8 Valentines Day on Low budget affordable idea 2015


Here we will share Valentines Day on a budget ideas. Firstly, we would like to mention the brief introduction of Valentine’s Day. As we know that every year Valentine’s Day is celebrated on 14th February. Basically, Valentine’s Day is the festival of love and romance. On this special day, many people give beautiful cards, flowers and gifts to their partner. The popular symbols of Valentine’s Day are red roses, hearts as well as Cupid. In western countries, Valentine’s Day is celebrated on a grand scale. Young married couples would love to celebrate this day in a special and memorable way.



In recent times, Valentine’s Day is the most popular and commercial holiday in the whole world. Valentine’s Day is the best way to spend money in order to show your love. For celebrating this day, couples make special arrangements. Now the question is that how much person should spend on Valentine’s Day? For making this day memorable, it is important that you should decide your budget and then make special arrangements. It is not necessary that you should spend maximum amount of money on this day just for impress your partner. You can show your love, feelings and emotions by applying simple ideas.

8 Valentines Day on Low budget affordable idea 2015

We will share best Valentine’s Day on a budget ideas. This post has been specially written for those people who have limited budget and they want to celebrate Valentine’s Day in a memorable way. The best and popular budget ideas on Valentine’s Day are as follows:

Ideas # 1 : Make A Beautiful Card

The best affordable idea for celebrating Valentine’s Day is that you should make a beautiful card. A wide variety of Valentines Card is available in the market. If you want to make beautiful Valentine Card at home then you should choose the simple and easy design. After deciding the design, then you should take your best photo with your partner and then place it in the nice border. Then, you should use it as the front of your folding card.

Valentines Card

Ideas # 2 : Plan A Fancy Dinner

Best idea for celebrating Valentine’s Day is that you should plan a fancy dinner. If you want to make your Valentine’s Day special then you should find best romantic restaurants. If you would not be able to afford the restaurant expenses then don’t worry and you can arrange a fancy dinner at your home. Just pick up a bottle of sparkling wine and arrange a nice table at home.

Fancy Dinner

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Ideas # 3 : Individualize A Gift

If we talk about best valentine’s day low budget ideas is that you should individualize a gift. These days, the best idea to individualize a gift is that you should put a photo on a mug, t-shirt or even on a key chain.

individualize a gift

Ideas # 4 : Make A Beautiful Memory Box

Affordable and cheap idea for celebrating Valentine’s Day is that you should make a beautiful memory box. In other words, we can say that it is considered to be unique and also affordable idea for Valentine’s Day. For making a beautiful memory box, you should find a nice wooden box and then put items that remind of your relationship with your spouse. You should put unique and rare items like menu from restaurant, phone bill when you were spending many hours talking to one another, photos of your random craziness and many more other items.

Beautiful Memory Box

Ideas # 5 : Make An Attractive Fruit Basket

If you have limited budget and you want to make your partner special on this day then you should make an attractive fruit basket. We would like to mention that a nice alternative of flower bouquet is an attractive fruit basket. Now the question is that how this is possible? Well in the period of 20 minutes you buy a basket and then fill it with colorful and tasty fruits like dragon fruit, paw paws, kumquats and many more.

Attractive Fruit Basket

Ideas # 6 : Think Estate Jewellery

If you have limited budget and you want to buy jewellery for your wife then you should think estate jewellery. These days, estate jewellery items are very popular in the whole world. For buying estate jewellery, you should visit different antique stores and then look for various estate jewellery items. It is advisable that you should not look for authentic gems.

Estate Jewellery

Ideas # 7 : Box of Favorite Things

Best and affordable idea for making your Valentine’s Day special with your partner is that you should make a box of favorite things. You can make a beautiful box of your partner favorite things like CD of an old movie, her favorite fashion magazine, favorite candy and many more. Well, it must be an inexpensive but unique idea.

Favorite Things

Ideas # 8 : Fireplace Picnic

The last and best idea for celebrating Valentine’s Day is that you should arrange a fireplace picnic. If you have a fireplace then on Valentine’s Day you should arrange a picnic fireside. For arranging fireplace picnic, you should move all your furniture out of the way and arrange a meal with platter of cheese, olives and crackers. Moreover, you should collect your favorite photos for recalling your great times with your partner. For making your fireplace picnic more special, you should burn your pictures onto a disc and then turn them into the form of video along with music. It must be a special and affordable gift from your side to your partner.

Fireplace Picnic

On the whole after sharing Valentine’s Day On a Budget Ideas 2015 it is easy to conclude that if you have limited budget and you want to make this day special just for your partner then just don’t worry and simple check out the above mentioned affordable ideas. Without any doubt, these ideas are simple and also affordable for this romantic day. In the final conclusion, we can say that only few are left for the arrival of Valentine’s Day, so just check out these affordable and simple ideas.

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