Visit the Two Most Historical as well as Ironic Towers of London


The beautiful tower of London, the ancient stones echo along with shady secrets, beyond price jewels sparkle in equipped vaults as well as ravens swagger the grounds. This tower was founded by the great William Conqueror in the year 1066-7, is the world’s one of the extremely famous fortresses so far in spite of its bleak standing as a place of death and torment and there are countless other stories to be told.


The Crown Jewels

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One of the fit for 21st century the Crown jewels housed at the jewel house possessed the world’s famous and beautiful collection of marvelous regalia as well as finery. You can discover the significance of this jewel to the British monarchy, because the key role of the tower is to protect these treasures as well as the charming and long custom of coronations in England.

The White Tower


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The iconic white tower was built to hit fear plus obedience into the disorderly citizens of the London in addition to put off foreign attackers. Today this is one of the best attraction point one cannot miss this amazing white tower.

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