Top 10 Shopping Destinations For Wedding Dresses London


Here we will discuss top 10 shopping destinations for “wedding dresses London“. There would be no such person who would not love carrying out the shopping all the time. There are many countries in this all over the world that are known best as being one of the best shopping destinations for wedding dresses. In all such countries we have the name of London as well According to survey that London is considered to be most popular place in the whole world for different reasons like shopping, beautiful locations, beaches, Islands etc. We would like to mention that London has so many shopping centers and streets. All the shopping centers and streets have their own themes as well as specialties. Tourists from all over the world would love to visit different shopping destinations or centers in London. Now the question is that if any future bride wants to “buy wedding dresses in London” then she should know that what are the best shopping destinations in London? In this post, we will discuss top 10 shopping destinations in London for wedding dresses.


Top 10 Shopping Destinations For Wedding Dresses London

Shopping Destination #10 : Bond Street And Mayfair

If we talk about best shopping destinations for wedding dresses London then we should mention the name of Bond Street and Mayfair. These are considered to be ideal shopping places in the whole London. For our readers, we want to mention that Bond Street and Mayfair is the most expensive shopping destination in the whole London.



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Shopping Destination #9 : Westfield London

Westfield London is also included in the list of top shopping destinations for buying wedding dresses in London. We would like to mention that Westfield London is considered to be innovative and best place to shop, to eat and to meet. In this shopping destination, you will find all the top brands under one roof like Next, Debenhams, Marks & Spencer, Jimmy Choo etc. Moreover, Westfield London also provides the facilities like cinema, different bars, gym etc.


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Shopping Destination #8 : Carnaby Street

If we talk about best shopping destination for buying London wedding dresses then out list is incomplete without mentioning the name of Carnaby Street. Well, Carnaby Street includes more than 150 brands along with 50 restaurants and bars. Well, Carnaby Street is the birthplace of the fashion as well as cultural revolution during the period of 60s. This shopping destination is located almost 2 minutes away from Oxford Circus and Piccadilly Circus.


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Shopping Destination #7 : Oxford Street

On the very first ranking we have Oxford Street! The most popular and top shopping destination for wedding dresses London is Oxford Street. We would like to mention that Oxford Street is the heart of London shopping. This shopping destination has more than 300 shops along with designer outlets and landmark stores. Oxford Street includes the wide variety of popular department stores like John Lewis and Debenhams. In this shopping destination, you will find all the items like clothes, jewellery etc.


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Shopping Destination #6 : Covent Garden

Covent Garden has been known yet another one of the most best shopping destinations for wedding dresses. In additionally, if you want to buy elegant wedding dresses along with unique gifts, handmade jewellery then you should visit Covent Garden as a best shopping destination. Moreover, you will also find the wide variety of funky cosmetics and shoes. The most popular and distinctive shopping areas of Covent Garden are floral street, Monmouth street and shorts gardens.


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Shopping Destination #5 : King Road

On number 7th we have King Road as a best shopping destination for buying wedding dresses London. This shopping destination offers eclectic and mind blowing mix of trendy boutiques, popular fashion brands, designer shops and staples. Moreover, Ring Road also famous for wide array of cafes and eateries. We would like to mention that Ring Road is considered to be the best place for interior designing.


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Shopping Destination #4 : Knightsbridge

Western brides would love to buy London wedding dresses from Knightsbridge because they think it is the best shopping destination for them. Knightsbridge is famous for different shops and department stores. This shopping destination is ideal for those people who want to buy items from prestigious brands.


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Shopping Destination #3 : Regent Street And Jermyn Street

The popular shopping destination for “buying London wedding dresses” is Regent Street and Jermyn Street. This shopping destination offers the wide variety of mid priced fashion stores. Today, this shopping destination is the oldest shopping center in London. Famous and well known shops are located in this shopping destination like Hamleys Liberty and The Apple Store.


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Shopping Destination #2 : Savile Row

Savile Row as best shopping destinations for finding the wide variety of wedding dresses London. This shopping destination is famous in the whole world. We would like to mention that Savile Row is the best place for those people who want to buy handmade items. Moreover, Savile Row is famous for different brands like Gieves & Hawkes, Ozwald Boateng.


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Shopping Destination #1 : Notting Hill

Lastly we have Notting Hill as a “best shopping destination in London“. We would like to mention that Notting Hill is famous for offering the wide variety of small, unique and stylish vintage clothing. Furthermore, after visiting this shopping destination you will also find wide variety of rare antiques, books, unique gifts and organic food. Yes, how can we forget to mention the wide variety of wedding dresses in Notting Hill. All the western brides would love to visit Notting Hill for buying wedding dresses for their big day.


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On the whole after discussing “top 10 best shopping destinations for wedding dresses London” it is easy to conclude that these are considered to be best destinations in London for enjoying every type of shopping. We are sure that after mentioning with this article 100% of the brides trouble for getting the wedding dresses must have solved. All the future brides who are living in London and they want to wear elegant wedding dresses on their big day they should visit the above mentioned shopping destinations. In the final conclusion, we can say that these shopping destinations are popular in the whole world.

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