Veil is now a question in multi-cultural London

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Veil is now a question in multi-cultural London


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Past few years have been extraordinarily tough for the followers of Islam. Now a new case gives a fresh headline, “veil is now a question in multi-cultural London.”

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Muslims are mostly accused for some of the most serious issues such as terrorism. Also, Shari’ah Law is questionable to many in West. Going back to August, gives us a glimpse of a case where the judge discards the appeal just because the lady is veiled.

Precisely, the veiled lady is accused of menacing an eye-witness. The accusation suggests that the lady wants the witness to do what she wants and thus prevents the eye-witness to give an appropriate statement.

The case is going nowhere. In addition, the judge is confused as he says that the lady accused was wearing a veil and cannot be identified. Moreover, they do have a picture of the lady; however, as the face was covered the case is stuck and looks quite complicated.

Typically, the Muslim ladies feel veil is an important part of their protection especially, when they are not at home. British Law also gives them liberty to dress the way they want to be dressed like. The only time they need to uncover their veil is when a security issue arises.

It is clear from the point of view of law that every person can practice his or her own religion. Article nine protects the right of every Muslim lady to wear a veil (Niqab). British Law also covers European Convection on Human Rights.

Furthermore, countries like France and Canada have been facing problems related veil but veil is now a question in multicultural London as well. The query is, would London remain multi-cultural? Additionally, would the multi-cultural London face some real problems regarding veil and the dignity which the Muslim ladies feel whilst wearing it?

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