How To find UK Passport Office address & Time

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If you are about to apply for your first ever passport or you are doing that from a city where you don’t know where passport office is, we can help you to “find UK passport office”. It is really easy. United Kingdom is a country that has done a lot for its people and one of those things is putting all the important information online and making it available to just about anyone.

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How To Find UK Passport Office


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We understand that applying and getting passport can be a serious headache because you need so many documents and then fill in countless forms and go through all of that stuff that you actually hate. No one likes to do that and you know that too.

You can find UK passport office using your Laptop/Pc or smartphone sitting anywhere. Today we are going to show you how to find UK passport office. So without wasting any further time let’s move on to the technique.

How To find UK Passport Office address & Time

First thing that needs to be cleared is that there are certain cities that have passport offices in. And to make things a little simpler, we are giving you guys that list right here right now. You can see that below and there are good chances that you may find your city listed here too. Go check it out.

Her Majesty’s Passport Office (previously called the Identity and Passport Service) has offices in:

  • London
  • Liverpool
  • Belfast
  • Durham
  • Glasgow
  • Newport
  • Peterborough


Now that this thing on the side, lets see the real procedure to “find UK passport office”.

How To Find UK Passport Office

  1. Get you PC/Laptop or smartphone ready to work.
  2. Open up your browser. Make sure you have a working internet connection.
  3. Go this page of
  4. There you would also see the cities that we have just listed above and a small question box asking you for your postcode.
  5. That box wants to help you find UK passport office hence let it help you by entering your postcode.
  6. After you enter your postcode and click on green button ‘Find’, it would go and see the offices that it sees close to your area according to its data.
  7. After processing you would see the office that is closet to your current living place.
  8. Go there and get the job done.
  9. But keep in mind that it is suggested by United Kingdom’s government official website that you should always book appointment before actually going there hence keep that in your head.

And that is how to “find UK passport office”. As said in the start, it is easy to find UK passport office and now you have seen that we were not lying. You can ask for anything else you want to know in comments section below. We suggest you to help you friends and other close people by sharing this post with them so they or their friends can find UK passport office easily whenever they need to.

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