How To Check my UK Visa is Original or Fake

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The reason why some might ask himself “how to check my UK visa is original or fake” is because the world that we are living in right now is a dark dark place. There are people of all kinds living in here. There are good people and there are bad people and then there are bad people pretending to be the good guys.

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How To Check My UK Visa Is Original Or Fake


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And the problem is that they don’t have stamps placed over their forehead or chests telling if they are good people. That means that our best friend could be our worst enemy deep down inside. It is all on ourselves and how we judge people. Hence, it is important to check out if “UK visa is original or fake”.

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The ‘Fake’ Visa business is high these days and is a great and easy way for dirty minds to make good amount of money without working much. Most of the fake visas are work Visa because that are the type of visas where people are willing to pay big handsome money.

UK Visa Is Original Or Fake

But whatever the case might be, it is always important to check is your UK visa is original or fake.

Check UK Visa is Original Or Fake

1. Check Stamps

First of all check the stamps that are on your passport because most of the time they can give you a clear clue if looked upon properly. Just like we can see the difference between a fake note and a real one if we concentrate. If you focus on the ink and design of the stamps, you might be able to figure out the reality. If not, move on to the other steps.

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2. Who Issued It?

Who issued you Visa? An embassy or some travel agent or some other person like that? If it was not issued by an agency then there are high chances of your visa being fake. However, you can confirm it because sometimes people issue you visas that are actually original.

3. Confirmation Can Help

Call the Embassy who’s name is printed on Visa to confirm if the Visa is original.

4. Only You Can Do It

People can cheat you but keep in mind one thing that no one is allowed to apply for visa on your behalf. If you never visited embassy or consulted embassy people to get visa legally then you are not supposed to have it. And, if you never went to embassy and today you still grab a visa, then it is 100% fake because it is not possible to get visa without going to embassy.

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Special Note:

Unlike other scams that only cost you money, this one can cost you your time and even your life. And even if you survive, you and your life will never be the same again. Hence, never ever trust any person when it comes to stuff like this. Just go to embassy (the place created for this purpose) and get the job done because there is no other alternative.

We believe this post will help you to identify if UK visa is original or not. We are determined to bring more nicer stuff to you. Subscribe to our blog and stay tuned to the updates.

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