specifications. they do custom blazer patches for you/ your organization .

If you send them logo / design then they can hand-embroidered it for you. In silk, gold and silver thread. Gorgeous.

Embroidered Patches London

Well done Badges Co are popular machine embroiders company. they provide all goods with embroidery as per demand.

Well Done badges Co are using TAJIMA machines and have 6 rich experienced digitizers (punching). tape is with file by. Dst of TAJIMA format

I also ordered 100 custom patches For My Company in just $99.

I wasn’t charged a “setup fee” or anything extra for shape!  Akbar of first made a sample to make sure that’s what I wanted and I told him it was exactly what I wanted, so he’s making the other.

Flags Pennants & Banner

Well Done Badges co also produce bullion wire embroidered banner. Complete with Cord and Metal Rod, with End Cord and Metal Rod, with End Finial and Matching Fringe. The Pennants can be supplied with different name or date without extra cost.

Blazer Badges UK at Well Done Badges Co

Well Done Badges Co Details

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Website :

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