Victoria Station London – Upgradation in Progress


Victoria station London is going through a redevelopment process that will finally complete in 2018. This may seem like a long way to go but it will surely make the lives of people a lot easier. It is reported that once the work will be completed on “victoria station London“, the passengers will be able to find a brand new and modern underground station with double space. This will not only help the London fellows to travel easily in underground train service but they will also be able to reach at their destination at a fast pace. The most important thing to consider is that, the station will remain open while the work continues because London cannot afford to close this station at all.




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Mayor’s and Transport for London Program

There has been a new program introduced in London called Mayor’s and Transport for London and this project is a part of that program. In this program not only victoria station London will be improved and enlarged but many other stations around London will be improved as well. This step is taken so that the lives of people living in London can become easier and they can enjoy first class travel facilities.

Current Progress about Victoria station London

One thing that must be mentioned here is that, the victoria line has been upgraded recently and it can now accommodate 33 trains per hour during the busiest time as well. Some new trains have also been introduced for victoria station London and for some other train stations around London as well. This is definitely going to bring a positive change in the life of people living in London. More trains will be introduced once this process is completed and this will make London’s train system one of the best in entire world.

London Underground’s 150th anniversary

You would be amazed to know that London underground is celebrating its 150th anniversary this year which is a big achievement. Most importantly, a lot of its stations have been modernized and now they are running on the latest system and technology. There are currently a total of 66 tube stations including “victoria station London” that is being upgraded. Some of the most common names include, King’s Cross pancreas, Green Park, Earis Court, Farringdon, Blackfriars, and Wembley Central.

Official Statement

This is what Glenn Keelan who is Programme Manager of this upgrade process has to say;

 “Given that the station currently deals with more than 82 million passenger journeys each year, upgrading Victoria Underground is a vital  part of improving the Tube network which will ensure the station can cope with future demand, cut congestion, and improve access for all our passengers using the station”.

“This will be a huge benefit to residents, commuters, and tourists, who will find it quicker and easier to enter, interchange with other modes, or exit the station. In addition, those arriving on the Victoria line who want to exit and continue their journey north of Victoria Street can utilize the new North Ticket Hall route and avoid the busy road junctions above.”

There is no doubt that in coming times, the victoria station London will be considered as the role model for underground train stations all over the world.

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