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7 Best Water Parks near London 2020 UK

Fun Things to Do in London 2020 UK

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Are you asking me if there are any water parks near London 2020 UK? Well, there is not one or two but a pool of water parks my friend. All you have to do is to get down to business and try to find those parks.

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As a matter of fact, finding those water parks near London is not that difficult of a task too. Let me tell you something, I’m going to make your effort a lot easier by giving you details about some of the finest water parks that you will ever find near London.

What do you say about it? Huh, I know it’s really cool. This is how I like to role bud.

Anyways, enough bragging about me and my generosity, we shall get to business now, shall we?

7 Best Water Parks near London 2020 UK

1. Oasis Swimming Pools Central London 2020 UK

This is one of the coolest places where I personally like to hang out with my family and friends. I’m not going to give you a lot of details about any of the water parks near London because there are a lot of parks that I have to cover in this post. The Oasis swimming pools has two pools. One is an indoor pool which is quite awesome and the other is a stunning outdoor pool that will blow your mind away. It has got 2 separate patio areas that are designated for adults and families. So yeah, this is the right place to hang out with your family on weekends during summer.

Oasis Swimming Pools London - Water Parks near London

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2. Parliament Hill Lido Swimming Pool 2020 UK

There is not a lot to talk about this water park as it has a 60×27 meter uncovered, unheated swimming pool. This is situated near the Parliament Hill and it has also got a separate swimming pool for adults. What I can say about this place is that, you will have a lot of fun with your family in this place for sure.

Parliament Hill Lido London

3. London Fields Lido Paddling Pool 2020 UK

As I told you guys earlier that there are so many water parks near London, London Fields Lido is one of them. I must tell you here that this outdoor heated lido got closed at the beginning of the 2000’s but it got reopened finally in October 2006. The best thing about this pool is that its water is heated so you can not only come to enjoy it during summer but during the winter season too.

London Fields Lido London

4. Brockwell Lido Pool – Best Water Parks near London 2020 UK

There are water parks near London which have so big pools that you cannot swim from end to another. Brockwell Lido is one of them for sure. The size of this pool is 50 meters which is an Olympic standard size for a pool. Now, what you will love about this water park is not only its swimming pool but also its state of the art gym and studios that you can use as a member. Personally, I’m a big fan of many water parks near London but Brockwell Lido has the tendency to swipe you off from your feet very easily.

Brockwell Lido London

5. Archway Leisure Centre Swimming 2020 UK

Among many great water parks near London, there lies the Archway Leisure Centre. This is basically a free from leisure pool that has also got a sloping beach and the water is usually kept at a tropical 30 degrees level. You will find flume, river run, two spa pools, a wave machine, and water jets in this water park. This is surely one of the best water parks near London.

Archway Leisure Centre London

6. Hampstead Ponds Swimming Parks near London 2020 UK

There is not a lot that I can tell you about Hampstead Ponds but what I can tell you for sure is under-8 children are not allowed in this park. This is specially designed for grown-up children and adults. You can come with your family here but make sure you don’t bring any child under the age of 8.

Hampstead Ponds London

7. Leyton Leisure Lagoon Swimming 2020 UK

There are a lot of fun things that you can do in the best water parks near London but Leyton Leisure Lagoon definitely offers something special. You can participate in a lot of activities like flip and fun, water scooters, water walkers and flume wet play sessions too. This is one of those places that can definitely become of the best family destination for you.

Leyton Leisure Lagoon London

There are a lot of other water parks near London that I can talk about but for the time being, I’m leaving you guys with only this much information. For the first time, it will not be that easy to capture all the info.

The summer will never last forever so you better hurry and while the time is available, make use of it, go out, have fun with the family in water parks near London 2020 UK.

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