9 Best Wedding Venues in Surrey

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Today we will talk about “best wedding venues in Surrey” because getting married is a life changing event in any human being’s life. It doesn’t matter how many girl friends you had before but wedding is totally different. It is something that you are going to remember for rest of your and no matter what happens you will never be able to forget those moments.

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Best Wedding Venues in Surrey


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Hence, it is a wise move to make those moments happen in some exotic place so every time you think about your wedding day you get a charming smile on your lips. That is what we are going to help you today in our this post where we list the best wedding venues in Surrey. So without we waste any more time lets get on to the list.

10 Best Wedding Venues in Surrey

Wedding Venue # 1 : Wentworth Club

Location: Wentworth Club, Wentworth Drive, Virginia Water, Surrey, GU25 4LS

This place is a dream come true when you are looking for wedding venues in Surrey as they have separate rooms for just about anything. It doesn’t what your taste is you will somehow end up finding a room that best fits your personality and that is what their tag line is. They are focused on getting you married in your style according to your own personality.

Wedding Venue # 1 : Wentworth Club

Wedding Venue # 2 : Bijou Weddings – Cain Manor

Location: Cain Manor, Churt Road West, Arford, Farnham, Surrey, GU35 8SR

There are not a lot of places in entire Surrey that are more romantic than this one. They have a very beautiful location that is good enough to delight your mood if you visit it casually leave wedding day alone. Bijou also claim that it is one of their finest wedding venues. Countless people have got married to the person of their dreams right there and you can be the next couple to get married at this exotic and ones of the best wedding venues in Surrey.

Wedding Venue # 2 : Bijou Weddings - Cain Manor

Wedding Venue # 3 : Glenmore House – Wedding Venues in Surrey

Location: Glenmore House, 6 The Crescent, Surbiton, Surrey, KT6 4BN

Do you want some amazing place to marry your queen but your budget doesn’t seem to allow you to do that? Well your problem is solved now. Glenmore House is obviously among the great wedding venues in Surrey and they are giving their amazing services plus tasty food plus very friendly staff plus romantic atmosphere at very cheap prices and you should not be missing it at all if the condition in first line of this paragraph applies on you. Get there and get married.

Wedding Venue # 3 : Glenmore House - Wedding Venues in Surrey


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Wedding Venue # 4 : Pembroke Lodge

Location: Richmond Park, Richmond, Surrey, TW10 5HX

Pembroke Lodge is a huge place with some of the finest views of west. They are pretty good at what they claim to do and probably pretty affordable too which is the main reason why we are adding them into our list because we always try to bring to you the things that are good yet affordable.

Wedding Venue # 4 : Pembroke Lodge

Wedding Venue # 5 :  Bijou Weddings – Botleys Mansion

Location: Botleys Mansion, Stonehill Road, Chertsey, Surrey, KT16 0AP

This mansion was built in 18th century and is opened to people to get married since 2010. What makes them different is what happens after marriage ceremony which is presentation of food and music. They are very popular because of the tasty food they prove and classically good music that they bring to the table. If you feel yourself extra attracted to music and food then this might very well be your place to get married.

Wedding Venue # 5 :  Bijou Weddings – Botleys Mansion

Wedding Venue # 6 : Horsley Park – Wedding Venues in Surrey

Location: Ockham Road South, East Horsley, Guildford, Leatherhead, Surrey, KT24 6DU

We are afraid that you might not believe how big this place is. It is spread over 70 acres and has every single big and small element that is required to make just about any wedding ceremony memorable forever. Their services, location, experienced staff is the reason why we are adding it to our list of wedding venues in Surrey.

We have received very positive reviews about this place and we are hopeful you won’t be disappointed if you select this place.

Wedding Venue # 6 : Horsley Park - Wedding Venues in Surrey

Wedding Venue # 7 : Yew Lodge Country House

Location: Felcourt Road, East Grinstead, Surrey, RH19 2JX

It would have to be said the most perfect wedding venues in Surrey when it comes to photography as it has so many stunning things surrounding you all the time that they would leave you speechless. If you wish to get married in country style and have your wedding captured in a way that you can be proud of then look for no other place but Yew Lodge Country House.

Wedding Venue # 7 : Yew Lodge Country House

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Wedding Venue # 8 : Denbies Wine Estate

Location: London Road, Dorking, Surrey, RH5 6AA

By far the most unbelievably beautiful and amazing wedding venue in entire Surrey. It is gigantic at 265 acres and is situated in middle of hills which adds to its beauty. The place where it is located is the biggest vineyard in entire England which also a prominent reason for its amazing popularity all over United Kingdom. People come from far off places of UK and sometimes the world to get married right here because of the scenes and beauty of this place.

Wedding Venue # 8 : Denbies Wine Estate

Wedding Venue # 9 : Antoinette Hotel Kingston

Location: Beaufort Road, Kingston upon Thames, Surrey, KT1 2TQ

Now this is another amazing place. It is one of the best wedding venues in Surrey and has formally won awards because of its beauty and particularly because of its amazing landscaped.

If you are planning to go to this place then you are making the most right decision because things that you are going to get and limitless. You and your guests will have proper privacy, good food to enjoy, taste of luxury life and much more is going to be at your disposal if you choose this place from all other wedding venues in Surrey.

Wedding Venue # 9 : Antoinette Hotel Kingston

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These are the “best wedding venues in Surrey” and if you are wise enough you should be choosing one of these places as the point where you finally get married. These places are beautiful because they are specially made romantic as couples get married here frequently. Go ahead and pick any one of these wedding venues in Surrey to get married to person of your dreams. Let us know your experience afterwards and we will appreciate that.

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